Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/lame
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/07/2002 18:38:33
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Mon Jan  7 16:38:33 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/audio/lame: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/audio/lame/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 3.91.
Changes since 3.89:
* Darin Morrison:  Bugfix for --alt-preset (for content with low volume,
  clean vocals), only important for the "fast standard" preset
* Alexander Leidinger: <BR
     * add some missing files to the distribution
     * add --alt-preset to the man page
* Many small improvements and bug fixes not added to history
* John Dahlstrom:  more fine tuning on the auto adjustment of the ATH
* Robert Hegemann:  small speed and quality improvements for the old VBR
  code (--vbr-old).
* Robert Hegemann:  some short block bug fixes
* Robert Hegemann:  Big improvements to --vbr-mtrh, now encodes much
  more frequencies over 16khz
* Robert Hegemann:  --vbr-new code disabled (outdated and lower quality)
  and replaced with --vbr-mtrh (Both --vbr-new and --vbr-mtrh now
  default to mtrh)
* Robert Hegemann:  reordering of --longhelp to give more information,
  --extrahelp dropped
* Darin Morrison:  Totally revamped and extremely high quality unified
  preset system and other general quality improvements now available
  with --alt-presets:
     * some improvements to psychoacoustics (vast improvements over
       default L.A.M.E. modes) when --alt-preset is used including:
          * Improved tuning of short block usage.
          * Improved quantization selection usage (the -X modes), now
            adapts between appropriate modes on the fly. Also helps on
            "dropout" problems and with pre-echo cases.
          * Improved joint stereo usage. Thresholds are better tuned now
            and fix some "dropout" problems L.A.M.E. suffers from on
            clips like serioustrouble.
          * Improved noise shaping usage. Now switches between noise
            shaping modes on the fly (toggles -Z on and off when
            appropriate) which allows lower bitrates but without the
            quality compromise.
          * Clips vastly improved over default L.A.M.E. modes
            (vbr/cbr/abr, including --r3mix): castanets, florida_seq,
            death2, fatboy, spahm, gbtinc, ravebase, short, florida_seq,
            hihat, bassdrum, 2nd_vent_clip, serioustrouble, bloodline,
            and others. No degraded clips known.
          * VBR bitrates are now more "stable" with less fluctuation --
            not dipping too low on some music and not increasing too
            high unnecessarily on other music. "--alt-preset standard"
            provides bitrates roughly within the range of 180-220kbps,
            often averaging close to 192kbps.
     * --alt-presets replace the --dm-presets and "metal" preset is
       removed and replaced with generic abr and cbr presets.
     * --alt-preset extreme (note the 'e') replaces xtreme to help
       eliminate some confusion
     * --alt-preset vbr modes now have a fast option which offers almost
       no compromise in speed.
     * --alt-preset standard (and "fast standard") are now much lower in
       bitrate, matching --r3mix with an overall average, though
       offering higher quality especially on difficult test samples.
     * --alt-presets are no longer just "presets" as in a collection of
       switches, instead they are now quality "modes" because of special
       code level tunings (those mentioned above).
     * Use --alt-preset help for more information.
* Roel VdB:  more tuning on the --r3mix preset
* Jon Dee, Roel VdB:  INFO tag
* Alexander Leidinger,  added --scale-l and
  --scale-r to scale stereo channels independantly
* Takehiro Tominaga:  new noise shaping mode, offering more "cutting
  edge" shaping according to masking, enabled via -q1
* Mark Taylor:  More work on --nogap
* Gabriel Bouvigne:  Small changes to abr code for more accurate final
* Gabriel Bouvigne,  Preliminary ReplayGain
  analysis code added (not functional yet)
* Gabriel Bouvigne, Alexander Leidinger:  Documentation updates
* John Dahlstrom,  floating point interface function
  in the Windows DLL

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