Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xwrits
To: None <>
From: Dan McMahill <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 02/11/2002 05:07:47
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	dmcmahill
Date:		Mon Feb 11 03:07:47 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/xwrits: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
update to xwrits-2.19

changes since the last packaged version are:

Version 2.19   8.Feb.2002
* The escalation "clock" corresponding to `after=TIME' options proceeds
  even after you cancel a break by deleting all the xwrits windows.
  Therefore, you can no longer prevent escalation by deleting xwrits
  windows with your window manager.

* Locking code works with large `lock-picture's. Reported by Carlos
  O'Donell Jr. <>.

* Add `bars-picture' option. If you specify your own `lock-picture', then
 `bars-picture' defaults to a black screen. Say `bars-picture="&bars"' to
  get the old behavior.

* Add `+verbose' option for debugging.

* Xwrits checks whether other clients pay attention to KeyRelease events,
  as well as KeyPress events. This may improve its interaction with certain
  window managers. For example, xwrits seemed to come up less frequently
  than it should when I was using KDE.

* `--multiscreen' still doesn't seem to work, but I don't know why.

Version 2.18   21.Dec.2001
* Fix `--multiscreen' option. Reported by Jamie Zawinski <>.

Version 2.17   18.Dec.2001
* Add `--multiscreen' option. Requested by Jamie Zawinski <>.

Version 2.16   23.Aug.2001
* Choose font more carefully, to avoid null pointer dereferences. Problem
  reported by Sharif Nassar <>.

Version 2.15   18.Apr.2001
* Xwrits processes play nicely with one another. For example, two xwrits
  processes with `+top' no longer fight each other to get to the top of the
  window stack; and xwrits processes inform one another when you click on a
  window to take a break. Requested by Thomer M. Gil
  <>, who runs two xwrits processes at once: one for
  microbreaks, one for longer breaks.

Version 2.14   15.Feb.2001

* Fixed new crash when `+lock' and `+breakclock' were both supplied.
  Reported by Chris Keane <>.

* Fixed time-adjusting code when the system clock jumps backwards: Do not
  use the remaining-timeout value to calculate how much the system clock
  has changed. The symptom was that xwrits windows would stop animating if
  the system clock jumped backwards (even by a little bit).

Version 2.13   11.Feb.2001

* Documented multiple `breaktime' specifications. This lets you, for
  example, make a break longer depending on how long you waited to take it.
  See the ESCALATION section of the manual page. These were added in an
  earlier version, but never documented.

* The escalation "clock" corresponding to `after=TIME' options proceeds
  even while xwrits thinks you're resting. Therefore, you can no longer
  prevent escalation by clicking on the xwrits window (making it think
  you're resting) and then typing some more. Requested by Conrad Hughes

* Bug fix: The `breakclock' always counts down from the end of the break.
  Previously, it counted back from a random time when `+mouse' was true.
  Reported by Tijn Porcelijn <>.

* Hopefully fixed bugs that were causing xwrits to crash on Chris Keane

* Bug fix: Erasing messages on the lock screen didn't completely work if
  the hand picture was in the way. This resulted in unreadable displays.

* Hopefully fixed bugs that caused animation to stop sometimes.

* The lock screen now shows how many characters of your unlock password
  you've typed.

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