Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/xchat
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/16/2002 16:59:39
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	tron
Date:		Wed Jan 16 14:59:39 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/chat/xchat: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/chat/xchat/patches: patch-aa patch-ab

Log Message:
Update "xchat" package to version 1.8.7. Change since version 1.8.3:
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Russian translation (Anton Farygin).
 - Added Latvian translation (Artis Trops).
 - Made a work-around for a refresh glitch when delinking a tab under
   gnome (the topic bar was overlapped).
 - Fixed the need for signed chars (e.g. on PPC and s390).
 - Fixed background garbage being drawn when using hidden tabs.
 - Cleaned up alot of the nick completion code. Fixed some behaviour
   too (Mukund, dinkles, me).
 - Connect Cmd is executed again if you get auto-reconnected.
 - Added safe-gaurd to stop duplicate nicks in userlist.
 - Added an option to automatically remove finished/failed dccs
   from the list. Use /set dcc_remove ON to enable it.
 - Added an option to truncate long channel tabs. Use:
   /set truncchans xx, where xx is the max chars (Jyrki Muukkonen).
 - Made the default popup menu, dialog buttons, userlist buttons,
   usermenu and urlhandlers translatable (via gettext).
 - MMX tinting is now built on any x86 machine (it's checked at
   runtime anyway).
 - Added "Automatic Unmark Away" option in setup->away (Mads Martin).
 - Immediately abort file transfers when out of space.
 - Fixed a serious CTCP reply vulnerability (Hanno Hecker).
 - Updated Danish translation (Morten Brix Pedersen).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Updated French translation (Olivier Berger).
 - The server "Connect cmd" is now executed before auto-join-channels,
   so you can use it to authenticate to nickserv etc.
 - Fixed autoresume again, for the last time... no, really.
 - Fixed sending parts for all channels instead of one quit when you
   exit the whole program (helps bncs).
 - Autocomplete in the middle of a sentence won't jump to the end of
   the textbox (Darell Tan).
 - Fixed the buggy 1.8.5 outbound queue. It now sends privmsg/notice
   with a lower priority, but never out-of-order.
 - Updated Slovak translation (Stano Visnovsky).
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Updated Hebrew translation (Dan Fruehauf).
 - Some fixes to the MODE parser.
 - Added ability to customize dialog tab buttons (Oskar Liljeblad).
 - Added an extra field in the EditServer window to enter a command
   to execute after logging in.
 - /load -e <file> can now load a file of commands to execute.
 - Added ability to change the log timestamp format (Jyrki Muukkonen).
 - Fixed default keybinding for Shift-PageUp (Mukund).
 - Changed the outbound throttle behaviour. Now only privmsgs and
   notices go to the back of the queue, everything else goes to the
 - Made it possible to compile with older than 5.6 perl again.
 - The main window's size and position is now saved on exit. Use
   /set mainwindow_save OFF to revert to the old behaviour.
 - Avoid auto-resuming the same file from two different people
   (without breaking autoresume this time).
 - Removed /sslserver and added a -ssl arg to /server, /reconnect,
   /servchan and /newserver.
 - Added support for /server irc://host:port/channel.
 - Added some mmx asm code written by Willem Monsuwe for tinting
   transparency. Use --disable-mmx to revert to gdk-pixbuf method.
 - Fixed resetting your away status after an auto-reconnect.
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre and Manuel
   García Aguilar).
 - Updated Russian translation (Valek Filippov).
 - Fixed lockup when a file being offered is shortened before being
 - Fixed ** ERROR **: file python.c: line 743 (pysH_Eget_users):
   assertion failed: (cur->hostname).
 - /kickban now deops and bans in one line (-o+b) (Felix Nawothnig).
 - Auto-nickcompletion now uses the nicksuffix setting (Mukund).
 - win32: change log-filenames with a | character to _.
 - When binding to a set hostname/ip, it would try to bind to port
   65535 - fixed.
 - Fixed crash when closing a dcc chat in a perl-dcc-chat-callback.
 - Added option "Beep on Channel Messages" and a Beep button to the
   toolbox ("<" button in the botton right) (Jason Wies).
 - Avoid auto-resuming the same file from two different people.
 - /close -m now closes all dialog/query windows.

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