Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/irssi
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 02/18/2002 00:41:46
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	hubertf
Date:		Sun Feb 17 22:41:46 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/chat/irssi: Makefile PLIST distinfo
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	pkgsrc/chat/irssi/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad

Log Message:
Update irssi to 0.8.1.
Patch submitted by Otto Hilska <> in private mail.

v0.8.1 2002-02-17  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Expected bugfix release :) Worst thing was that I forgot always to
	  debug why /cat /dev/urandom crashed irssi. Well, found two ways
	  that could make it happen.

	- Irssi was linked with -lcurses AND -lncurses
	- Logging could have produced GLib errors with certain conditions
	- A few compiler warnings fixes

v0.8.0 2002-02-17  Timo Sirainen <>

	* I really should make releases more often. Once in every two weeks
	  used to be nice. Maybe once in a month would be good now. There
	  was many reasons why this release took this long .. first being
	  addicted to books, then life stuff, then it took forever to figure
	  out that irssi was crashing under solaris (and not because of one
	  of the big changes I made while moving to IRC from solaris box).

	  And now.. well, after this release I'll start working more with
	  the yet another irssi rewrite :) The code is getting too ugly
	  again, and some things need rewriting to support some new features
	  more easily. It will take a while to get it all done, so I'll try
	  to keep updating this "stable" irssi as well.

	  There's too many changes since (and .4 which was just
	  minor bugfix), about 6600 lines in ChangeLog. I'm not going to
	  read all that, so I'll just list the biggest changes that I can
	  remember now.

	  This version was supposed to be called 0.7.99, but since there
	  were so many changes, and I originally though of putting 0.8.0
	  out long time ago, and 0.7.100 would look stupid, I guess it's
	  time for 0.8.0 :)

	+ /UPGRADE - upgrade irssi to new version on-the-fly without
	  disconnecting from server, so other people won't even notice you
	  quit from IRC. This ONLY executes the new binary, it does NOT
	  download/compile/whatever irssi.
	+ UTF-8 support with /SET term_type UTF-8, default is "8bit".
	  It's also automatically detected from system locale (if supported).
	+ Fully configurable statusbar. Yes. FULLY. Don't bother asking if
	  something could be done with it, it can, just ask how. Well,
	  there's a few things I didn't have time/energy to finish:
	  window-specific statusbar groups and support for multiple input
	  lines in screen.
	+ Rewritten keyboard handling. No more the CTRL-X and ALT-x handling,
	  now you can create whatever keyboard combinations your terminal
	  can send to irssi.
	+ Rewritten text buffer (scrollback) handling.
	+ Irssi doesn't depend on curses anymore, so it can be installed
	  anywhere a working terminfo/termcap exists. This also allows us to
	  use all the possible colors terminal has (curses limits to 64), so
	  eg. %0 is now always black background, not the default terminal
	  background (%n).

	  Several systems have also terminfo/termcap database that doesn't
	  support colors, so I've added /SET term_force_colors option to
	  force ANSI-style colors. Note that eg. BitchX does this by default.

	  Getting rid of curses allows also one great thing for you people
	  copy&pasting long urls :) If a long word gets split to two lines,
	  doubleclicking the word selects it from both lines.
	+ Rewritten server event redirections. Before it was pretty easy to
	  mess up irssi's expectations of what server sends, and some things
	  might have stayd in the buffer forever. Especially notify lists
	  messed up /WHOIS requests for the notified people. Now all this
	  should be history and it's a lot easier for scripts to use the
	  redirections as well.
	+ New ICB chat protocol plugin - very basic and doesn't support
	  nicklist, but works. :)
	+ --home and --config parameters to specify alternate ~/.irssi
	  directory or config file.
	+ Scripts can be unloaded separately with /SCRIPT UNLOAD. You can get
	  a list of runnning scripts with /SCRIPT.
	+ /SERVER PURGE [<target>] - purge the output buffer (for given
	  target). Useful for example if you accidentally paste 100 lines :)
	  The buffer is automatically purged if you get kicked from channel,
	  or if you /PART the channel and there's more than 10 lines in
	  output buffer.

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