Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/25/2001 16:48:39
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Tue Dec 25 14:48:39 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ae
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo: PLIST
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo: PLIST.common PLIST.darwin PLIST.linux
	    PLIST.netbsd PLIST.solaris
	pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo/patches: patch-ad

Log Message:
Update to 4.0. Excerpt of changes since 3.12:
* Language:
  . New command @anchor for cross references to arbitrary points.
  . New commands @documentlanguage sets the main document language,
    and @documentencoding sets the document input encoding (although not
    much is done yet with either).
  . New command @pagesizes allows limited control of text area for typesetting.
  . New command @acronym for abbreviations in all caps, such as `NASA'.
  . New command @alias for simple command aliases.
  . New command @definfoenclose for better control of info output.
  . New commands @deftypeivar for typed instance variables of a class
    and @deftypeop for typed operations of a class.
  . New command @novalidate suppresses cross-reference checking and (in
    TeX) auxiliary file creation.
  . New commands @setcontentsaftertitlepage and
    @setshortcontentsaftertitlepage to force printing the table of
    contents after @end titlepage.  Also, @contents and @shortcontents
    themselves can now appear at the beginning of the document as
    well as the end.
  . New markup commands: @env (for environment variables), @command (for
    command names), @option (for command-line options).
  . New commands @smallformat and @smalldisplay, a la @smallexample.
  . New command @exampleindent to set indentation of example-like
    environments a la @paragraphindent.
  . @uref takes an optional third argument of text to show instead of
    (rather than in addition to) the url for info and dvi output.
  . @footnote works in an @item for a @table.
* texinfo.tex:
  . implements @macro.
  . implements @paragraphindent (except asis).
  . @emph and @i use true italic type (cmti) instead of slanted (cmsl).
  . implements pdf output when run with pdftex.
  . better support for internationalization via txi-??.tex files.
* makeinfo:
  . supports HTML output with the --html option.
  . implication of --html: @top nodes should be wrapped in @ifnottex
    rather than @ifinfo.  @ifinfo conditionals are not expanded with --html.
  . new option --number-sections to output chapter/section numbers.
  . dashes and quotes are not treated specially in node names.
  . new option --commands-in-node-names to allow @-commands in node names.
    (Not implemented in TeX, and most likely never will be.)
  . @emph output uses _underscores_.
  . @image looks for .png files before .jpg.
  . only output `Making ... file' line when verbose.
  . allow -v as synonym for --verbose.
  . new command line options to specify which conditionals to process
    (but --iftex is not fully implemented).
  . warns if @var contains any of ,[]().
  . @quote-arg implicitly done for all one-argument macros, so commas in
    the argument text are allowed.
  . \\ required in macro body to get single \, no other `escapes' defined.
* info:
  . ISO Latin 1 characters are displayed and input as-is by default.
  . new option --vi-keys to enable vi-like and less-like key bindings.
  . new command S does case-sensitive searching.
  . new commands C-x n and C-x N repeat last search, respectively, in the
    same and in reverse direction, without prompting for the string.  These
    commands are bound to n and N under --vi-keys, like in Less.
  . new command G menu1 menu2 ... searches for menu items from (dir),
    as allowed on the command line.
  . new command O (capital o, not zero) goes directly to the node that
    describes command-line options.
  . new command-line option --show-options causes the node which
    describes command-line options to be the first node displayed.
  . M-prior and M-DEL do new command info-scroll-other-window-backward.
  . / searches like s does.
  . If the search string includes upper-case letters, in both incremental
    and non-incremental search, the search is case-sensitive.
  . S searches case-sensitively even if the search string is all
  . - makes the argument negative (so e.g. `- /' searches backward).
  . l restores point in the window returned to.
  . SPC/DEL do not move outside the current document.
  . is found before foo.
  . `info foo --index-search=bar' now searches for bar in foo's index.
  . support for files compressed with bzip2.
* install-info:
  . handles gzipped dir files.
  . sort entries into alphabetical order.
  . install direntries only in preceding dircategory, not in all.
  . --delete does not require the info file to exist.
  . --delete can handle XEmacs-style dir entries.
* texi2dvi:
  . bug fixed: now uses only the @iftex and @tex parts of the source.
  . process LaTeX source as well as Texinfo source.
  . output PDF (using pdftex) with new option --pdf.
  . handles --OPTION=ARG style of command line arguments.
  . new option --batch for progress reports but no interaction.
  . new option --clean to remove all auxiliary files.
  . new option --quiet for silence (unless there are errors).
  . new option -I for specifying directories for @include to search.
  . handles LaTeX files (running BibTeX etc.).
* Fixes to util/gen-dir-node and util/fix-info-dir (formerly util/update-info).

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    pkgsrc/devel/gtexinfo/patches/patch-ae \
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