Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/silc-client
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 05/25/2002 00:38:09
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	hubertf
Date:		Fri May 24 21:38:09 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/chat/silc-client: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update silc-client to version 0.9.1.  Changes:

* Call the completion for resolving client information only
  after all resolvers has finished.  This fixes a crash in
  the client.  Added support for checking when the resolvers
  are finished.

* Wait by default 3 seconds before reconnecting to the server
  after being disconnected.  Makes the /detach command a bit
  more usable.

* Remove the client entry from cache if the WATCH notify type

* Fixed a crash in OPER and SILCOPER command sending.  Empty
  passphrase caused the crash.

* Merged with Irssi CVS for Irssi SILC client.

* Added permanent channels support by making the channel
  permanent when FOUNDER_AUTH mode is set on the channel.
  The channel will not be destroyed even if channel is empty
  when that mode is set.  Protocol TODO #17.

* Fixed rekey protocol with PFS in the client library.

* Fixed client info resolving on LEAVE command in client
  library to not crash.

* Defined that the NICK command replies with thew changed
  nickname too, to make the nickname changing simpler at
  the client's end.  Updated protocol specs and the code
  in client and server.

* Remove pending command callbacks also if the connection
  to the server is destroyed.

* Added new channel user modes BLOCK_MESSAGES_USERS and
  BLOCK_MESSAGES_ROBOTS.  Updated the protocol specs and the

* Added support for watch list.  It is possible to add nicknames
  to be watched, and when they come to network, leave network
  or user mode changes the watcher will be notified of this
  change.  Added SILC_COMMAND_WATCH command, added new
  notify type SILC_NOTIFY_TYPE_WATCH to deliver the watch
  notifications.  Updated the protocol specs and implemented
  this to library, client and server.  Protocol TODO #21.

* Added user mode SILC_UMODE_REJECT_WATCHING to reject
  somebody watching you.  Updated the protocol specs and the

* Added MIME header parsing in Irssi SILC Client.  It displays
  all textual MIME objects, others it ignores.

* Defined <channel user mode list> argument to WHOIS command
  reply for returning user modes on the channels.  The
  channel list now doesn't include the user mode anymore but the
  actual channel mode.  Updated protocol specs and the code in
  client and server.

* Added SILC session detachment/resuming support.  It is possible
  to detach by closing the network connection and then re-connect
  and resume to the old client session.  Added DETACHED user
  mode that server will set for detached client.  Added new
  packet RESUME_CLIENT which is used to perform the resuming
  process.  Added DETACH command.  Updated the protocol specs,
  core library, client and server.  Protocol TODO #22.

* Added new user modes ANONYMOUS for special anonymous servers
  that may set the mode for client, and BLOCK_PRIVMSG which
  client may set to block incoming private messages unless the
  Private Message Key flag is set (using private keys to protect
  private messages).  Updated protocol specs and code in client
  and server and core library.  Protocol TODO #23.

* Added new channel user mode BLOCK_MESSAGES which the client
  may set to itself to tell server not send channel messages.
  Other packets such as channel key packets are still sent.
  Protocol TODO #23.  Updated the protocol specs, client and

* Added more IM-like features by introducing new user modes
  for setting various presence information.  Added new modes:
  INDISPOSED, BUSY, PAGE, HYPER and ROBOT.  Updated protocol
  specs and code.  Protocol TODO #19.

* The LIST command reply in client libary now adds new channel
  entry if the returned channel doesn't exist yet in cache,
  and returns the channel entry to the application in the
  command_reply client operation.

* Rewrote the version SKE version checking in client libary
  and in server to use the silc_parse_version_string.

* Added two new channel modes: SILC_CMODE_SILENCE_USERS
  and SILC_CMODE_SILENCE_OPERS which can be used to moderate
  the channel.  Updated protocol specs and impelemented this
  to client and server.  Protocol TODO #6.

  Added new options m and M to CMODE command in Irssi SILC
  client to set these modes.

* Deprecated all administrative commands from SILC protocol
  since they are highly implementation specific commands.
  Updated protocol specs.  Moved the old commands in
  implementations to private range of command types.

* Some client implementations quit network by doing first LEAVE
  and then immediately SIGNOFF (like Bombyx).  We now do check
  after a short time after LEAVE notify and check whether the
  client is still valid after LEAVE, and if not we remove it from

Patch submitted by Lubomir Sedlacik <> in PR 16980.

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