Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/gentoo
To: None <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 08/24/2002 06:52:32
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	grant
Date:		Sat Aug 24 03:52:31 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/sysutils/gentoo: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
update to gentoo-0.11.31.

Provided by Miguel Mendez <> in pkg/18052.

Changes in 0.11.31:
* Directory statistics display is now updated by DirRescan.
* RenameRE didn't enter the source directory, and thus could easily
  fail to find its working files. Fixed.
* MkDir no longer (internally) generates double-slashed names.
  Not a big deal, but they were visible in the path entry box.
* Added file recognition for socket and FIFO special files. Cute.
* gentoo now supports SGI's File Alteration Monitor (FAM) tech-
  nology, and will update panes if contents are changed by some
  other program. This is very nice, and recommended.
* Ran Julian Seward's masterpiece Valgrind on gentoo, at least a
  little. Found and fixed a couple of badnesses. Thanks. I'm sure
  there are more, but finding them takes lots of time. I'm far from
  claiming gentoo to be "Valgrind clean".
* Removed ill-guided use of g_error(); reported by Pehr Johansson.
* Improved quoting and fixed plain wrong syntax in SelectRE example
  input button, in default config. Not a big deal, though.
* Improved interaction between CopyAs, MoveAs, Rename, and SymLink's
  dialogs and the progress reporting window. Less annoying, now.
* CopyAs now has full progress reporting. Don't know why it hadn't.
* Information now shows item size using ticks every third digits.
  Adds another place to configure a tick character; not optimal, I
  will clean this up at a later date. Suggested by "[zorba]".
* MenuPopup now understands an "atfocus" bareword argument, which
  will locate the menu over the currently focused row. If no focus
  exists, it will center the menu in the active pane. Suggested by
* Fixed silly buglet that had the "Left" configuration page tree
  item stuck looking selected.
* Fixed bug that reported errors twice on double-click. Really
  annoying if you use error dialogs, which I guess noone does.
* gentoo now attempts to enable large file support if the host
  supports it. This should make large files have correct sizes
  shown, and also improves GetSize on large (>2GB) directories,
  but is largely untested by the author.
* Accidentally found, and hopefully fixed, a long-standing stealthy
  bug, that caused gentoo to falsely report failure to read a dir-
  ectory, with a code 2 (file not found). Caused by dangling links.
* Removed premature "Menu" frame from buttons config. Thanks, emj.
* Tweaked so it respects CFLAGS being passed in. Re-
  ported by Frederick Reeve.

Changes in 0.11.30:
* Fixed yet another incredibly stupid bug that caused Copy to fail
  when copying nested directories. Introduced in 0.11.28, and re-
  ported by Matthias Haase.
* Window sizes in default config should now be (kind of) clamped
  to 800x600. Suggested by Roger Sondermann.
* Redesigned the configuration interface a bit, replaced the many
  nested tabbed notebooks with a cleaner and more modern-looking
  tree for navigation.
* Made the MkDir command slightly more robust.
* Tweaked the progress window somewhat, to reduce flicker.
* Added support for console beep on error. See Errors config page.
* Error reporting seemed to fail sometimes, in e.g. Rename. Fixed.
* Reimplemented DirRescan, for no particular reason.

Changes in 0.11.29:
* Fixed incredibly stupid bug that caused column header clicking to
  break (caused by the ghost scroll fix). Thanks, Roger Sondermann.
* Added Ctrl+L as shortcut to path entry (along with shift+Return).

Changes in 0.11.28:
* Improved a long-standing very annoying problem, which caused a pane
  to react by scrolling sideways when a quick vertical drag-select
  was done. The fix isn't quite 100%, but it's better now at least.
* Fixed subtle bug in glob-to-regular expression translation code
  which would break SelectRE for a pattern like "*.[ch]". Reported
  by Jean-Yves Lefort.
* When copying a directory, if the destination exists, it will now
  be completely deleted before the copying starts. This takes time,
  but should ensure a proper result. Reported by Razvan Stranschi.
* Input check button field {Ix} now supports being checked by default,
  and also knows about user-defined result texts. The complete syntax
  is: {Ix[:LABEL][*][=TRUETEXT,FALSETEXT]}. Clear, huh? OK, here's an
  example: {Ix:"gzip compress?"*="-czf","-cf"}. This would emit "-czf"
  into the command when checked, "-cf" when unchecked. The box would
  default to being checked, that's what the asterisk does.
* Modified default config's Module (for tracker music files) RE to
  also match against files named *.mod, and not only mod.*. Reported
  by "Mahen".

Changes in 0.11.27:
* MkDir now has an option to focus newly created directory, rather
  than entering it. If disabled, gentoo will scroll the pane to
  show the newly created directory. Suggested by Ernest Beinrohr.
* If you entered "20 kb", just like that, in the Split size box,
  you got 20 bytes. Case-sensitivity is like that. It's nicer now.
* Fixed bug where SelectRow on an already selected row was stupidly
  thinking it could select it again. Reported by Kamil Burzynski.
* Automounting now tries "/mountpoint/" if "/mountpoint" failed,
  and vice versa. Should now work for both pane doubleclick and
  TAB-completed paths, regardless of /etc/fstab format. Yay.
* Redid much of the internal logic for entering a new directory,
  so that it's now possible to enter e.g. "/mountpoint/a/b/c",
  and actually have gentoo first automount "/mountpoint", then enter
  the dir. Previously this would fail if the device wasn't mounted.
* Investigated, found a reason, and speeded up the SelectNone command
  by a factor of, oh, I don't know. Some big number, no doubt.
* Finally realized how to adjust labels, and cleaned up the layout
  in the Information window a bit using this new knowledge.

Changes in 0.11.26:
* Fixed a XML parsing weakness which made a button label containing
  a backslash break config loading. Reported by Roger Sondermann.
* Fixed stupid race condition bug in child process handling, which
  sometimes caused a crash in "kill previous instance". Reported by
  Joakim Larsson.
* Removed almost 300 redundant calls to gtk_widget_show(). This
  should shave a few bytes off the executable size, and perhaps
  even save a millisecond or so when building complex GUIs.
* Fixed weird bug where buttons got put above the panes when the
  interface was rebuilt after a config change.
* The middle bar in the progress report window used by Copy and
  other operations was behaving weirdly (always full). Fixed.
* Added display of elapsed time (in MM:SS format) as well as the
  current processing speed and ETA to the progress window.
* Progress window's directory size computation was broken. Fixed.
* DpFocusPath now understands a boolean "clear" option.

Changes in 0.11.25:
* Added a command, DpReorient, to switch pane split orientation
  between vertical and horizontal. Suggested by Roger Sondermann.
  Bound to Ctrl+R by default. See docs/scratch/command_args.txt.
* view_video now calls mplayer, not xanim. My choice. :)
* Added WMV as a recognized movie format. MPlayer handles it.
* You can now chose *not* to override the base background color
  in the panes (uncheck "Override Parent?" in the Root style).
  This hopefully allows a theme, or the GTK+ RC file, to control
  the default base background color. Thanks to Thomas Weberstaedt
  for making me investigate and improve this.
* Applied a couple of tiny patches from Oliver Braun, the FreeBSD
  maintainer, to help gentoo build cleanly on FreeBSD systems.
* Simplified automounting modes; it's now either on or off, the
  vague "rare" mount mode has been removed.
* Removed the specialized Shortcut feature and associated config
  page, and replaced it with another "sheet" of ordinary buttons.
  Very very nice, and long overdue.
* Removed incorrect assignment of Tab as shortcut for Split in
  the default config.

Changes in 0.11.24:
* Fixed a missing initialization that caused gentoo to crash on
  startup, at least on Cygwin. Silly me.
* Improved window grouping even more, should now include most
  commands, and the progress reporting windows, too.
* The "Pick Built-In" dialog used in Command configuration was
  violently yet stealthily broken. Detected by quarto.
* Incorporated a fix to BSD mounting code, from Michael Ewe.
* SelectAll no longer messes up status numbers. Thanks to Martin
  Stubenschrott for letting me know it used to.
* Rewrote Size content handling. Folded old "IQSize" behaviour into
  the Size type, added support for "ticks" every 3 digits. Suggested
  by someone on IRC whose name I've forgotten.

Changes in 0.11.23:
* Added support for laying out the two panes vertically rather than
  horizontally, as has so far been the only way. Handy when you want
  to see plenty of columns. Suggested by James Lucha.
* The SelectType command now understands a bareword argument, which
  is a glob for type names to select. You can do "SelectType Arch*"
  to select all archives in the source pane. Smooth, huh? :)
* Fixed bug in DirParent; parent of "/a/b/" is "/a", not "/a/b".
* Finally broke down and added tab-completion to the path entry
  fields. Might require some minor touching up, but works. Nice.
* The Copy command now says something when trying to copy a non-
  enterable directory, rather than just failing silently. Oops.
* Rename could falsely report failure under some conditions.

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