Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/ethereal
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 08/22/2002 03:30:07
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Thu Aug 22 00:30:07 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/ethereal: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
upgrade to 0.9.6.  includes security fix.

Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.9.6:
* Update README.hpux re: version 11i (Guy)
* Update printing output routines (Guy)
* Properly adjust offset value in packet-bootp.c (Guy)
* Add AppleTalk ZIP support, adjust ddp socket filter names
  (Didier Gautheron)
* Fix unsigned value printing in packet-atalk.c (Guy)
* Fix a possible buffer overflow in packet-isis-clv.c (Guy)
* NETLOGON cleanup and updates (Ronnie)
* pcap_dispatch() and fifo updates for tethereal.c (Graeme)
* Add missing static declarations to editcap.c and text2pcap.c (Joerg)
* Fix arguments in SAMR's dissect_nt_policy_hnd() routine (Tim)
* Add signature characters for IPX messages, improve socket number
  handling (Guy)
* Allow TCP stream code to handle bad TCP packets (Guy)
* Handle Linux token ring bug (Guy)
* Update vcvars32.bat and cleanbld.bat notes in README.win32 (Guy)
* Improve handling of "send buffer length" in SMB RAP messages
  (Devin Heitmueller)
* Fix #includes, DLCI field handling, and Q.931 parameters in IUA (Michael)
* Implemented a couple of easy windows registry dissectors (Tim)
* Fix QueryKey mod time handling in WINREG (Guy)
* Fix FILETIME handling in WINREG (Guy)
* Fix DELTA_USER name and structure in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
* Update README.win32 re cmd.exe vs (Gerald)
* Add selected tree view item length to status bar (Gerald)
* SAMR update (Andrew Bartlett)
* Update command interpreter docs in README.win32 (Guy)
* Fix unneccessary include path, fix plugin directory path handling (Nix)
* Fix DELTA_DOMAIN name, fix structure in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
* Fix DELTA_GROUP name in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
  updates (Ronnie)
* Updated NETLOGON DELTA_GROUP_MEMBER and DELTA_ALIAS structures (Ronnie)
* Updated NETLOGON NetrDatabaseDeltas function (Ronnie)
* Fix the setting of "column.format" from the command line in Ethereal
  and tethereal (Liviu Daia)
* Add formatting room for long field lengths in the status bar (Guy)
* Update of NETLOGON's DATABASESYNC function (Ronnie)
* Give some more information on the "" vs. "cmd.exe" issue
  in README.win32 (Guy)
* Support the new version of ASAP's I-Ds (Michael)
* Desegmentation of multi-TCP-segment TNS messages (and support for
  multiple TNS messages per TCP segment) (Bernd)
* Updated NETLOGON GetDCName LogonControl and GetAnyDCName (Ronnie)
* Convert from prs_* routines to dissect_ndr_* routines in SPOOLSS (Tim)
* Update types and bases for many TNS fields (Bernd)
* Add NTLMSSP dissector (Devin Heitmueller)
* Reorder boolean fields in NTLMSSP, DCERPC and SPOOLSS (Tim)
* Fix an erroneous example, other errors in README.developer (Guy)
* Put back code to show auth data in DCERPC (Guy)
* NTLMSSP length and message content display fixes (Guy)
* Fix NETLOGON credential time stamp handling (Guy)
* Redback vendor-specific items for RADIUS and L2TP (Thierry Pelle)
* Get rid of unneeded #includes, fix DATA chunk handling in SCTP (Michael)
* Added another authentication service for Snego to DCE RPC (Tim)
* Add NSIS checkbox bitmaps to (Gerald)
* Update IUA to latest drafts, make packet fields searchable, add pref for
  Implementers Guide support (Michael)
* Add DOCSIS support (Anand V. Narwani)
* Clean up the order of some lists of plugin items (Guy)
* Fix some warnings in SMB (Tim)
* Add missing #include to packet-smb-mailslot.c (Joerg)
* Fix a typo in packet-ftp.c (Guy)
* Properly handle responses in FTP, make SMTP fields filterable (Guy)
* Add smtp.req and smtp.rsp to the tree only when needed (Guy)
* Fix DOCSIS Info column erasure (Anand)
* Change the reported length of VJ uncompressed data to handle a pppdump
  bug (Guy)
* Clarify the octet-stuffed framing code for pppdump (Guy)
* Add a Boolean field for the RSVP Bundle message type (Guy)
* Add/update booleans for RSVP Ack, Srefresh and HELLO (Guy)
* Fix a save-over-existing-capture bug (Richard)
* Fix random access handling in pppdump reader (Guy)
* Allow for SMTP and FTP response codes above 255 (Guy)
* Clean up the setting of "id_offset" and "sd_offset" in pppdump.c (Guy)
* The previous pppdump/VJ bug was actually the FCS.  Handle accordingly
* Fix a sample call to add an item to the subtree, add/update documentation
* Glib-ize and otherwise make a bunch of code more portable (Joerg)
* Added support for dissecting RSVP Bundle Messages (Ashok)
* Update the "NT sucks for PPP capture" note to include NT 5.1 in
  capture.c (Guy)
* Fix dual sync-mode related capture popup error messages (Graeme)
* Allow "-" as the Wiretap output file name, capture loop optimization
* Fix some error-message printing code, improve seekable file handling
* Don't allocate random access structs for sequential reads in pppdump.c
* Add needed snprintf.h #includes (Joerg)
* Get rid of unused variables and functions, improve missing libpcap
  handling (Guy)
* Removed #if-0-ed code, redundant and unneded #includes all over the
  place (Joerg)
* Add VSAs, fix attribute table termination in RADIUS (Kan Sasaki)
* Adjust the behavior of tvb_find_line_end(), and modify SMTP to take
  advantage of it (Guy)
* Adjust the tree display, fix a loop termination in RTCP (Guy)
* Fix errors in README.plugins (Richard Urwin)
* #include sys/types.h in snprintf.h (Uwe)
* Add request/response time to SMB tree (Prabhakar Krishnan)
* Fix for the DOCSIS request frame Info column (Anand)
* Change a DOCSIS loop counter from guint8 to int (Guy)
* Fix a capture file overwrite bug (Joerg)
* Fix the declaration of yyin(), update options and usage message in
  text2pcap.c (Guy)
* Update text2pcap documentation (Guy)
* Update comments, fix byte ordering in in_cksum.c (Guy)
* Fix info column display, add missing Extended header fields (Anand)
* Fix spacing in Netbios display (Tim)
* Gracefully display stub data in DCE RPC (Guy)
* Fix offsets in SIP (Stefan Wenk)
* Fix and SMB conversation handling bug (Ronnie)
* Put all SMB command PDUs in the summary line (Ronnie)
* Add NetBIOS address handling to Kerberos (Jim McDonough)
* Eliminate the need to #include sys/types.h, netinet/in.h, and
  winsock2.h all over the code (Joerg)
* Fix a memory leak in gtk/colors.c found by Valgrind (Joerg)
* Add FPGetUserInfo to AFP (Didier Gautheron)
* Fully decode Quake2 client->server packets, start on server->client
  (Jan Berkel)
* Update Windows printing code, fix variable freeing in print code (Guy)
* Add AF_INET6 support for DLT_NULL captures from MacOS X (Michael)
* Fix subtree creation in WSP (Guy)
* Improve progress bar window timing (Graeme)
* Add a CMP_ADDRESS macro (Ronnie)
* Check if 802.11 FCS is present (Chris Waters)
* Fix infinite loops, data fetching in RSVP (Guy)
* Fix a typo in packet_info.h (Ronnie)
* Improve TPKT heuristics (Guy)
* Add support for CoSine L2 debug output (Motonori)
* Fix decoding of AUTHORIZE in HCLNFSD (Mike Frisch)
* Add LsaQueryInformationPolicy2 to LSA (Jim McDonough)
* Add winsock2.h back to wtap.h (Joerg)
* Fix zlib.h #inclusion typo in wtap-int.h (Joerg)
* Fix get_persconffile_path-related memory leaks (Joerg)
* More data type (system-specific vs glib) cleanup (Joerg)
* Add TCP sequence number analysis (Ronnie)
* Fix entry for 0:0:0:0:0:0 in manuf.tmpl (Joerg)
* Update NETLOGON LogonControl2 and ServerAuthenticate2 functions (Ronnie)
* Fix system-specific netinet/in.h and sys/types.h dependencies (Guy)
* Remove unneeded arpa/inet.h and sys/socket.h #includes (Guy)
* Create a minimal TCP tree early on, in case an exception is thrown (Guy)
* Update the IEEE URL in make-manuf and manuf (Joerg)
* Add sequence number wrap to tcp window checking (Joerg)
* Fix a bug in the EPM dissector (Sergei Shokhor)
* Undo a couple of #include changes (Joerg)
* More NETLOGON function updates (Ronnie)
* Fix the PPP FCS computation (Hidetaka Ogawa)
* Remove net/inet.h #include from packet-isis-lsp.c (Joerg)
* Fix MMSE handling of strings with specified character set (Jan Kratochvil)
* Fix frame number data type in NFS (Guy)
* Fix a data type in wiretap/cosine.c (Guy)
* Add DOCSIS to Wiretap's table of encapsulations (Anand)
* Sync the SETCLIENTID args decoder with the latest nfs4_prot.x
  (Mike Frisch)
* Fix NFSv4 ACL decoding (Mike)
* Put a comment about DOCSIS in packet-frame.c (Guy)
* Fix a typo in packet-smb.c (Guy)
* Fix SamrConnect[2-4] function names in SAMR (Richard)
* Add more information to the NBNS Info column (Tim)
* Add DOS error 259 to SMB (Tim)
* Fix Info column error reporting in DCERPC NT (Tim)
* Add OpenEntry, EnumKey and Unknown1A to REG, rename WINREG to REG (Tim)
* Fix a return code in SAMR (Tim)
* Fix NFSv4 LOOKUPP, add new error codes, fix ACL decoding (Mike)
* Properly set the LANE traffic type in libpcap.c (Guy)
* Fix non-multipart content handling in MMSE, along with POST data
  subtrees (Tom Uijldert)
* Add support for CheckPoint FireWall-1 monitor files (Alfred Koebler)
* Get rid of redundant "fw1_" text in preference name (Guy)
* Remove unused #includes in packet-fw1.c (Joerg)
* Add FATTR4_MOUNTED_ON_FILEID to packet-nfs.c (Mike)
* WTP TPI dissection, and reindentation (Tom Uijldert)
* Update SetInformationPolicy2 function name in LSA (Ronnie)
* Add Xyplex terminal server protocol support (Randy McEoin)
* Handle NTLMSSP authentication messages, and handle the flags field in
  NTLMSSP messages properly (Devin)
* Update get_unicode_or_ascii_string(), "un"used variables in SMB (Guy)
* Add a terminator to the ntlmssp_message_types list (Guy)
* Changed some incorrect pointer types in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
* Fix variable name / keyword conflict in packet-fw1.c (Guy)
* Add server name to negprot reply and fixed a pointer deferral problem in
  SMB (Ronnie)
* Use "atm_guess_traffic_type()" in wiretap/netmon.c (Guy)
* Get rid of the "vpi" and "vci" arguments to "atm_guess_traffic_type()"
* Handle NTLMSSP over HTTP (Tim)
* Display the protocol name for the DCERPC UUID in the Info column (Tim)
* Update Windows printing prefs (Guy)
* Handle user2 access granted mask, name open/create domain/user/group
  policy handles (Tim)
* Get rid of a commented-out #include in packet-smpp.c (Guy)
* Handle base64_decode() properly in packet-http.c (Guy)
* Fix a case statement in capture.c (Guy)
* Fix an NTLMSSP memory leak in packet-http.c.  Improve display. (Tim)
* Replace AC_PROG_RANLIB with AM_PROG_LIBTOOL in (Joerg)
* Update .cvsignore (Joerg)
* Add CPHA support (Yaniv Kaul)
* Add and improve plugin API routines (Tomas Kukosa, Guy)
* Don't free a needed tvb in packet-http.c (Tim)
* Add AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN back to (Joerg)
* Fix unrecognized capability display in BGP, add ORF support (Jian Yu)
* LDP VC FEC dissection fix (Motonori)
* CoSine updates (Motonori)
* Fix FIN and ACK handling in TCP (Ronnie)
* Convert some all caps NETLOGON names to more friendly names (Tim)
* Fixed incorrect NDR pointer type in Authenticate3 in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
* Added new function name LogonSamLogonEx in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
* Fix a typo in a M2UA table and reformat it (Michael)
* Revert part of the TCP session tracking code (Ronnie)
* Fix some incorrect NETLOGON poitner types (Jean-Francois Micouleau)
* Adjust pointer usage in NETLOGON (Ronnie)
* Sync PPP with IANA, add MPLSCP and CDPCP, CDP over PPP (ENDOH Akira)
* Add protocol blurbs to "-G" fields (Vassilii Khachaturov)
* Adjust "-G"scripts to handle FT_UINT64, FT_INT64 and FT_STRING (Guy)
* Properly extract ISAKMP data, handle Initiator and Responder cookies
* Fix handling of SCSI mode sense (Bill Studenmund)
* Fix a couple of string handling bugs and properly display a uint in
* Tweak the Solaris/SVR4 packaging a bit (Gerald)
* Limit the parameter and data tvbuffs in SMB (Guy)
* Keep track of "i", "a" and "m" tags in SDP (Guy)
* Fix "PS" bit recording in SCSI, improve unknown page display, fix MODE
  SELECT payload length, add more data length checks, fix density code
* Generalize paths in ethereal.nsi and remove the need for
  (Ulf Lamping)
* Set "SetShellVarContext all" in ethereal.nsi (Gerald)
* Add COMMON_FILES_GNU to config.nmake (Gerald)
* Add LLMNR support (Itojun)
* Add a plain text FAQ to the distribution (Joerg)
* Fix ethereal.nsi entries in (Joerg)
* Add TDS protocol support (Brian Bruns, Joerg)
* Add make-faq script (Joerg)
* Add the text FAQ to each package (Joerg)
* Clean up RPM building process (Joerg)
* Fix zero-infinite-looping problem in packet-tds.c (Guy)
* Fix formatting of SCSI "(size)" tags, track device/command types better,
  other updates (Guy)
* Parse ISAKMP group descriptions, improve transform/payload display,
  parse vendor ID (Yaniv)
* Add -S option to tethereal (Joerg)
* Improve SCSI device type handling, fix memory leaks, fix SSC READ(6) and
  WRITE(6) dissectors (Guy)
* Add missing "-static.o" to
* Fix infinite recursion bug in DOCSIS (Anand)
* Update CPHA to use the new dissector API (Guy)

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