Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/curl
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/15/2002 09:46:23
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Fri Mar 15 07:46:23 UTC 2002

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	pkgsrc/www/curl: Makefile distinfo
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	pkgsrc/www/curl/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
upgrade to 7.9.5.

Version 7.9.5

Daniel (7 March 2002)
- Added docs/KNOWN_BUGS to the release archive.

Daniel (6 March 2002)
- Kevin Roth corrected a flaw in the curl client globbing code that made it
  mess up backslashes. This was most notable on windows (cygwin) machines when
  using file://.

- Brad provided another fix for building outside the source-tree.

- Ralph Mitchell patched away a few compiler warnings in tests/server/sws.c

Daniel (5 March 2002)
- I noticed that the typedef in curl.h for the progress callback prototype was
  wrong and thus applications that used it would not get the proper input
  data. It used size_t where the implementation actually uses doubles!

  I wish I could blame someone else, but this was my fault. Again.

Version 7.9.5-pre6

Daniel (4 March 2002)
- Cut off the changes done during 2001 from this changelog file and put them
  in a separate file (CHANGES.2001), available from CVS of course.

- I removed the multi directory. The example sources were moved to the
  docs/examples directory where they belong.

- Wrote 7 new man pages for the current functions in the new multi interface.
  They're all still pretty basic, but we can use them as a start and add more
  contents to them when we figure out what to write. The large amount of man
  pages for libcurl now present made me decide to put them in a new separate
  subdirectory in the docs directory. Named libcurl.

- Giuseppe Corbelli provided a template file for the EPM package manager, it
  gets generated nicely by the configure script now.

Version 7.9.5-pre5

Daniel (1 March 2002)
- Moved the script into the tests/ dir and added it to the
  release archives. It was previously only present in the CVS tree.

- Modified the February 17th Host: fix, as bug report #523718 pointed out that
  it caused crashes!

- Nico Baggus added more error codes to the VMS stuff.

- Wesley Laxton brought the code that introduced the new CURLOPT_PREQUOTE
  option. It is just another FTP quote option that allows the user to specify
  a list of FTP commands to issue *just before* the transfer command (RETR or
  STOR etc). It has turned up a few systems that really need this.

  The curl command line tool can also take advantage of this by prefixing the
  quote commands with a plus (+) in similar style that post transfer quote
  commands are specified.

  This is not yet documented. There is no test case for this yet.

Daniel (28 February 2002)
- Ralph Mitchell made some serious efforts and put a lot of sweat in setting
  up scripts and things for me to be able to repeat his problems, and I
  finally could.  I found a problem with the header byte counter that wasn't
  increased properly and thus we could return CURLE_GOT_NOTHING when we in
  fact had received data.

Daniel (27 February 2002)
- I had to revert the non-space parsing cookie fix I posted to the mailing
  list. Expire dates do have spaces and still need to get parsed properly!
  Instead we just ignore trailing white space and it seems to work...

Daniel (26 February 2002)
- Made the cookie property 'Max-Age' work, just since we already tried to
  support it, it is better to do it right. No one uses this anyway.

- The cookie parser could crash if a really weird (illegal) cookie line was
  received. I also made it better discard really oddly formatted lines better.

  Made the cookie jar store the second field from the left using the syntax
  that Netscape and Mozilla probably like. Curl itself ignores it.

  Added test case 31 for these cases.

  Clay Loveless' email regarding some cookie issues started my cleanup.

- Kevin Roth pointed out that my automake fiddles broke the ability to build
  outside the source-tree and I posted a patch to the mailing list that brings
  this ability back.

Version 7.9.5-pre4

Daniel (25 February 2002)
- Fiddled with the automake files to make all source files in the lib
  directory not have ../src in the include path, and the src sources shouldn't
  have ../lib!

- All 79 test cases ran OK under Linux and Solaris using the new HTTP server
  in the test suite. The new HTTP server was first donated by Georg Horn and
  subsequently modified to work with the test suite. It is currently still not
  portable enough to run on "all over" but this is a start and I can run all
  curl tests on my machines. This is an important requirement for the upcoming
  public release.

- Using -d and -I on the same command line now reports an error, as it implies
  two different HTTP requests that can't be mixed.

- Jeffrey Pohlmeyer provided a patch that made the -w/--write-out option
  support %{content_type} to get the content type of the recent download.

- Kevin Roth reported that pre2 and pre3 didn't compile properly on cygwin,
  and this was because I used #ifdef HAVE_WINSOCK_H in lib/multi.h to figure
  out if we could include winsock.h which turns out not to be a wise choice to
  do on cygwin since it has the file but can't include it!

Daniel (22 February 2002)
- Added src/config-vms.h to the release archive.

- Fixed the connection timeout value again, the change from February 18 wasn't

Version 7.9.5-pre3

Daniel (21 February 2002)
- Kevin Roth and Andrés García both found out that lib/ was missing
  in the pre-release archive and thus the configure script failed.

Version 7.9.5-pre2

Daniel (20 February 2002)
- Andrés García provided a solution to bug report #515228. the total time
  counter was not set correctly when -I was used during some conditions (all
  headers were read in one single read).

- Nico Baggus provided a huge patch with minor tweaks all over to make curl
  compile nicely on VMS.

Daniel (19 February 2002)
- Rick Richardson found out that by replacing PF_UNSPEC with PF_INET in the
  getaddrinfo() calls, he could speed up some name resolving calls with an
  order of magnitudes on his Redhat Linux 7.2.

- Philip Gladstone found a second INADDR_NONE problem where we used long
  intead of in_addr_t which caused 64bit problemos. We really shouldn't define
  that on two different places.

Daniel (18 February 2002)
- Philip Gladstone found a problem in how HTTP requests were sent if the
  request couldn't be sent all at once.

- Emil found and corrected a bad connection timeout comparison that made curl
  use the longest of connect-timeout and timout as a timeout value, instead of
  the shortest as it was supposed to!

- Aron Roberts provided updated information about LDAP URL syntax to go into
  the manual as a replacement for the old references.

Daniel (17 February 2002)
- Philip Gladstone pointed out two missing include files that made curl core
  dump on 64bit architectures. We need to pay more attention on these details.
  It is *lethal* to for example forget the malloc() prototype, as 'int' is
  32bit and malloc() must return a 64bit pointer on these platforms.

- Giaslas Georgios fixed a problem with Host: headers on repeated requests on
  the same handle using a proxy.

Daniel (8 February 2002)
- Hanno L. Kranzhoff accurately found out that disabling the Expect: header
  when doing multipart formposts didn't work very well. It disabled other
  parts of the request header too, resulting in a broken header. When I fixed
  this, I also noticed that the Content-Type wasn't possible to disable. It is
  now, even though it probably is really stupid to try to do this (because of
  the boundary string that is included in the internally generated header,
  used as form part separator.)

Daniel (7 February 2002)
- I moved the config*.h files from the root directory to the lib/ directory.

- I've added the new test suite HTTP server to the CVS repository, It seems to
  work pretty good now, but we must make it get used by the test scripts
  properly and then we need to make sure that it compiles, builds and runs on
  most operating systems.

Version 7.9.5-pre1

Daniel (6 February 2002)
- Miklos Nemeth provided updated windows makefiles and INSTALL docs.

- Mr Larry Fahnoe found a problem with formposts and I managed to track down
  and patch this bug. This was actually two bugs, as the posted size was also
  said to be two bytes too large.

- Brent Beardsley found out and brought a correction for the
  CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE parser that was off one byte. This was my fault, I
  accidentaly broke Giaslas Georgios' patch.

Daniel (5 February 2002)
- Kevin Roth found yet another SSL download problem.

Version 7.9.4

- no changes since pre-release

Version 7.9.4-pre2

Daniel (3 February 2002)
- Eric Melville provided a few spelling corrections in the curl man page.

Daniel (1 February 2002)
- Andreas Damm corrected the unconditional use of gmtime() in getdate, it now
  uses gmtime_r() on all hosts that have it.

Daniel (31 January 2002)
- An anonymous bug report identified a problem in the DNS caching which made it
  sometimes allocate one byte too little to store the cache entry in. This
  happened when the port number started with 1!

- Albert Chin provided a patch that improves the gethostbyname_r() configure
  check on HP-UX 11.00.

Version 7.9.4-pre1

Daniel (30 January 2002)
- Georg Horn found another way the SSL reading failed due to the non-blocking
  state of the sockets! I fixed.

Daniel (29 January 2002)
- Multipart formposts now send the full request properly, including the CRLF.
  They were previously treated as part of the post data.

- The upload byte counter bugged.

- T. Bharath pointed out that we seed SSL on every connect, which is a time-
  consuming operation that should only be needed to do once. We patched
  libcurl to now only seed on the first connect when unseeded. The seeded
  status is global so it'll now only happen once during a program's life time.

  If the random_file or egdsocket is set, the seed will be re-made though.

- Giaslas Georgios introduced CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE that lets
  curl_easy_getinfo() read the content-type from the previous request.

Daniel (28 January 2002)
- Kjetil Jacobsen found a way to crash curl and after much debugging, it
  turned out it was a IPv4-linux only problem introduced in 7.9.3 related to
  name resolving.

- Andreas Damm posted a huge patch that made the curl_getdate() function fully

- Steve Marx pointed out that you couldn't mix CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST with

Daniel (25 January 2002)
- Krishnendu Majumdar pointed out that the header length counter was not reset
  between multiple requests on the same handle.

- Pedro Neves rightfully questioned why curl always append \r\n to the data
  that is sent in HTTP POST requests. Unfortunately, this broke the test suite
  as the test HTTP server is lame enough not to deal with this... :-O

- Following Location: headers when the connection didn't close didn't work as
  libcurl didn't properly stop reading. This problem was added in 7.9.3 due to
  the restructured internals. 'Frank' posted a bug report about this.

Daniel (24 January 2002)
- Kevin Roth very quickly spotted that we wrongly installed the example
  programs that were built in the multi directory, when 'make install' was
  used. :-/

Version 7.9.3

Daniel (23 January 2002)
- Andrés García found a persistancy problem when doing HTTP HEAD, that made
  curl "hang" until the connection was closed by the server. This problem has
  been introduced in 7.9.3 due to internal rewrites, this was not present in

Version 7.9.3-pre4

Daniel (19 January 2002)
- Antonio filed bug report #505514 and provided a fix! When doing multipart
  formposts, libcurl would include an error text in the actual post if a
  specified file wasn't found. This is not libcurl's job. Instead we add an
  empty part.

Daniel (18 January 2002)
- Played around with stricter compiler warnings for gcc (when ./configure
  --enable-debug is used) and changed some minor things to stop the warnings.

- Commented out the 'long long' and 'long double' checks in, as
  we don't currently use them anyway and the code in lib/mprintf.c that use
  them causes warnings.

- Saul Good and jonatan pointed out Mac OS X build problems with pre3 and how
  to correct them. Two compiler warnings were removed as well.

- Andrés García fixed two minor mingw32 building problems.

Version 7.9.3-pre3

Daniel (17 January 2002)
- docs/libcurl-the-guide is a new tutorial for our libcurl programming

- Richard Archer brought back the ability to compile and build with OpenSSL
  versions before 0.9.5.

- The DNS cache code didn't take the port number into account, which made it
  work rather bad on IPv6-enabled hosts (especially when doing passive
  FTP). Sterling fixed it.

Daniel (16 January 2002)
- Georg Horn could make a transfer time-out without error text. I found it and
  corrected it.

- SSL writes didn't work, they return an uninitialized value that caused
  havoc all over. Georg Horn experienced this.

- Kevin Roth patched the curl_version() function to use the proper OpenSSL
  function for version information. This way, curl will report the version of
  the SSL library actually running right now, not the one that had its headers
  installed when libcurl was built. Mainly intersting when running with shared
  OpenSSL libraries.

Version 7.9.3-pre2

Daniel (16 January 2002)
- Mofied the main transfer loop and related stuff to deal with non-blocking
  sockets in the upload section. While doing this, I've now separated the
  connection oriented buffers to have one for downloads and one for uploads
  (as two can happen simultaneously). I also shrunk the buffers to 20K
  each. As we have a scratch buffer twice the size of the upload buffer, we
  arrived at 80K for buffers compared with the previous 150K.

- Added the --cc option to curl-config command as it enables so very cool
  one-liners. Have a go a this one, building the simple.c example:

        $ `curl-config --cc --cflags --libs` -o example simple.c

Daniel (14 January 2002)
- I made all socket reads (recv) handle EWOULDBLOCK. I hope nicely. Now we
  only need to address all writes (send) too and then I'm ready for another

- Stoned Elipot patched the in_addr_t configure test to make it work better on
  more platforms.

Daniel (9 January 2002)
- Cris Bailiff found out that filling up curl's SSL session cache caused a

- Posted the curl questionnaire on the web site. If you haven't posted your
  opinions there yet, go there and do it now while it is still there:

- Georg Horn quickly found out that the SSL reading no longer worked as
  supposed since the switch to non-blocking sockets. I've made a quick patch
  (for reading only) but we should improve it even further.

Version 7.9.3-pre1

Daniel (7 January 2002)
- I made the 'bool' typedef use an "unsigned char". It makes it the same on
  all platforms, no matter what the platform thinks the default format for
  char is. This was noticed since we made a silly comparison involving such a
  bool variable, and only one compiler/platform combination (on Debian Linux)
  complained about it (that happened to have its char unsigned by default).

- Bug report #495290 identified a cookie parsing problem that was corrected.
  When a Set-Cookie: line is received without a trailing semicolon, libcurl
  didn't read the last "name=value" pair of the line, leading to confusions...

- Sterling committed his updated DNS cache code.

- I worked with Georg Horn and comments from Götz Babin-Ebell and switched
  curl's socket operations completely over to non-blocking for the entire
  operation (previously we used non-blocking only for the connection phase).
  We had to do this to make the SSL connection phase timeout properly without
  the use of signals. A little extra code to deal with this was added.

- T. Bharath pointed out a slightly obscure cookie engine flaw.

- Pete Su pointed out that libcurl didn't treat HTTP code 204 as it should.
  204-replies never provides a response-body. This resulted in bad persistant
  behavior when 204 was received.

Daniel (5 January 2002)
- SM updated the VC++ library Makefiles for the new source files.

Daniel (4 January 2002)
- I discovered that we wrongly used inet_ntoa() (instead of inet_ntoa_r() in
  two places in the source code). One happened with VERBOSE set on connects,
  and the other when VERBOSE was on and krb4 over nat was used... I honestly
  don't think anyone has suffered from these mistakes.

- I replaced a lot of silly occurances of printf() to instead use the more
  appropriate Curl_infof() or Curl_failf(). The krb4 and telnet code were

- Philip Gladstone found a few more problems with 64-bit archs (the 64-bit
  sparc on solaris 8).

- After discussions on the libcurl list with Raoul Cridlig, I just made FTP
  response lines get passed to the header callback if such a one is
  registered. It'll make it possible for any application to get all the
  responses an FTP server sends to libcurl.

Daniel (3 January 2002)
- Sterling Hughes brought a few buckets of code. Now, libcurl will
  automatically cache DNS lookups and re-use the previous results first if any
  such is available. It greatly improves speed when doing many repeated
  operations to the same host.

- As the test case uses --include and then --head, I had to modify src/main.c
  to deal with this situation slightly better than previously. When done, we
  have 100% good tests again in the main branch.

Daniel (2 January 2002)
- Made test case 25 run again in the multi-dev branch. But it seems that the
  changes done on dec-20 made test case 104 cease to work (in both branches).

- Philip Gladstone pointed out a few portability problems in the source code
  that didn't compile on 64-bit sparcs using Sun's native

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