Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/skipstone
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/24/2002 15:47:03
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Thu Jan 24 13:47:03 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/skipstone: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/www/skipstone/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad

Log Message:
Update to 0.7.8. Compiles with 0.9.7 mozilla, thus fixing
bulk build problem.
Changes since 0.7.4:
- use putenv instead of setenv for sun systems.
- Added a FavIcon plugin, requires GdkPixbuf and will only work with
  current CVS skipstone and 0.7.8 or higher releases. Introduces a new
  plugin position (PLUGIN_IN_TOOLBAR_BEFORE_ENTRY) some of you may have to
  recompile your plugins.
- Fixed title setting for notebook window and added a check
  for null titles in adding go menu items.
- Patch from Ashie, to fix copy/paste between notebook tabs.
- Fix to the reload menu as I was not returning what gtk was expecting,
  it was causing a reload hangup
- Lots of Improvements to the Throb plugin thanks to M.R. Muthu Kumar. Now
  Throbbers should be placed in ~/.skipstone/plugins/throbbers
- Thanks to "M.R.Muthu Kumar" <> for
  noticing a bug when closing the config window with plugins that wants
  its stuff saved, that crashes skip. Fixed now.
- Fix titles so that they are not shortened in the window title of the
  notebook interface, if the notebook label itself is shortened.
- Added an option to disable annoying popups, in mozilla node check disable
  popups to activate.
- Applied a patch with changes from Petr Blahos <> so that
  hitting alt-l does not open the url entry dialog if the navigation bar
  is on, rather just grabs focus on the entry, otherwise default behavior
  is kept if the navigation toolbar is off.
- Fix crash recovery some more! it was dying out too fast because of
  the recent changes.
- make cvsmozilla=1 for those of you using CVS mozilla as of 9th of dec.
  update since an API had changed. people using <= 0.96 should just do a make
  as usual
- Applied a patch from : "M.R.Muthu Kumar" <>
  That loads a pixmap for bookmark link in the bookmark toolbar and another
  one for the bookmark folder. mini_folder.xpm and mini_link.xpm. Those are
  added to the default theme ofcourse, now people are more than welcome
  to draw other ones for the rest of the themes :)
- Added an option to toggle the use of HTTP version 1.0, as i found out
  that my intenet junkbuster proxy does not like http version 1.1 - so if
  you are seeing weird behavior using jb with skipstone, check use 1.0 in
  mozilla config section.
- updated japanese translations from ashie.
- Changed the way the titles are handled since the new patch didn't play
  well with windowed mode.
- Another Patch from for internationlizing copy/paste.
- Set title on window even on notebook mode and on switch of notebook.
- Use g_get_home_dir() instead of getenv("HOME");
- Patch from that enables title encoding so that japanese,
  chinese and other chars display correctly in bookmarks and titles.
- Add SkipStone's version to the user_agent string.
- Fixed a crash for confirmEx dialog temporarly until I finish the
- Applied a patch for bookmarks from that fixes dropping of
  bookmarks onto the root of another bookmark and also adds the ability to
  autoscroll when you are dropping a bookmark further down the ctree.

- Fixed a condition where mozilla embedding components could be faulty
  and would still cause crash recovery to respawn even though we are
  trapping the respawning. Now skipstone should print the message
  about the fast respawning and just quit.
- Added skipstone-desk.png and skipstone-now.png one for your desktop
  and one to promote skipstone :) Thanks to Jenn <>
  for the skipstone-now icon - I lost the email which I got the skipstone.png
  desktop icon so if the user who made it can email me again so I can give
  him appropriate credit.
- crash fix when closing a detabbed tab, thanks to Dam
  <> for noticing that one.
- Patch from Dam's <> to shorten the spaces in the
- Ben Winslow <> sent in a patch that reported exact
  progress if known, I modified it to do a progerss_all instead displaying
  the site name and also calculates estimated speed in bps. Anyone else
  is welcome to do timed calcuations if they like.
- Now SkipStone can be compiled with a debug=1 flag that will enable function
  calls to be displayed for debugging purposes, if you are having problems
  with skipstone its a good idea to recompile with make debug=1 and run
  skipstone > debugout then send me the latest lines from debugout - helps.
- Added webbrowserpersist to include according to new mozilla include dirs
- Renamed read_config() to read_skipstone_config() and the same for
  write_config(), read_config() was causing CrossOver plugin problems.
  Appearntly they were using the same or something went wrong with both
  Skip and the plugin so the easiest solution was to rename our functions.
  Thanks to Martin Wulffeld  <> for doing all the detective
  work with this, he came up with the answer and emailed me about it.
- More renaming for CrossOver stuff. I wonder why all those conflicts.
- Updated nl.po by Francois Duprez.
- A new AutoComplete plugin, install it and hit tab on the entry location
  to get a list of possible completions when typing a url.
- Mozilla 0.9.5 and CVS Mozilla compatibility.
- Added Escape as a key handler to destroy the windows in history, bookmarks
  print, open location, config, and error dialogs. Basically all the windows
  will be destroyed when hitting escape except for skipstone window which
  stop load when hitting escape.
- Patch from Petr Blahos <> Adds directory locations for
  SUSE distros to skipstone startup script, fixes the previous tab menuitem
  which was calling the next function! and adds a new fixed tab size feature.
- Patch from Mike Meyer <> to so that PREFIX can be
  passed and used in INCLUDE and LIB locations instead of only installtion
  location, helps with FreeBSD port maintaince.
- Disable all warnings for submit/enter secure/leave secure site by default
  if crypto is compiled in until I file a bug about not being prompted to
  stop this behavior by mozilla prompt service.
- avoid potential crash when appending an entry to go menu and location is
- Added a new position to plugins, PLUGIN_IN_TOOLBAR_START which causes
  plugins to be loaded before skipstone's control buttons (back, forward, etc)
  and added two examples that use that .. a button that when clicked creates
  a new skipstone page or notebook tab and if pasted on, it'll create a page
  with the buffer loaded on. There are two versions of this plugin, a text
  only version for people without Imlib2 and an Imlib enhanced version
  that can load a graphical image that can be set via the config (it can be
  disabled also in the imlib version to remain text only) - Set the image file
  from its config section in skipstone's config. You may want to recompile
  all your plugins and skipstone ofcourse.

- Fix to compile with 0.93 and keep backward compatibility with 0.92 calls.
- Added an option to control underlining of links in the Appearance section.
- Originally patch from Mike Meyer <> for adding an option
  to disable use of web page colors, I put that in its own Appearance node
  in prepration to make the colors configurable from skipstone also, rather
  than using the default mozilla colors.
- Fixed an odd crash when setting the title sometimes.
- Patch from Mike Meyer <> to fix SIGUSR1 in ipc for BSD users.
- Spec file fixed from IKEUCHI Hiroki <>
- Patch from Takuro Ashie  <> to add support for changing
  fonts for multiple languages instead of western only. Also adds Cursive
  and Fantasy fonts settings.
  -Another patch from Takuro, adds _() internatilization around strings
   in skipstone-prompter and skipdownload.

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