Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 05/21/2001 15:42:39
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	kim
Date:		Mon May 21 12:42:38 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/delegate: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/delegate/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Upgrade to 7.3.1.

 + FTP/SSL: supported "AUTH TLS", on-demand FTP/SSL (with sslway -St)
 + HTTP: introduced HTTPCONF="cka-cfi" to force Keep-Alive with FCL/FTOCL
 + general: introduced src. addr. binding (SRCIF=host[:port[:proto:dst:src]])
 + general: introduced "-va" option (hidden log to be sent on ABORT)
 + SSLTUNNEL: introduced proxy auth. for SSLTUNNEL (by AUTH=pauthgen)
 + VSAP: introduced AUTH_VSAP (tentative)
 + FTP: enabled FCL/FSV=sslway for FTPS (implicit SSL)
 + NNTP: added client hostname to forbidden POST error log
 + MOUNT: new MountOption fo,bo,bif (ForwOnly,BackOnly,BackIfForw)
 + MOUNT: enabled dst=-host MountOption for servers as virtual hosts
 + genrail: made notify-mail include AbortLog and BackTrace
 + Socks: introduced "/-r" opt. (resolve locally, not on SocksV5 server)
 + Shio: added "c host:port" (connect to host:port without using shell)
 + HTTP: implemented AUTHORIZER and XECHO for HTTP
 + SSLway: introduced "-St" option to make STARTTLS be mandatory
 + FTP: supported MLSD command relay
 + general: randomized text and data segment address at compile time
 + general: introduced a time period in a week(-T.wWHHMM)
 + SSLway: inplemented STARTTLS for SMTP,POP,IMAP "-st[/protocol]"
 + SSLway: added "-pass {pass:string|file:path}"
 + SSLway: added error message about .pas to show what is necessary
 + MOUNT: extended matching and rewriting (ex. "*%1[a-b]%S *%(0)/%(1)")
 + MOUNT: reverse MOUNT for "*%(N)" in right hand rURL to left hand vURL
 + MOUNT: new abbreviation ///path -> =://=:=/path (the same proto&serv)
 + MOUNT: new abbreviation //serv/path -> =://serv/path (the same proto)
 + POP: supported AUTH without arguments
 + FTP: introduced FTPCONF=nodata (can be useful for FXP)
 + FTP:/HTTP: added logging in xferlog on FTP/HTTP (HTTPCONF=xferlog:ftp)

 + FTP: added (empty) successful response for HELP command
 + general: removed obsolete codes (FTPGET,FORCEON,HTTPMAIL,PUBLIC,?_?,etc)
 + general: stopped to use getmsg() with poll()
 + HTTP: HTTP-PROXY become controllable by CONNECT
 + FTP: modified PASV response format to be more acceptable by clients
 + HTTP: extended timeout for fflush/fclose (was shorten in 6.1.21)
 + HTTP: modified to accept resp. "HTTP" lacking "/X.X" (6.1.22)
 + FTP: changed FTP max. relative date in LIST to 6 month (from 11)
 + SSLway: changed to hide command line arguments and environmnet vars
 + MOUNT: added MOUNT="//* = default" for SERVER=imap

 + SSLway: fixed SEGV with the cc of SunOS4 (since 6.1.19)
 + SSLway: coped with multi-lines of opening message for STARTTLS
 + FTP: fixed not to apply server-side CFI for cached response
 + FTP: fixed CMAP switch for "ftp-data" protocol
 + INETD: enabled HTTP req. for "exec" protocol by INETD
 + INETD: fixed SEGV with INETD specification without arg-list
 + HTTP: fixed "nojava" for MOUNTed server with RELAY=no (since 6.1.20)
 + NNTP: fixed to MOUNT SERVER=nntp://host with "default"
 + FTP/HTTP: coped with WU-Ftpd/2.6.1 + DeleGate/Win32
 + SMTP: fixed SIGPIPE to server by slow DATA from client
 + NNTP: fixed to clean up zombis of NNTPCC
 + origin-NNTP: fixed spooling article at spool/ddd/dd (4.2.0)
 + MOUNT: fixed matching to the end of line (by "$")
 + general: fixed endless SEGVs by duplicate fclose() in notify-mail
 + FTP: revival of "RETR //user:pass@host/path" (5.7.1)
 + FTP: fixed possible overflows in "//user:pass@host" scanning
 + DNS: fixed infinite loop on recvfrom() error
 + HTTP: fixed MOUNT for virtual Host (moved,host=-xxx)
 + NNTP: fixed not to start INIT before all opening messages done
 + HTTP: fixed to fflush before doing sleep/Nice (for chained DeleGate)
 + HTTP: fixed [Reply] button in NNTP/HTTP (6.1.12)
 + SMTP: fixed to wait response for DATA before send QUIT in b.g. (6.0.0)
 + SSLway: enabled RSA tmp. key callback both for openSSL/SSLeay
 + HTTP: fixed "bad response" on EOF/timeout with server (6.1.22)
 + HTTP: fixed status respopnse via CGI/CFI (6.1.19)
 + NNTP: fixed jamming of multi-servers by timeout during startup
 + MOUNT: fixed SEGV on bad MOUNT parameter (non full-URL in right hand)
 + CRON: fixed "-expire" to follow CACHEDIR in symbolic link
 + FTP/HTTP: fixed to do cache FTP/HTTP with Authorization: anon-ftp
 + FTP/HTTP: fixed to do cache FTP/HTTP with URL ftp://ftp:pass@host
 + NNTP: fixed NNTPCC with SERVER=nntp://server
 + HTTP: fixed not to try HTML oriented conversion for plain text
 + HTTP: fixed not to regard "EOF on server reusing" as badServer
 + HTTP: extended to record "badServer" (ex. HTTP/1.1->NCSA/1.5.2)
 + SSI/HTTP: fixed to skip ">" character in quoted-string
 + Telnet: fixed aborting login with AUTHORIZER
 + FTP: fixed SEGV on bound proxy (SERVER=ftp://user:pass@server)
 + general: fixed memory wasting by repetitive randenv()
 + general: fixed putting uninit. buff. when invoked without args
 + SSLway: fixed to do RAND_seed first (for openSSL0.8.5 or later)
 + HTTP: fixed possible SEGV on uninit. buff. ref. for -_-/proto://...
 + HTTP: fix for removing charset in META tag (when no space after ";")
 + HTTP: fixed Content-Length in NNTP/HTTP with Accept-Language:(charset)
 + NNTP: fixed string buffer reallocation (1MB<size)
 + SMTPGATE: fixed SEGV on empty local part in recipient's address

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