Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/21/2001 12:11:55
Mutt made me believe that Thomas Klausner wrote:
> Log Message:
> Update to 1.0.0, from pkg/14226 by Sen Nagata.

The next lines were supposed to be:
Changes since 0.1.1:
** new conf.h customization MAXSIZE_WINDOWS_ARE_TRANSIENTS
determines whether windows with maxsize hints are treated like
transient windows.

** The frame indicator
The frame indicator never sticks and only appears when there is more
than one frame (i.e. when there are splits).

** Transient window handling has changed
Transient windows now map ontop of the current window.

** new command 'rudeness'
This command allows you to fine tune what windows rp will map
when. For instance you can ask rp not to map new windows. Instead it
will notify you with a message: "New window #1 (emacs)".

** user abort key sequence
When typing input, hit C-g (customizable in conf.h) to abort the

** new key syntax
keys are now specified with C-, M-, A-, H-, S- which stand for the
control, meta, alt, hyper, and super modifiers. ^ does not denote
control. Before, control t looked like ^t now it looks like C-t.

** new command 'help'
help brings up a key binding listing. it is bound to C-t ?.

** new command 'quit'
This command quits ratpoison

** windows not residing in a frame are hidden
This gets rid of annoying flickers around the edges of active windows
as windows in the back update.

** rat cursor changes

When you hit the prefix key the rat cursor changes to a square to tell
you what it is waiting for another key. This feature can be removed in

** Split windows

Well, the day is finally here. You can now split windows in
ratpoison. Hit C-t s to split horizontally and C-t S to split
vertically. Have fun!

** new command-line option --command

You can now send ratpoison commands (colon-commands) to ratpoison via
the command line. for example to tell ratpoison to go to the next
window type this:

$ ratpoison --command next

** window borders are configurable
WINDOW_BORDER_WIDTH has been added to conf.h. This constant determines
the border width for all windows.

** Rodent handling
A new command, :banish, which will move the rat pointer out of harms
way, has been added.  It is bound to 'C-t b' by default.  No more
slapping your rat out of the way, as fun as that was.

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