Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/08/2001 20:24:18
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	veego
Date:		Mon Oct  8 17:24:18 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server: distinfo
	pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server/patches: patch-ae patch-af
	pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server/pkg: PLIST
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server/patches: patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad

Log Message:
Update mysql to 3.23.43.
- mysqlbinlog moved from the mysql-server to the mysql-client package
- some pkgsrc patches are now part of the mysql distribution.

Changes in release 3.23.43

 * Fixed a bug in INSERT DELAYED and FLUSH TABLES introduced in 3.23.42.
 * Fixed unlikely bug, which returned not matching rows, in SELECT with
   many tables and multi-column indexes and 'range' type.
 * Fixed a unlikely core-dump bug when doing EXPLAIN SELECT when using
   many tables and ORDER BY.
 * Fixed bug in LOAD DATA FROM MASTER when using table with CHECKSUM=1.
 * Added unique error message when one gets a DEADLOCK during a transaction
   with BDB tables.
 * Fixed problem with BDB tables and UNIQUE columns defined as NULL.
 * Fixed problem with myisampack when using pre-space filled CHAR columns.
 * Applied patch from Yuri Dario for OS2.
 * Fixed bug in --safe-user-create

Changes in release 3.23.42

 * Fixed problem when using LOCK TABLES and BDB tables.
 * Fixed problem with REPAIR TABLE on MyISAM tables with row lengths between
   65517 - 65520 bytes
 * Fixed rare hang when doing mysqladmin shutdown when there was a lot of
   activity in other threads.
 * Fixed problem with INSERT DELAYED where delay thread could be hanging on
   upgrading locks without any apparent reasons.
 * Fixed problem with myisampack and BLOB.
 * Fixes problem when one edited .MRG tables by hand. (Patch from Benjamin
 * Enforce that all tables in a MERGE table come from the same database.
 * Fixed bug with LOAD DATA INFILE and transactional tables.
 * Fix bug when using INSERT DELAYED with wrong column definition.
 * Fixed coredump during REPAIR of some particularly broken tables.
 * Fixed bug in InnoDB and AUTO_INCREMENT columns.
 * Fixed bug in InnoDB and RENAME TABLE columns.
 * Fixed critical bug in InnoDB and BLOB columns. If one has used BLOB columns
   larger than 8000 bytes in an InnoDB table, one must dump the table with
   mysqldump, drop it and restore it from the dump.
 * Applied large patch for OS/2 from Yuri Dario.
 * Fixed problem with InnoDB when one could get the error Can't execute the
   given command... even when one didn't have an active transaction.
 * Applied some minor fixes that concern Gemini.
 * Use real arithmetic operations even in integer context if not all arguments
   are integers. (Fixes uncommon bug in some integer contexts).
 * Don't force everything to lower cases on Windows. (To fix problem with
   Windows and ALTER TABLE). Now --lower_case_names also works on Unix.
 * Fixed that automatic rollback that is done when thread end doesn't lock
   other threads.

Changes in release 3.23.41

 * Added option --sql-mode=option[,option[,option]]. See section 4.1.1 mysqld
   Command-line Options.
 * Fixed possible problem with shutdown on Solaris where the `.pid' file
   wasn't deleted.
 * InnoDB now supports < 4 GB rows. The former limit was 8000 bytes.
 * The doublewrite file flush method is used in InnoDB. It reduces the need
   for Unix fsync calls to a fraction and improves performance on most Unix
 * You can now use the InnoDB Monitor to print a lot of InnoDB state
   information, including locks, to the standard output; useful in
   performance tuning.
 * Several bugs which could cause hangs in InnoDB have been fixed.
 * Split record_buffer to record_buffer and record_rnd_buffer. To make things
   compatible to previous MySQL versions, if record_rnd_buffer is not set,
   then it takes the value of record_buffer.
 * Fixed optimizing bug in ORDER BY where some ORDER BY parts where wrongly
 * Fixed overflow bug with ALTER TABLE and MERGE tables.
 * Added prototypes for my_thread_init() and my_thread_end() to `mysql_com.h'
 * Added option --safe-user-create to mysqld.
 * Fixed bug in SELECT DISTINCT ... HAVING that casued error message Can't
   find record in '#...

Changes in release 3.23.40

 * Fixed problem with --low-priority-updates and INSERT's.
 * Fixed bug in slave thread when under some rare circumstances it could get
   22 bytes ahead on the offset in the master.
 * Added slave_wait_timeout for replication.
 * Fixed problem with UPDATE and BDB tables.
 * Fixed hard bug in BDB tables when using key parts.
 * Fixed problem when using the GRANT FILE ON database.* ...; Previously we
   added the DROP privilege for the database.
 * Fixed DELETE FROM table_name ... LIMIT 0 and UPDATE FROM table_name ...
   LIMIT 0 acted as though the LIMIT clause was not present (they deleted or
   updated all selected rows).
 * CHECK TABLE now checks if an AUTO_INCREMENT column contains the value 0.
 * Sending a SIGHUP to mysqld will now only flush the logs, not reset the
 * Fixed parser to allow floats of type 1.0e1 (no sign after e).
 * Option --force to myisamchk now also updates states.
 * Added option --warnings to mysqld. Now mysqld only prints the error
   Aborted connection if this option is used.
 * Fixed problem with SHOW CREATE TABLE when you didn't have a PRIMARY KEY.
 * Properly fixed the rename of innodb_unix_file_flush_method to
 * Fixed bug when converting UNSIGNED BIGINT to DOUBLE. This caused a problem
   when doing comparisons with BIGINT values outside of the signed range.
 * Fixed bug in BDB tables when querying empty tables.
 * Fixed a bug when using COUNT(DISTINCT) with LEFT JOIN and there wasn't any
   matching rows.
 * Removed all documentation referring to the GEMINI table type. GEMINI is not
   released under an Open Source license.

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