Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/bind9-current
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 08/26/2002 14:26:13
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Mon Aug 26 11:26:12 UTC 2002

Added Files:
	pkgsrc/net/bind9-current: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/bind9-current/patches: patch-ab patch-ac patch-ai

Log Message:
pkgsrc for bind-9.3.0 snapshot (20020724).

1335.	[bug]		When performing a nonexistence proof, the validator
			should discard parent NXTs from higher in the DNS.
1334.	[bug]		When signing/verifying rdatasets, duplicate rdatas
			need to be suppressed.
1333.	[contrib]	queryperf now reports a summary of returned
		        rcodes (-c), rcodes are printed in mnemonic form (-v).
1332.	[func]		Report the current serial with periodic commits when
			rolling forward the journal.
1331.	[func]		Generate DNSSEC wildcard proofs.
1330.	[bug]		When processing events (non-threaded) only allow
			the task one chance to use to use its quantum.
1329.	[func]		named-checkzone will now check if nameservers that
			appear to be IP addresses.  Available modes "fail",
			"warn" (default) and "ignore" the results of the
1328.	[bug]		The validator could incorrectly verify an invalid
			negative proof.
1327.	[bug]		The validator would incorrectly mark data as insecure
			when seeing a bogus signature before a correct
1326.	[bug]		DNAME/CNAME signatures were not being cached when
			validation was not being performed. [RT #3284]
1325.	[bug]		If the tcpquota was exhausted it was possible to
			to trigger a INSIST() failure.
1324.	[port]		darwin: now supports darwin.
1323.	[port]		linux: Slackware 4.0 needs <asm/unistd.h>. [RT #3205]
1322.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone usage message was misleading.
1321.	[bug]		If the last RRset in a zone is glue, dnssec-signzone
			would incorrectly duplicate its output and sign it.
1320.	[doc]		query-source-v6 was missing from options section.
			[RT #3218]
1319.	[func]		libbind: log attempts to exploit #1318.
1318.	[bug]		libbind: Remote buffer overrun.
1317.	[port]		libbind: TrueUNIX 5.1 does not like __align as a
			element name.
1316.	[bug]		libbind: gethostans() could get out of sync parsing
			the response if there was a very long CNAME chain.
1315.	[bug]		Options should apply to the internal _bind view.
1314.	[port]		Handle ECONNRESET from sendmsg() [unix].
1313.	[func]		Query log now says if the query was signed (S) or
			if EDNS was used (E).
1312.	[func]		Log TSIG key used w/ outgoing zone transfers.
1311.	[bug]		lwres_getrrsetbyname leaked memory.  [RT #3159]
1310.	[bug]		'rndc stop' failed to cause zones to be flushed
			sometimes. [RT #3157]
1309.	[func]		Log that a zone transfer was covered by a TSIG.

1308.	[func]		DS (delegation signer) support.
1307.	[bug]		nsupdate: allow white space base64 key data.
1306.	[bug]		Badly encoded LOC record when the size, horizontal
			precision or vertical precision was 0.1m.
1305.	[bug]		Document that internal zones are included in the
			rndc status results.
1304.	[func]		New function: dns_zone_name().
1303.	[func]		Option 'flush-zones-on-shutdown <boolean>;'.
1302.	[func]		Extended rndc dumpdb to support dumping of zones and
			view selection: 'dumpdb [-all|-zones|-cache] [view]'.
1301.	[func]		New category 'update-security'.
1300.	[port]		Compaq Trucluster support.
1299.	[bug]		Set AI_ADDRCONFIG when looking up addresses
			via getaddrinfo() (affects dig, host, nslookup, rndc
			and nsupdate).
1298.	[bug]		The CINCLUDES macro in lib/dns/sec/dst/Makefile
			could be left with a trailing "\" after configure
			has been run.
1297.	[port]		linux: make handling EINVAL from socket() no longer
			conditional on #ifdef LINUX.
1296.	[bug]		isc_log_closefilelogs() needed to lock the log
1295.	[bug]		isc_log_setdebuglevel() needed to lock the log
1294.	[func]		libbind: no longer attempts bit string labels for
			IPv6 reverse resolution.  Try IP6.ARPA then IP6.INT
			for nibble style resolution.
1293.	[func]		Entropy can now be retrieved from EGDs. [RT #2438]
1292.	[func]		Enable IPv6 support when using ioctl style interface
			scanning and OS supports SIOCGLIFADDR using struct
1291.	[func]		Enable IPv6 support when using sysctl style interface
1290.	[func]		"dig axfr" now reports the number of messages
			as well as the number of records.
1289.	[port]		See if -ldl is required for OpenSSL? [RT #2672]
1288.	[bug]		Adjusted REQUIRE's in lib/dns/name.c to better
			reflect written requirements.
1287.	[bug]		REQUIRE that DNS_DBADD_MERGE only be set when adding
			a rdataset to a zone db in the rbtdb implementation of
1286.	[bug]		dns_name_downcase() enforce requirement that
			target != NULL or name->buffer != NULL.
1285.	[func]		lwres: probe the system to see what address families
			are currently in use.
1284.	[bug]		The RTT estimate on unused servers was not aged.
			[RT #2569]
1283.	[func]		Use "dataready" accept filter if available.
1282.	[port]		libbind: hpux 11.11 interface scaning.
1281.	[func]		Log zone when unable to get private keys to update
			zone.  Log zone when NXT records are missing from
			secure zone.
1280.	[bug]		libbind: escape '(' and ')' when coverting to
			presentation form.
1279.	[port]		Darwin uses (unsigned long) for size_t. [RT #2590]
1278.	[func]		dig: now supports +[no]cl +[no]ttlid.
1277.	[func]		You can now create your own customised printing
			styles: dns_master_stylecreate() and
1276.	[bug]		libbind: const pointer conficts in res_debug.c.
1275.	[port]		libbind: hpux: treat all hpux systems as BIG_ENDIAN.
1274.	[bug]		Memory leak in lwres_gnbarequest_parse().
1273.	[port]		libbind: solaris: 64 bit binary compatability.
1272.	[contrib]	Berkeley DB 4.0 sdb implementation from
			Nuno Miguel Rodrigues <>.
1271.	[bug]		"recursion available: {denied,approved}" was too
1270.	[bug]		Check that system inet_pton() and inet_ntop() support
1269.	[port]		Openserver: support.
1268.	[port]		Openserver: the value FD_SETSIZE depends on whether
			<sys/param.h> is included or not.  Be consistant.
1267.	[func]		isc_file_openunique() now creates file using mode
			0666 rather than 0600.
			are not C++ compatible, use *_TYPE versions instead.
1265.	[bug]		libbind: LINK_INIT and UNLINK were not compatible with
			C++, use LINK_INIT_TYPE and UNLINK_TYPE instead.
1264.	[placeholder]
1263.	[bug]		Reference after free error if dns_dispatchmgr_create()
1262.	[bug]		ns_server_destroy() failed to set *serverp to NULL.
1261.	[func]		libbind: ns_sign2() and ns_sign_tcp() now provide
			support for compressed TSIG owner names.
1260.	[func]		libbind: res_update can now update IPv6 servers,
			new function res_findzonecut2().
1259.	[bug]		libbind: get_salen() IPv6 support was broken for OSs
			w/o sa_len.
1258.	[bug]		libbind: res_nametotype() and res_nametoclass() were
1257.	[bug]		Failure to write pid-file should not be fatal on
			reload. [RT #2861]
1256.	[contrib]	'queryperf' now has EDNS (-e) + DNSSEC DO (-D) support.
1255.	[bug]		When verifying that an NXT proves nonexistence, check
			the rcode of the message and only do the matching NXT
			check.  That is, for NXDOMAIN responses, check that
			the name is in the range between the NXT owner and
			next name, and for NOERROR NODATA responses, check
			that the type is not present in the NXT bitmap.
1254.	[func]		preferred-glue option from BIND 8.3.
1253.	[bug]		The dnssec system test failed to remove the correct
1252.	[bug]		Dig, host and nslookup were not checking the address
			the answer was coming from against the address it was
			sent to. [RT# 2692]
1251.   [port]          win32: a make file contained absolute version specific
1250.	[func]		Nsupdate will report the address the update was
			sent to.
1249.	[bug]		Missing masters clause was not handled gracefully.
			[RT #2703]
1248.	[bug]		DESTDIR was not being propogated between makes.
1247.	[bug]		Don't reset the interface index for link/site local
			addresses. [RT #2576]
1246.	[func]		New functions isc_sockaddr_issitelocal(),
			isc_sockaddr_islinklocal(), isc_netaddr_issitelocal()
			and isc_netaddr_islinklocal().
1245.	[bug]		Treat ENOBUFS, ENOMEM and ENFILE as soft errors for
1244.	[bug]		Receiving a TCP message from a blackhole address would
			prevent further messages being received over that
1243.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a REQUIRE() in
			dns_message_findtype(). [RT #2659]
1242.	[bug]		named-checkzone failed if a journal existed. [RT #2657]
1241.	[bug]		Drop received UDP messsages with a zero source port
			as these are invariably forged. [RT #2621]
1240.	[bug]		It was possible to leak zone references by
			specifying an incorrect zone to rndc.
1239.	[bug]		Under certain circumstances named could continue to
			use a name after it had been freed triggering
			INSIST() failures.  [RT #2614]
1238.	[bug]		It is possible to lockup the server when shutting down
			if notifies were being processed. [RT #2591]
1237.	[bug]		nslookup: "set q=type" failed.
1236.	[bug]		dns_rdata{class,type}_fromtext() didn't handle non
			NULL terminated text regions. [RT #2588]
1235.	[func]		Report 'out of memory' errors from openssl.
1234.	[bug]		contrib/sdb: 'zonetodb' failed to call
			dns_result_register().  DNS_R_SEENINCLUDE should not
			be fatal.
1233.	[bug]		The flags field of a KEY record can be expressed in
			hex as well as decimal.
1232.	[bug]		unix/errno2result() didn't handle EADDRNOTAVAIL.
1231.	[port]		HPUX 11.11 recvmsg() can return spurious EADDRNOTAVAIL.
1230.	[bug]		isccc_cc_isreply() and isccc_cc_isack() were broken.
1229.	[bug]		named would crash if it received a TSIG signed
			query as part of an AXFR response. [RT #2570]
1228.	[bug]		'make install' did not depend on 'make all'. [RT #2559]
1227.	[bug]		dns_lex_getmastertoken() now returns ISC_R_BADNUMBER
			if a number was expected and some other token was
			found. [RT#2532]
1226.	[func]		Use EDNS for zone refresh queries. [RT #2551]
1225.	[func]		dns_message_setopt() no longer requires that
			dns_message_renderbegin() to have been called.
1224.	[bug]		'rrset-order' and 'sortlist' should be additive
			not exclusive.
1223.	[func]		'rrset-order' partially works 'cyclic' and 'random'
			are supported.
1222.	[bug]		Specifying 'port *' did not always result in a system
			selected (non-reserved) port being used. [RT #2537]
1221.	[bug]		Zone types 'master', 'slave' and 'stub' were not being
			compared case insensitively. [RT #2542]
1220.	[func]		Support for APL rdata type.
1219.	[func]		Named now reports the TSIG extended error code when
			signature verification fails. [RT #1651]
1218.	[bug]		Named incorrectly returned SERVFAIL rather than
			NOTAUTH when there was a TSIG BADTIME error. [RT #2519]
1217.	[func]		Report locations of previous key definition when a
			duplicate is detected.
1216.	[bug]		Multiple server clauses for the same server were not
			reported.  [RT #2514]
1215.	[port]		solaris: add support to for x86 2.5.1
1214.	[bug]		Win32: isc_file_renameunique() could leave zero length
			files behind.
1213.	[func]		Report view associated with client if it is not a
			standard view (_default or _bind).
1212.	[port]		libbind: 64k answer buffers were causing stack space
			to be exceeded for certain OS.  Use heap space instead.
1211.	[bug]		dns_name_fromtext() incorrectly handled certain
			valid octal bitlabels. [RT #2483]
1210.	[bug]		libbind: getnameinfo() failed to lookup IPv4 mapped /
			compatible addresses. [RT #2461]
1209.	[bug]		Dig, host, nslookup were not checking the message ids
			on the responses. [RT #2454]
1208.	[bug]		dns_master_load*() failed to log a error message if
			an error was detected when parsing the ownername of
			a record.  [RT #2448]
1207.	[bug]		libbind: getaddrinfo() could call freeaddrinfo() with
			an invalid pointer.
1206.	[bug]		SERVFAIL and NOTIMP responses to an EDNS query should
			trigger a non-EDNS retry.
1205.	[bug]		OPT, TSIG and TKEY cannot be used to set the "class"
			of the message. [RT #2449]
1204.	[bug]		libbind: res_nupdate() failed to update the name
			server addresses before sending the update.
1203.	[func]		Report locations of previous acl and zone definitions
			when a duplicate is detected.
1202.	[func]		New functions: cfg_obj_line() and cfg_obj_file().
1201.	[bug]		Require that if 'callbacks' is passed to
			dns_rdata_fromtext(), callbacks->error and
			callbacks->warn are initialized.
1200.	[bug]		Log 'errno' that we are unable to convert to
			isc_result_t. [RT #2404]
1199.	[doc]		ARM reference to RFC 2157 should have been RFC 1918.
			[RT #2436]
1198.	[bug]		OPT printing style was not consistant with the way the
			header fields are printed.  The DO bit was not reported
			if set.  Report if any of the MBZ bits are set.
1197.	[bug]		Attempts to define the same acl multiple times were not
1196.	[contrib]	update mdnkit to 2.2.3.
1195.	[bug]		Attempts to redefine builtin acls should be caught.
			[RT #2403]
1194.	[bug]		Not all duplicate zone definitions were being detected
			at the named.conf checking stage. [RT #2431]
1193.	[bug]		dig +besteffort parsing didn't handle packet
			truncation.  dns_message_parse() has new flag
1192.	[bug]		The seconds fields in LOC records were restricted
			to three decimal places.  More decimal places should
			be allowed but warned about.
1191.	[bug]		A dynamic update removing the last non-apex name in
			a secure zone would fail. [RT #2399]
1190.	[func]		Add the "rndc freeze" and "rndc unfreeze" commands.
			[RT #2394]
1189.	[bug]		On some systems, malloc(0) returns NULL, which
			could cause the caller to report an out of memory
			error. [RT #2398]
1188.	[bug]		Dynamic updates of a signed zone would fail if
			some of the zone private keys were unavailable.
1187.	[bug]		named was incorrectly returning DNSSEC records
			in negative responses when the DO bit was not set.
1186.	[bug]		isc_hex_tobuffer(,,length = 0) failed to unget the
			EOL token when reading to end of line.
1185.	[bug]		libbind: don't assume statp->_u._ext.ext is valid
			unless RES_INIT is set when calling res_*init().
1184.	[bug]		libbind: call res_ndestroy() if RES_INIT is set
			when res_*init() is called.
1183.	[bug]		Handle ENOSR error when writing to the internal
			control pipe. [RT #2395]
1182.	[bug]		The server could throw an assertion failure when
			constructing a negative response packet.
1181.	[func]		Add the "key-directory" configuration statement,
			which allows the server to look for online signing
			keys in alternate directories.
1180.	[func]		dnssec-keygen should always generate keys with
			protocol 3 (DNSSEC), since it's less confusing
			that way.
1179.	[func]		Add SIG(0) support to nsupdate.
1178.	[func]		Follow and cache (if appropriate) A6 and other
			data chains to completion in the additional section.
1177.	[func]		Report view when loading zones if it is not a
			standard view (_default or _bind). [RT #2270]
1176.	[doc]		Document that allow-v6-synthesis is only performed
			for clients that are supplied recursive service.
			[RT #2260]
1175.	[bug]		named-checkzone and named-checkconf failed to call
			dns_result_register() at startup which could
			result in runtime exceptions when printing
		 	"out of memory" errors. [RT #2335]
1174.	[bug]		Win32: add WSAECONNRESET to the expected errors
			from connect(). [RT #2308]
1173.	[bug]		Potential memory leaks in isc_log_create() and
			isc_log_settag(). [RT #2336]
1172.	[doc]		Add CERT, GPOS, KX, NAPTR, NSAP, PX and TXT to
			table of RR types in ARM.
1171.	[func]		Added function isc_region_compare(), updated files in
			lib/dns to use this function instead of local one.
1170.	[bug]		Don't attempt to print the token when a I/O error
			occurs when parsing named.conf. [RT #2275]
1169.	[func]		Identify recursive queries in the query log.
1168.	[bug]		Empty also-notify clauses were not handled. [RT #2309]
1167.	[contrib]	nslint-2.1a3 (from author).
1166.	[bug]		"Not Implemented" should be reported as NOTIMP,
			not NOTIMPL. [RT #2281]
1165.	[bug]		We were rejecting notify-source{-v6} in zone clauses.
1164.	[bug]		Empty masters clauses in slave / stub zones were not
			handled gracefully. [RT #2262]
1163.	[func]		isc_time_formattimestamp() now includes the year.
1162.	[bug]		The allow-notify option was not accepted in slave
			zone statements.
1161.	[bug]		named-checkzone looped on unbalanced brackets.
			[RT #2248]
1160.	[bug]		Generating Diffie-Hellman keys longer than 1024
			bits could fail. [RT #2241]
1159.	[bug]		MD and MF are not permitted to be loaded by RFC1123.
1158.	[func]		Report the client's address when logging notify
1157.	[func]		match-clients and match-destinations now accept
			keys. [RT #2045]
1156.	[port]		The configure test for strsep() incorrectly
			succeeded on certain patched versions of
			AIX 4.3.3. [RT #2190]
1155.	[func]		Recover from master files being removed from under
1154.	[bug]		Don't attempt to obtain the netmask of a interface
			if there is no address configured. [RT #2176]
1153.	[func]		'rndc {stop|halt} -p' now reports the process id
			of the instance of named being shutdown.
1152.	[bug]		libbind: read buffer overflows.
1151.	[bug]		nslookup failed to check that the arguments to
			the port, timeout, and retry options were
			valid integers and in range. [RT #2099]
1150.	[bug]		named incorrectly accepted TTL values
			containing plus or minus signs, such as
1149.	[func]		New function isc_parse_uint32().
1148.	[func]		'rndc-confgen -a' now provides positive feedback.
1147.	[func]		Set IPV6_V6ONLY on IPv6 sockets if supported by
			the OS.  listen-on-v6 { any; }; should no longer
			result in IPv4 queries be accepted.  Similarly
			control { inet :: ... }; should no longer result
			in IPv4 connections being accepted.  This can be
			overridden at compile time by defining
1146.	[func]		Allow IPV6_IPV6ONLY to be set/cleared on a socket if
			supported by the OS by a new function
1145.	[func]		"host" no longer reports a NOERROR/NODATA response
			by printing nothing. [RT #2065]
1144.	[bug]		rndc-confgen would crash if both the -a and -t
			options were specified. [RT #2159]
1143.	[bug]		When a trusted-keys statement was present and named
			was built without crypto support, it would leak memory.
1142.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone would fail to delete temporary files
			in some failure cases. [RT #2144]
1141.	[bug]		When named rejected a control message, it would
			leak a file descriptor and memory.  It would also
			fail to respond, causing rndc to hang.
			[RT #2139, #2164]
1140.	[bug]		rndc-confgen did not accept IPv6 addresses as arguments
			to the -s option. [RT #2138]
1139.	[func]		It is now possible to flush a given name from the
			cache(s) via 'rndc flushname name [view]'. [RT #2051]
1138.	[func]		It is now possible to flush a given name from the
			cache by calling the new function
1137.	[func]		It is now possible to flush a given name from the
			ADB by calling the new function dns_adb_flushname().
1136.	[bug]		CNAME records synthesized from DNAMEs did not
			have a TTL of zero as required by RFC2672.
			[RT #2129]
1135.	[func]		You can now override the default syslog() facility for
			named/lwresd at compile time. [RT #1982]
1134.	[bug]		Multithreaded servers could deadlock in ferror()
			when reloading zone files. [RT #1951, #1998]
1133.	[bug]		IN6_IS_ADDR_LOOPBACK was not portably defined on
			platforms without IN6_IS_ADDR_LOOPBACK. [RT #2106]
1132.	[func]		Improve UPDATE prerequisite failure diagnotic messages.
1131.	[bug]		The match-destinations view option did not work with
			IPv6 destinations. [RT #2073, #2074]
1130.	[bug]		Log messages reporting an out-of-range serial number
			did not include the out-of-range number but the
			following token. [RT #2076]
1129.	[bug]		Multithreaded servers could crash under heavy
			resolution load due to a race condition. [RT #2018]
1128.	[func]		sdb drivers can now provide RR data in either text
			or wire format, the latter using the new functions
			dns_sdb_putrdata() and dns_sdb_putnamedrdata().
1127.	[func]		rndc: If the server to contact has multiple addresses,
			try all of them.
1126.	[bug]		The server could access a freed event if shut
			down while a client start event was pending
			delivery. [RT #2061]
1125.	[bug]		rndc: -k option was missing from usage message.
			[RT #2057]
1124.	[doc]		dig: +[no]dnssec, +[no]besteffort and +[no]fail
			are now documented. [RT #2052]
1123.	[bug]		dig +[no]fail did not match description. [RT #2052]
1122.	[tuning]	Resolution timeout reduced from 90 to 30 seconds.
			[RT #2046]
1121.	[bug]		The server could attempt to access a NULL zone
			table if shut down while resolving.
			[RT #1587, #2054]
1120.	[bug]		Errors in options were not fatal. [RT #2002]
1119.	[func]		Added support in Win32 for NTFS file/directory ACL's
			for access control.
1118.	[bug]		On multithreaded servers, a race condition
			could cause an assertion failure in resolver.c
			during resolver shutdown. [RT #2029]
1117.	[port]		The configure check for in6addr_loopback incorrectly
			succeeded on AIX 4.3 when compiling with -O2
			because the test code was optimized away.
			[RT #2016]
1116.	[bug]		Setting transfers in a server clause, transfers-in,
			or transfers-per-ns to a value greater than
			2147483647 disabled transfers. [RT #2002]
1115.	[func]		Set maximum values for cleaning-interval,
			heartbeat-interval, interface-interval,
			max-transfer-idle-in, max-transfer-idle-out,
			max-transfer-time-in, max-transfer-time-out,
			statistics-interval of 28 days and
			sig-validity-interval of 3660 days. [RT #2002]
1114.	[port]		Ignore more accept() errors. [RT #2021]
1113.	[bug]		The allow-update-forwarding option was ignored
			when specified in a view. [RT #2014]
1112.	[placeholder]
1111.	[bug]		Multithreaded servers could deadlock processing
			recursive queries due to a locking hieararchy
			violation in adb.c. [RT #2017]
1110.	[bug]		dig should only accept valid abbreviations of +options.
			[RT #2003]
1109.	[bug]		nsupdate accepted illegal ttl values.
1108.	[bug]		On Win32, rndc was hanging when named was not running
			due to failure to select for exceptional conditions
			in select(). [RT #1870]
1107.	[bug]		nsupdate could catch an assertion failure if an
			invalid domain name was given as the argument to
			the "zone" command.
1106.	[bug]		After seeing an out of range TTL, nsupdate would
			treat all TTLs as out of range. [RT #2001]
1105.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 enable threads by default. [RT #1970]
1104.	[bug]		Invalid arguments to the transfer-format option
			could cause an assertion failure. [RT #1995]
1103.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 support ( [RT #1970]
1102.	[doc]		Note that query logging is enabled by directing the
			queries category to a channel.
1101.	[bug]		Array bounds read error in lwres_gai_strerror.
1100.	[bug]		libbind: DNSSEC key ids were computed incorrectly.
1099.	[cleanup]	libbind: defining REPORT_ERRORS in lib/bind/dst caused
			compile time errors.
1098.	[bug]		libbind: HMAC-MD5 key files are now mode 0600.
1097.	[func]		libbind: RES_PRF_TRUNC for dig.
1096.	[func]		libbind: "DNSSEC OK" (DO) support.
1095.	[func]		libbind: resolver option: no-tld-query.  disables
			trying unqualified as a tld.  no_tld_query is also
			supported for FreeBSD compatability.
1094.	[func]		libbind: add support gcc's format string checking.
1093.	[doc]		libbind: miscellaneous nroff fixes.
1092.	[bug]		libbind: get*by*() failed to check if res_init() had
			been called.
1091.	[bug]		libbind: misplaced va_end().
1090.	[bug]		libbind: dns_ho.c:add_hostent() was not returning
			the amount of memory consumed resulting in garbage
			address being returned.  Alignment calculations were
			wasting space.  We weren't suppressing duplicate
1089.	[func]		libbind: inet_{cidr,net}_{pton,ntop}() now have IPv6
1088.	[port]		libbind: MPE/iX C.70 (incomplete)
1087.	[bug]		libbind: struct __res_state too large on 64 bit arch.
1086.	[port]		libbind: sunos: old sprintf.
1085.	[port]		libbind: solaris: sys_nerr and sys_errlist do not
			exist when compiling in 64 bit mode.
1084.	[cleanup]	libbind: gai_strerror() re-written.
1083.	[bug]		The default control channel listened on the
			wildcard adress, not the loopback as documented.
			[RT #1975]
1082.	[bug]		The -g option to named incorrectly caused logging
			to be sent to syslog in addition to stderr.
			[RT #1974]
1081.	[bug]		Multicast queries were incorrectly identified
			based on the source address, not the destination
1080.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: accept bare IP prefixes
			as the second element of a two-element top level
			sort list statement. [RT #1964]
1079.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: accept bare elements at top
			level of sort list treating them as if they were
			a single element list. [RT #1963]
1078.	[bug]		We failed to correct bad tv_usec values in one case.
			[RT #1966]
1077.	[func]		Do not accept further recursive clients when
			the total number of of recursive lookups being
			processed exceeds max-recursive-clients, even
			if some	of the lookups are internally generated.
			[RT #1915, #1938]
1076.	[bug]		A badly defined global key could trigger an assertion
			on load/reload if views were used. [RT #1947]
1075.	[bug]		Out-of-range network prefix lengths were not
			reported. [RT #1954]
1074.	[bug]		Running out of memory in dump_rdataset() could
			cause an assertion failure. [RT #1946]
1073.	[bug]		The ADB cache cleaning should also be space driven.
			[RT #1915, #1938]
1072.	[bug]		The TCP client quota could be exceeded when
			recursion occurred. [RT #1937]
1071.	[bug]		Sockets listening for TCP DNS connections
			specified an excessive listen backlog. [RT #1937]
1070.	[bug]		Copy DNSSEC OK (DO) to response as specified by
1069.	[placeholder]
1068.	[bug]		errno could be overwritten by catgets(). [RT #1921]
1067.	[func]		Allow quotas to be soft, isc_quota_soft().
1066.	[bug]		Provide a thread safe wrapper for strerror().
			[RT #1689]
1065.	[func]		Runtime support to select new / old style interface
			scanning using ioctls.
1064.	[bug]		Do not shut down active network interfaces if we
			are unable to scan the interface list. [RT #1921]
1063.	[bug]		libbind: "make install" was failing on IRIX.
			[RT #1919]
1062.	[bug]		If the control channel listener socket was shut
			down before server exit, the listener object could
			be freed twice. [RT #1916]
1061.	[bug]		If periodic cache cleaning happened to start
			while cleaning due to reaching the configured
			maximum cache size was in progress, the server
			could catch an assertion failure. [RT #1912]
1060.	[func]		Move refresh, stub and notify UDP retry processing
			into dns_request.
1059.	[func]		dns_request now support will now retry UDP queries,
			dns_request_createvia2() and dns_request_createraw2().
1058.	[func]		Limited lifetime ticker timers are now available,
1057.	[bug]		Reloading the server after adding a "file" clause
			to a zone statement could cause the server to
			crash due to a typo in change 1016.
1056.	[bug]		Rndc could catch an assertion failure on SIGINT due
			to an uninitialized variable. [RT #1908]
1055.	[func]		Version and hostname queries can now be disabled
			using "version none;" and "hostname none;",
1054.	[bug]		On Win32, cfg_categories and cfg_modules need to be
			exported from the libisccfg DLL.
1053.	[bug]		Dig did not increase its timeout when receiving
			AXFRs unless the +time option was used.	[RT #1904]
1052.	[bug]		Journals were not being created in binary mode
			resulting in "journal format not recognized" error
			under Win32. [RT #1889]
1051.	[bug]		Do not ignore a network interface completely just
			because it has a noncontiguous netmask.	 Instead,
			omit it from the localnets ACL and issue a warning.
			[RT #1891]
1050.	[bug]		Log messages reporting malformed IP addresses in
			address lists such as that of the forwarders option
			failed to include the correct error code, file
			name, and line number. [RT #1890]
1049.	[func]		"pid-file none;" will disable writing a pid file.
			[RT #1848]
1048.	[bug]		Servers built with -DISC_MEM_USE_INTERNAL_MALLOC=1
			didn't work.
1047.	[bug]		named was incorrectly refusing all requests signed
			with a TSIG key derived from an unsigned TKEY
			negotiation with a NOERROR response. [RT #1886]
1046.	[bug]		The help message for the --with-openssl configure
			option was inaccurate. [RT #1880]
1045.	[bug]		It was possible to skip saving glue for a nameserver
			for a stub zone.
1044.	[bug]		Specifying allow-transfer, notify-source, or
			notify-source-v6 in a stub zone was not treated
			as an error.
1043.	[bug]		Specifying a transfer-source or transfer-source-v6
			option in the zone statement for a master zone was
			not treated as an error. [RT #1876]
1042.	[bug]		The "config" logging category did not work properly.
			[RT #1873]
1041.	[bug]		Dig/host/nslookup could catch an assertion failure
			on SIGINT due to an uninitialized variable. [RT #1867]
1040.	[bug]		Multiple listen-on-v6 options with different ports
			were not accepted. [RT #1875]
1039.	[bug]		Negative responses with CNAMEs in the answer section
			were cached incorrectly. [RT #1862]
1038.	[bug]		In servers configured with a tkey-domain option,
			TKEY queries with an owner name other than the root
			could cause an assertion failure. [RT #1866, #1869]
1037.	[bug]		Negative responses whose authority section contain
			SOA or NS records whose owner names are not equal
			equal to or parents of the query name should be
			rejected. [RT #1862]
1036.	[func]		Silently drop requests received via multicast as
			long as there is no final multicast DNS standard.
1035.	[bug]		If we respond to multicast queries (which we
			currently do not), respond from a unicast address
			as specified in RFC 1123. [RT #137]
1034.	[bug]		Ignore the RD bit on multicast queries as specified
			in RFC 1123. [RT #137]
1033.	[bug]		Always respond to requests with an unsupported opcode
			with NOTIMP, even if we don't have a matching view
			or cannot determine the class.
1032.	[func]		hostname.bind/txt/chaos now returns the name of
			the machine hosting the nameserver.  This is useful
			in diagnosing problems with anycast servers.
1031.	[bug]		libbind.a: isc__gettimeofday() infinite recursion.
			[RT #1858]
1030.	[bug]		On systems with no resolv.conf file, nsupdate
			exited with an error rather than defaulting
			to using the loopback address. [RT #1836]
1029.	[bug]		Some named.conf errors did not cause the loading
			of the configuration file to return a failure
			status even though they were logged. [RT #1847]
1028.	[bug]		On Win32, dig/host/nslookup looked for resolv.conf
			in the wrong directory. [RT #1833]
1027.	[bug]		RRs having the reserved type 0 should be rejected.
			[RT #1471]
1026.	[placeholder]
1025.	[bug]		Don't use multicast addresses to resolve iterative
			queries. [RT #101]
1024.	[port]		Compilation failed on HP-UX 11.11 due to
			incompatible use of the SIOCGLIFCONF macro
			name. [RT #1831]
1023.	[func]		Accept hints without TTLs.
1022.	[bug]		Don't report empty root hints as "extra data".
			[RT #1802]
1021.	[bug]		On Win32, log message timestamps were one month
			later than they should have been, and the server
			would exhibit unspecified behavior in December.
1020.	[bug]		IXFR log messages did not distinguish between
			true IXFRs, AXFR-style IXFRs, and mere version
			polls. [RT #1811]
1019.	[bug]		The value of the lame-ttl option was limited to 18000
			seconds, not 1800 seconds as documented. [RT #1803]
1018.	[bug]		The default log channel was not always initialized
			correctly. [RT #1813]
1017.	[bug]		When specifying TSIG keys to dig and nsupdate using
			the -k option, they must be HMAC-MD5 keys. [RT #1810]
1016.	[bug]		Slave zones with no backup file were re-transferred
			on every server reload.
1015.	[bug]		Log channels that had a "versions" option but no
			"size" option failed to create numbered log
			files. [RT #1783]
1014.	[bug]		Some queries would cause statistics counters to
			increment more than once or not at all. [RT #1321]
1013.	[bug]		It was possible to cancel a query twice when marking
			a server as bogus or by having a blackhole acl.
			[RT #1776]
1012.	[bug]		The -p option to named did not behave as documented.
1011.	[cleanup]	Removed isc_dir_current().
1010.	[bug]		The server could attempt to execute a command channel
			command after initiating server shutdown, causing
			an assertion failure. [RT #1766]
1009.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 support. [RT #1728]
1008.	[port]		libtool.m4, from libtool-1.4.2.
1007.	[port]		config.guess, config.sub from autoconf-2.52.
1006.	[bug]		If a KEY RR was found missing during DNSSEC validation,
			an assertion failure could subsequently be triggered
			in the resolver. [RT #1763]
1005.	[bug]		Don't copy nonzero RCODEs from request to response.
			[RT #1765]
1004.	[port]		Deal with recvfrom() returning EHOSTDOWN. [RT #1770]
1003.	[func]		Add the +retry option to dig.
1002.	[bug]		When reporting an unknown class name in named.conf,
			including the file name and line number. [RT #1759]
1001.	[bug]		win32 socket code doio_recv was not catching a
			WSACONNRESET error when a client was timing out
			the request and closing its socket. [RT #1745]
1000.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: accept "HESIOD" as an alias
			for class "HS". [RT #1759]
 999.	[func]		"rndc retransfer zone [class [view]]" added.
			[RT #1752]
 998.	[func]		named-checkzone now has arguments to specify the
			chroot directory (-t) and working directory (-w).
			[RT #1755]
 997.	[func]		Add support for RSA-SHA1 keys (RFC3110).
 996.	[func]		Issue warning if the configuration filename contains
			the chroot path.
 995.	[bug]		dig, host, nslookup: using a raw IPv6 address as a
			target address should be fatal on a IPv4 only system.
 994.	[func]		Treat non-authoritative responses to queries for type
			NS as referrals even if the NS records are in the
			answer section, because BIND 8 servers incorrectly
			send them that way.  This is necessary for DNSSEC
			validation of the NS records of a secure zone to
			succeed when the parent is a BIND 8 server. [RT #1706]
 993.	[func]		dig: -v now reports the version.
 992.	[doc]		dig: ~/.digrc is now documented.
 991.	[func]		Lower UDP refresh timeout messages to level
			debug 1.
 990.	[bug]		The rndc-confgen man page was not installed.
 989.	[bug]		Report filename if $INCLUDE fails for file related
			errors. [RT #1736]
 988.	[bug]		'additional-from-auth no;' did not work reliably
			in the case of queries answered from the cache.
			[RT #1436]
 987.	[bug]		"dig -help" didn't show "+[no]stats".
 986.	[bug]		"dig +noall" failed to clear stats and command
 985.	[func]		Consider network interfaces to be up iff they have
			a nonzero IP address rather than based on the
			IFF_UP flag. [RT #1160]
 984.	[bug]		Multithreading should be enabled by default on
			Solaris 2.7 and newer, but it wasn't.
 983.	[func]		The server now supports generating IXFR difference
			sequences for non-dynamic zones by comparing zone
			versions, when enabled using the new config
			option "ixfr-from-differences". [RT #1727]
 982.	[func]		If "memstatistics-file" is set in options the memory
			statistics will be written to it.
 981.	[func]		The dnssec tools can now take multiple '-r randomfile'
 980.	[bug]		Incoming zone transfers restarting after an error
			could trigger an assertion failure. [RT #1692]
 979.	[func]		Incremental master file dumping.  dns_master_dumpinc(),
			dns_master_dumptostreaminc(), dns_dumpctx_attach(),
			dns_dumpctx_detach(), dns_dumpctx_cancel(),
			dns_dumpctx_db() and dns_dumpctx_version().
 978.	[bug]		dns_db_attachversion() had an invalid REQUIRE()
 977.	[bug]		Improve "not at top of zone" error message.
 976.	[func]		named-checkconf can now test load master zones
			(named-checkconf -z). [RT #1468]
 975.	[bug]		"max-cache-size default;" as a view option
			caused an assertion failure.
 974.	[bug]		"max-cache-size unlimited;" as a global option
			was not accepted.
 973.	[bug]		Failed to log the question name when logging:
			"bad zone transfer request: non-authoritative zone
 972.	[bug]		The file modification time code in zone.c was using the
			wrong epoch. [RT #1667]
 971.	[placeholder]
 970.	[func]		'max-journal-size' can now be used to set a target
			size for a journal.
 969.	[func]		dig now supports the undocumented dig 8 feature
			of allowing arbitrary labels, not just dotted
			decimal quads, with the -x option.  This can be
			used to conveniently look up RFC2317 names as in
			"dig -x". [RT #827, #1576, #1598]
 968.	[bug]		On win32, the isc_time_now() function was unnecessarily
			calling strtime(). [RT #1671]
 967.	[bug]		On win32, the link for bindevt was not including the
			required resource file to enable the event viewer
			to interpret the error messages in the event log,
			[RT #1668]
 966.	[placeholder]
 965.	[bug]		Including data other than root server NS and A
			records in the root hint file could cause a rbtdb
			node reference leak. [RT #1581, #1618]
 964.	[func]		Warn if data other than root server NS and A records
			are found in the root hint file. [RT #1581, #1618]
 963.	[bug]		Bad ISC_LANG_ENDDECLS. [RT #1645]
 962.	[bug]		libbind: bad "#undef", don't attempt to install
			non-existant nlist.h. [RT #1640]
 961.	[bug]		Tried to use a IPV6 feature when ISC_PLATFORM_HAVEIPV6
			was not defined. [RT #1482]
 960.	[port]		liblwres failed to build on systems with support for
			getrrsetbyname() in the OS. [RT #1592]
 959.	[port]		On FreeBSD, determine the number of CPUs by calling
			sysctlbyname(). [RT #1584]
 958.	[port]		ssize_t is not available on all platforms. [RT #1607]
 957.	[bug]		sys/select.h inclusion was broken on older platforms.
			[RT #1607]
 956.	[bug]		ns_g_autorndcfile changed to ns_g_keyfile
			in named/win32/os.c due to code changes in
			change #953. win32 .make file for rndc-confgen
			updated to add include path for os.h header.

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