Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/dante
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 07/12/2002 17:47:06
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Fri Jul 12 14:47:05 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/dante: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/dante/patches: patch-aa
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/net/dante/patches: patch-ab

Log Message:
Update to 1.1.13.
Changes since 1.1.9:
Logging fixes (deprecating -l option to sockd)
Two commercial modules available, redirect and bandwidth (not included in pkg)
Some more from the 'Changes' file:
o Move daemon() call to later so more errors can be reported, suggested
  by Borsenkow Andrej <>.
o fix problem when linking with libsocks;
  NISHIMURA Daisuke <>.
o fix some problems when socksifying, making certain programs
  hang forever (e.g. certain versions/installations of "ssh -X").
  Thanks to NISHIMURA Daisuke <> for
  diagnosis, help and testing.
o Don't mark the rule as good either if sockscf.state.unfixedpamdata,
  fixes bug reported by Jerry Murdock" <>.
o fix a bug preventing the list given in a 'user:' keyword from
  being checked correctly. Reported by Oleg Bulavsky <>.
o "-h" prints out configfile used, based on suggestion from
o fix bugs that reset some defaults at the wrong time, reported by
o prototype script for generation of graphs with usage information included
  (bin/sockd-graphgen). Contact us if you run a socks server with significant
  usage, and you are willing to help with testing.
o Some minor optimisations in server i/o code, at the cost of some
  timer accuracy concerning bandwidth limiting/client expiration.
o prefix "socks" to some global variables to avoid collisions during
  socksify.  Reported by Don Reid <>.
o capi/socks.h needs Rxxx prototypes to work with a c++
  compiler. Noted by Alex Morozov <>.
o If Rgetsockname() is called on a socket that a previous uncompleted
  Rconnect() has been done on, try to sleep until Rconnect() has
  finished instead of returning ENOBUFS.  Hoped to help compatibility
  with some applications.
o Modified httpproxy code a little, based on patch from
o Code for selecting which of multiple external ipaddresses to use
  on a global basis based on routing.
  Code contributed by Tom Chan <>.
o Rename "pamservicename" to "pam.servicename".
o Fix memory overrun problem in Rgethostbyname*().  Found and
  diagnosed by, thanks.
o new method added: "pam".  Code contributed by
  Patrick Bihan-Faou, MindStep Corporation,
o let client-rules have their own global methodline, "clientmethod",
  default value set to "none".
  The global "method" is only used for socks-rules now.
o delay checking of password/etc til we have received the socks
  request (rather than during negotiation, as was the case).
  Required for supporting passwordbased authentication via non-socks
  methods, e.g. pam.
o socklen_t definition updated for NetBSD 1.5U.
  Problem report and patch submitted by Janne Snabb <>.
o Output from 'config.guess' is not sufficient to determine use
  of elf on NetBSD.
  Problem report and patch submitted by Janne Snabb <>

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