Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/neon
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 08/03/2002 04:24:54
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	hubertf
Date:		Sat Aug  3 01:24:54 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/neon: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update neon to 0.21.3.

Changes in release 0.21.3:
* Fix segfault if using proxy server with SSL session and server
 certificate verification fails.
* Fix leak of proxy hostname once per session (if a proxy is used).
* Add --with-libs configure argument; e.g. --with-libs=/usr/local picks
 up any support libraries in /usr/local/{lib,include}

Changes in release 0.21.2:
* Fix 'make install' for VPATH builds.
* Use $(mandir) for installing man pages (Rodney Dawes).
* Follow some simple (yet illegal) relativeURI redirects.
* Always build ne_compress.obj in Win32 build (Branko Čibej).
* Fix decompression logic bug (Justin Erenkrantz <>)
 (could give a decompress failure for particular responses)
* Fix ne_proppatch() to submit lock tokens for available locks.
* More optimisation of ne_sock_readline.

Changes in release 0.21.1:
* Don't include default SSL port in Host request header, which can
 help interoperability with misbehaving servers (thanks to Rodney Dawes
* Don't give a "truncated response" error from ne_decompress_destroy if
 the acceptance function returns non-zero.
* Fix for Win32 build (Sander Striker <>).
* Fix for cookie name/value being free()d (thanks to Dan Mullen).
* Optimisation of ne_sock_readline.

Changes in release 0.21.0:
* Socket layer implements read buffering; efficiency and performance
 improvement. Based on work by Jeff Johnson <>
* Cleanup of socket interface:
 - renamed everything, s/sock_/ne_sock_/, s/SOCK_/NE_SOCK_/
 - removed unused and inappropriate interfaces.
 - renaming done by Olof Oberg <>
 - see src/ChangeLog for the gory details.
* Fix typoed 'ne_destroy_fn' typedef (Olof Oberg).
* Support OpenSSL/ENGINE branch.
* Bogus ne_utf8_encode/decode functions removed.
* ne_base64() moved to ne_string.[ch].
* ne_token drops 'quotes' parameter; ne_qtoken added.
* ne_buffer_create_sized renamed to ne_buffer_ncreate.
* ne_xml_get_attr takes extra arguments and can resolve namespaces.
* ne_accept_response function type takes const ne_status pointer.
* Drop support for automatically following redirects:
 - ne_redirect_register just takes a session pointer
 - ne_redirect_location returns an ne_uri pointer
* configure changes: --with-ssl and --with-socks no longer take a directory
 argument.  To use SOCKS or SSL libraries/headers in non-system locations,
 use ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/... LDFLAGS=-L/...
* Reference documentation included for most of ne_alloc.h and ne_string.h,
 and parts of ne_session.h and ne_request.h.
 - see installed man pages, HTML documentation.

Changes in release 0.20.0:
* Major changes to DAV lock handling interface (ne_locks.h):
 - struct ne_lock uses a full URI structure to identify locked resource
 - ne_lock() requires that owner/token fields are malloc-allocated (or NULL)
 on entry
 - introduce a "lock store" type, ne_lock_store, to replace the lock session;
 accessor functions all renamed to ne_lockstore_*.
 - ne_lock_iterate replaced with a first/next "cursor"-style interface
 - If: headers use an absoluteURI (RFC2518 compliance fix).
 - fix for handling shared locks on DAV servers which return many active locks
 in the LOCK response (thanks to Keith Wannamaker)
* Moved URI/path manipulation functions under ne_* namespace (ne_uri.h):
 - path handling functions renamed to ne_path_*
 - URI structure handling to ne_uri_*; struct uri becomes ne_uri.
 - ne_uri_parse doesn't take a 'defaults' parameter any more
 - if URI port is unspecified, ne_uri_parse sets port to 0 not -1.
 - added ne_uri_unparse and ne_uri_defaultport functions.
* New 'ne_fill_server_uri' function to initialize a URI structure with
 the server details for a given session (useful with locks interface).
* ne_decompress_{reader,destroy} are defined as passthrough-functions
 if zlib support is not enabled.
* API change: ne_ssl_provide_fn returns void not int.
* Added NE_SSL_FAILMASK for verify failure sanity check.
* Removed return codes NE_SERVERAUTH and and NE_AUTHPROXY; correct
 documentation, NE_PROXYAUTH is given for proxy auth failure.
* Require zlib >= 1.1.4 to avoid possible vulnerability in earlier versions.
 See for more details.
 (version check can be skipped by passing --with-force-zlib to configure)
* New 'ne_ssl_readable_dname' function to create a human-readable string
 from an X509 distinguished name.
* Fix support for newer versions of libxml2 (thanks to Jon Trowbridge
* Fix corruption of reason_phrase in status object returned by
* More lenient handling of whitespace in response headers.
* ne_content_type_handler will give a charset of "ISO-8859-1" if no charset
 parameter is specified for a text/* media type (as per RFC2616).
* Miscellaneous cleanups and fixes (Jeff Johnson <>).

Changes in release 0.19.4:
* Support bundled build of expat 1.95.x (Branko Čibej).

Update submitted by Joel Wilsson <> in PR 17812.

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