Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/31/2001 12:21:18
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Sat Mar 31 09:21:18 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/w3m: Makefile
	pkgsrc/www/w3m/files: md5 patch-sum
	pkgsrc/www/w3m/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad
	pkgsrc/www/w3m/pkg: PLIST
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/www/w3m/patches: patch-ae patch-af

Log Message:
upgrade to 0.2.1.

2001/3/23 ==============================================================
From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01807] Re: w3m-0.2.0
* url.c doesn't compile when USE_NNTP or __EMX__ is defined.
* patch for EWS4800
* when #define USE_SSL and #undef USE_SSL_VERIFY, rc.c and url.c
  doesn't compile. (problems about ssl_forbid_method)
* when saveBufferDelNum and del==TRUE, patterns before ":" are
  deleted twice.
* bugfix about saving history.

From: TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01810] deflate (was: w3m-0.2.0)
deflate patch in 0.2.0 doesn't work on .

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01808] Re: w3m-0.2.0
w3m doesn't compile on GNU/Linux and glibc2.2 because it lacks

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00399] Re: w3m-0.2.0
 >> From: Dan Fandrich <>
 >> Version 0.2.0 still contains the following bugs which I fixed two months
 >> ago and sent patches for to this list, namely:
 >> - core dumps on startup if given a URL requiring a needsterminal mailcap
 >>   handler
 >> - destroys most of an existing ~/.mailcap file without warning when editing
 >> - mailcap handling is still wrong as MIME type should be case insensitive
 >> - private mailcap extension has an illegal name

From: SATO Seichi <>
Subject: w3m regex bugs
w3m coredumps when passing $* as a search string.

2001/3/22 ==============================================================

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01664] Re: Patch for
Don't call cleanupName() when the URL is http://<host>/<scheme>: ...

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01670] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb24-test1
strcpy/strncpy in Str.c are replaced with bcopy.

From: TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01618] backend patch
Subject: [w3m-dev 01671] backend patch for w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb24-test1
A patch for w3m to work as a client. (-backend patch)

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01673] SEGV in append_frame_info()
Improvement of illegal frame handling.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01674] image map
w3m doesn't follow anchors from client-side image map when the URLs
are like "#test".

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01675] goto label
Changed w3m not to reload the document when following label-only URL
like #label.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01676] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb24-test1
Subject: [w3m-dev 01678] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb24-test1

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01680] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb24-test1
To remove the compiler warnings

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01684] Re:
application/x-deflate support.

From: Moritz Barsnick <>
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00318] Information about current page
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00320] Re: Information about current page
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00322] Re: Information about current page
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00323] Buglet (Was: Re: Information about current page)
Changes 'URL of the current anchor' on the info page into
'full' URL. When the cursor is on a form element,
`Method/type of current form' will be displayed.

From: (Brian Keck)
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00343] patch for proxy user:passwd on command line
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00351] Re: patch for proxy user:passwd on command line
This patch to w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb23 adds the lynx-like option

        -pauth username:password

so I don't have to retype username & password every time I run w3m,
which is often.  It's so simple I wonder whether it's against policy,
but it would be nice for me & some others if it was in the official

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01772] Re: visited anchor
Subject: [w3m-dev 01773] Re: visited anchor
 * visited anhor color support.
 * textlist based history implementation.
 * history URLs are stored in a hash table.
 * the implementation of rules are changed.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01786] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-hsaka24
Subject: [w3m-dev 01787] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-hsaka24
 * Improvement of illegal frame handling.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01788] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-hsaka24

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01792] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-hsaka24
search algorithm in retrieveAnchor() is changed from linear search
to binary search.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01793] <li type="..">
make type attribute of <li> tag effective not only for the <li>
element but also for all <li> tags that follows the first
type-specified <li> tag.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01801] some fixes.
Bugfix of frame

Subject: IPv6 support for w3m's ftp
From: Hajimu UMEMOTO <>
IPv6 support for FTP.

2001/3/16 =============================================================
From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01711] Authorization
* http://user:pass@hostname/ support.

Subject: [w3m-dev 01724] buf->type when mailcap is used.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01726] anchor jump too slow by TAB-key on STDIN.
* when moving from anchor to anchor by TAB on the document read
  from stdin, the movement is very slow because currentdir() is invoked
  on each TAB.

From: (Yoshinobu Sakane)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01727] C-z when stdin

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01729] ignore_null_img_alt
* when ignore_null_img_alt is OFF, no img link is displayed when
  no ALT attribute is specified.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01730] Re: <hr> in a table
Improvement of <hr>.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01731] completion list
When completing a filename, the candidates of the completion
will be displayed like this:

----- Completion list -----
X11R6/    compat/   include/  libdata/  local/    nfs/      ports/    share/
bin/      games/    lib/      libexec/  mdec/     obj/      sbin/     src/
(Load)Filename? /usr/

From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01733] A patch concerning SSL
The following two improvements are done about SSL:
1. a new option ``ssl_forbid_method'' is added.
2. an error message is displayed when w3m fails to establish an
   SSL connection.

From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01735] Re: A patch concerning SSL
Subject: [w3m-dev 01737] Re: A patch concerning SSL
1. the data type of ssl_forbid_method is changed from P_STRING to P_SSLPATH.
2. Error message log function.

From: kiwamu <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01739] wheel mouse patch

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01742] w3mmee 0.1.11p16-6 segfault
w3mmee 0.1.11p16-6 segfaults depending on the content of mime.types.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01752] SEGV in search_param()
 > >> * w3m -o 1 causes SEGV.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01753] empty <select>
When <select>..</select> have no <option>, for example

<form action=A>
<select name=B></select>
<input type=submit>

submit causes SEGV.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01754] A search does not stop.
When reading a large file from stdin and wrap search option is ON,
a search that doesn't hit will cause an infinite loop.

From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01755] relative path with -bookmark option
* when a bookmark file name is given by -bookmark as relative path,
  `add to bookmark'doesn't work.

From: aito
Subject: [w3m-dev 01722] <hr> in a table
* the width of <hr> in a table exceeds the column width.

From: aito
* `Local cookie' mechanism is introduced to authorize local CGI.
  The behavior of CGI script using the local cookie is as follows:
  - w3m generates process-dependent `Local cookie'
  - on the local CGI invocation, w3m passes the script the local
    cookie through the environment variable LOCAL_COOKIE.
  - the sctipt embeds the local cookie into the form for the next
    local CGI invocation.
  - on the next CGI invocation, the CGI script compares two local CGIs
    which are passed through CGI parameter and environment variable.
    If they are different, the script prohibits dangerous operations,
    such as file creation and file deletion.

* The local cookie mechanism is implemented on w3mbookmark and

* On Linux, gcmain.c doesn't compile when the GC library is already
  installed in /usr/local/lib.


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01667] Re: mailer %s


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01661] Re: <head>
  security fix.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * check if ", <, > and &s are quoted within attribute values.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01663] replace addUniqHist with addHist in loadHistory()


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01617] Re: first body with -m (Re: w3m-m17n-0.7)
  * terminal resize related fix.
  * info page ('=' command) fix for multi-layered frame page.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01621] NEXT_LINK and GOTO_LINE problem

From: Yamate Keiichirou <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01623] Re: (frame)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01632] Re: (frame)
  frame fix.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01624] Re: first body with -m
From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01625] Re: first body with -m
  pgFore, pgBack behaviour fix.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01635] Directory list
  local.c directory list fix.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01643] buffername
Subject: [w3m-dev 01650] Re: buffername
  buffername (title) related improvements.
  * when displayLink is ON, truncate buffername on showing long URL.
  * displayBuffer() cleanup.
  * remove trailing spaces from content of <title>..</title>.
  * [w3m-dev 01503], [w3m-dev 01504]

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01646] putAnchor
  * putAnchor related improvement.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01647] Re: first body with -m
  * cursor position moves unexpectedly when reloading a URL
    with #label.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01651] display column position with LINE_INFO


From: Ryoji Kato <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01582] rfc2732 patch
  literal IPv6 address treatment (bracketed by '[' and ']')
  according to RFC2732.

From: Yamate Keiichirou <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01594] first body with -m (Re: w3m-m17n-0.7)

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01602] Re: first body with -m (Re: w3m-m17n-0.7)


From: Yamate Keiichirou <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01584] Re: attribute replacing in frames. (Re: some fixes)


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * remove trailing blank lines in a buffer.


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01560] Re: long URL
  Multiple 'u' and 'c' scrolls long URL.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01570] Re: long URL

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01506] compile option of gc.a

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01509] Forward: Bug#79689: No way to view information on SSL certificates
  Now '=' shows info about SSL certificate.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01556] Re: ANSI color support (was Re:  w3m-m17n-0.4)
  ANSI color support.

From: Yamate Keiichirou <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01535] how to check wait3 in configure.
From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01537] Re: how to check wait3 in configure.
  On BSD/OS 3.1, SunOS 4.1.3, configure can't detect wait3().


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  <plaintext> doesn't work.


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01555] Re: some fixes for <select>
  w3m crashes by <select> without <option>.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
   * table related improvements (<xmp> inside table, etc)

From: Yamate Keiichirou <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01536] Re: <P> in <DL>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01544] Re: <P> in <DL>
   * w3m crashes by an illegal HTML.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
   * treat unclosed <a>, <img_alt>, <b>, <u>


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
   * bugfix on <dt> tag processing in feed_table_tag().
   * w3m eventually crashed when a tag is not closed in a table.
   * ignore <p> just after <dt>.

From: Yamate Keiichirou <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01530] returned at a morment.
   * skip newline within "-enclosed attribute value.

Subject: [w3m-dev 01531] coocie check in header from stdin.
   * w3m crashes by 'cat mail | w3m -m'


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01513] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb23
  frame.c bugfix
Subject: [w3m-dev 01515] some fixes for <select>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01516] Re: some fixes for <select>
  Several improvements on <select>..<option>


From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01501] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb23
  Compile error for 'no menu' model


From: (Nobutaka SEKITANI)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01483] Patch to show image URL includes anchor
  Peek image URL by 'i'

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01500] fix risky code in url.c
  Vulnerble code in url.c fixed


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01491] bug ?

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  Search for a string that contains null character.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01498] Re: null character
  Infinite loop


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
   * StrmyISgets doesn't recognize a '\r' as a newline character.
   * Null character support on pager mode.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01487] A string in <textarea> is broken after editing
  <textarea> related fix.

Subject: [w3m-dev 01488] buffer overflow bugs
  * Buffer overflow fixes.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * maximum_table_width now considers width attribute in td and th tag.


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01473] Re: internal tag and attribute check

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
   * hborder and border attribute handling.

From: (Yoshinobu Sakane)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01478] Option Setting Panel
  * Improvement of the option setting panel view.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * parse_tag improvements.
  * don't parse tag within visible_length().

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01456] linein.c
  * linein.c is rewritten based on calcPosition().

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01457] cursor position on sumbit form
  * TAB key behaviour fix.


From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01449] Re: Directory of private header of gc library.
  * w3m crashes when accessing a list after popping the last element
    by popText (rpopText).


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * image map related fix.


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: Security hole in w3m (<input_alt type=file>)
  * Prohibit using internal tags in HTML.

Subject: [w3m-dev 01432] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb22 patch
Subject: [w3m-dev 01437] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb22 patch
  * Image map related fix.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * a compile option which enables the removal of trailing
    blank lines in a burrer. (ENABLE_REMOVE_TRAILINGSPACES)

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00301] Re: "w3m -h" outputs to stderr
  * Destination of w3m -h output is changed from stderr
    to stdout.

From: (Yoshinobu Sakane)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01430] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb22 patch
  * EWS4800(/usr/abiccs/bin/cc) support.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * id attribute check in dummy_table tag.
  * fid attribute check in form_int tag.
  * table stack overflow check.


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01422] bpcmp in anchor.c
From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01423] Re: bpcmp in anchor.c
  * some improvements for speedup.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * CheckType() bugfix and speedup.


From: Takenobu Sugiyama <>
Subject: patch for cygwin
  * enables ftp download for cygwin w3m


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01401] Re: bugfix of display of control chars, merge of easy UTF-8 patch, etc.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * table rendering speed-up.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * table column width sometimes get narrower than specified width value.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * Progress bar display enhancement.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * command line option about proxy and cookie doesn't work.
  * 'Save to local file' overwrites the existing file.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * get_ctype is now macro.
  * menu.c type mismatch fix.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * fixes for speedup.

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01372] w3m sometimes uses the wrong mailcap entry


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * an empty table in another table makes the outer table funny.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  gc6 support.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * space characters in a buffer are mapped into 0x80-0x9f.
  * unprintable characters (0x80-0xa0) are displayed as \xxx.

From: Tsutomu Okada (岡田 勉) <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01354] minimize when #undef USE_GOPHER or USE_NNTP


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  getescapechar() returns abnormal value for illegal entity.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * table-related fix.
  * DEL character is treated as `breakable space.'

From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01338] Re: Lynx patch for character encoding in form
Subject: [w3m-dev 01342] Re: Lynx patch for character encoding in form
  * support for accept-charset attribute in form tag.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * cleanup_str and htmlquote_str now returns the oritinal string
    itself when there's no need to (un)quote it.


From: Katsuyuki Watanabe <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01336] patch for Cygwin 1.1.x
  Patch for Cygwin 1.1.x (1.1.3 and later)


From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen <>
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00189] [PATCH] w3m menu <select> search
  Enable to search within popup menu.


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01331] Re: form TEXT:
  * Search string history and form input string history are merged.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * When a cell width exceeds the screen width, format contents in
    the cell to fit into the screen width.


From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01313] Re: SCM_NNTP
  nntp: for MARL_URL


From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01310] Re: option select (Re:  w3mmee-0.1.11p10)
  Output error messages from gc library using disp_message_nsec.


From: (Yoshinobu Sakane)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01294] mouse no effect on blank page.
From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01295] Re: mouse no effect on blank page.

From: SASAKI Takeshi <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01297] Re: backword search bug report

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01298] Re: backword search bug report
  bug fix of backword search
Subject: [w3m-dev 01299] Re: backword search bug report
  bug fix of the handling of multi-byte regexp.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * LESSOPEN can be set via the option setting panel. (default: off)
  * speed-up of gunzip_stream(), save2tmp(), visible_length().


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * Emacs-like completion key support.
    (by #define EMACS_LIKE_LINEEDIT in config.h)

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01284] Re: improvement of filename input
  * in 'Goto URL' command, local file name will be completed
    after 'file:/'.

From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01280] Stop to prepend rc_dir to full path.


From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01269] Re: SCM_NNTP
Subject: [w3m-dev 01273] Re: SCM_NNTP
  Prohibit gopher:, news: and nntp: scheme when USE_GOPHER and USE_NNTP
  macros are undefined.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01258] improvement of filename input
  * Completion lists are displayed by C-d.
  * in 'Goto URL' command, local file name will be completed
    after 'file:/', 'file:///' and 'file://localhost/'.
  * password part of URLs in the history list are removed.

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01277] Accept-Encoding: gzip (Re:  some wishlists)
  Accept-Encoding: gzip, compress
  is appended in the request header.
Subject: [w3m-dev 01275] Re: squeeze multiple blank lines option ( )
  when #ifdef DEBIAN,
  'squeeze multiple blank line' switch  (default -S) is set to -s
  character-code specifier (-s/-e/-j) are removed. use '-o kanjicode={S,E,J}'
Subject: [w3m-dev 01274] Re: SCM_NNTP
  nntp: support.
Subject: [w3m-dev 01276] URL in w3m -v
  when LANG=EN (or #undef JP_CHARSET), the URL displayed at w3m -v
  (visual startup mode) is incorrect.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  location of mailcap and mime.type can be specified in the Option Setting


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01247] Re: buffer selection menu
  Menu related patches.
  ([w3m-dev 01227], [w3m-dev 01228],[w3m-dev 01229], [w3m-dev 01237],
   [w3m-dev 01238])


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * in the cookie-related setting, '.' is regarded as any domain.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01240] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb17 patch
  'incompatible pointer type' fix.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * "Domains from which should accept/reject cookies" setting in
    the option setting panel.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01211] Re: a small change to linein.c
Subject: [w3m-dev 01214] Re: a small change to linein.c
  * When editing long string, a part of the string disappear.

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01216] error message for invalid keymap
From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01220] Re: error message for invalid keymap
  * w3m will display an error-message against the illegal
    keymap file specification.

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01217] keymap.lynx example could be better.
  keymap.lynx update.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  cookie-related improvements.
  * version 1 cookie handling is now compliant to
     Cookie2 is added in the Netscape-style cookie request header.


From: "Ambrose Li [EDP]" <>
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00136] version 0 cookies and some odds and ends
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00191] sorry, the last patch was not made properly
Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00190] w3m-0.1.10 patch (mostly version 0 cookie handling)
  I've hacked up a big mess (patch) against w3m-0.1.9 primarily
  involving version 0 cookies. To my dismay, it seems that most
  servers out there still want version 0 cookies and version 0
  cookie handling behaviour, and w3m's cookie handling is too
  strict for version 0, causing some sites (notably
  not to work.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * pixel-per-character is now changable.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01208] '#', '?' in ftp:/....
  * w3m fails to parse URL when ftp:/ URL contains '#'.

From: Kiyokazu SUTO <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01209] http_response_code and ``Location:'' header
  w3m now follows Location: header only when
  http_response_code is 301 - 303.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  local CGI makes zombie processes.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  w3m hangs when <textarea> is not closed in a table.

Subject: [w3m-dev 00990] auth password input

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01193] Re: frame bug?
  w3m eventually crashes when browsing frame pages.


From: SASAKI Takeshi <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00928] misdetection of IPv6 support on CYGWIN 1.1.2

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01170] Re: cursor position after RELOAD, EDIT
  * Bugfix: remove cache files
  * The following functions can take arguments in keymap.
    LOAD ... a file name
    EXTERN, EXTERN_LINK ... a name of the external browser
      (Can't be used from w3m-control: )
    EXEC_SHELL, READ_SHELL, PIPE_SHELL ... shell command
      (Can't be used from w3m-control: )
    SAVE, SAVE_IMAGE, SAVE_LINK, SAVE_SCREEN ... a filename (or command name)
      (Can't be used from w3m-control: )


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * the buffer name of an input taken from the stdin is now determined
    from MAN_PN.

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01156] Re: w3m-0.1.11-pre-kokb15
  * mydirname bugfix.
  * SERVER_NAME can be configured.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01158] some bugs fix when RELOAD, EDIT
Subject: [w3m-dev 01164] cursor position after RELOAD, EDIT
  * a file: called as local CGI can be edited.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01166] Re: cell width in table
  table-related bugfix.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01155] history of data for <input type=text>
  <input type=text> input will be put into history buffer.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01150] Some bug fixes
  Bugfixes of the problems reported in
    [w3m-dev 00956] unknown scheme in frame
    [w3m-dev 00975] goto link from frame page

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01145] buffer overflow in linein.c
  Fix of the buffer overrun problem in  inputLineHist(linein.c)


From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01136] function argument in keymap
Subject: [w3m-dev 01139] Re: function argument in keymap
  Some functions specified in ~/.w3m/keymap can take an argument.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01143] image map with popup menu
  image map can be treated as popup menu
  (#define MENU_MAP in config.h)

From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00971] Re: segmentation fault with http:
  Specifying 'http:' or  'http:/' as URLs will crash w3m.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01134] w3m in xterm horribly confused by Japanese in title (fr
  w3m-en will crash when browsing a page with Japanese title.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01127] SIGINT signal in ftp session (Re:  my w3m support page)
  SIGINT will crash w3m when downloading via ftp.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * the maximum value of wmin in recalc_width() is changed to 0.05.
  * when deflating compressed data other than http file and local file,
    the file will be stored as a temporary file.
  * mailcap edit= attribute support.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * Improvements of -dump, -source_dump options.
  * Ignore <meta> tags in a frame.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 00930] HTML-quote in w3mbookmark.c
  * In 'Bookmark registration', URL and Title are not HTML-quoted.

From: (Hironori Sakamoto)
Subject: [w3m-dev 00972] better display of progress bar ?
  * An improvement of progress bar.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
  * Null pointer chech for textlist.

From: Fumitoshi UKAI <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01100] space in URL

  * and
	when submitting a form, name is not quoted (which should be)

	Remove preceding and trailing spaces from URL input through
	'U' command.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01113] bug fix (content charset)
  content charset bugfix


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01112] Re: mailcap test= directive
  improvements of mailcap handling
  * In addition to %s, %t (content-type name) will be available.
  * nametemplate option is now valid.
  * If there is no %s in the entry, 'command < %s' is assumed.
  * If needsterminal is specified, spawn the command foreground.
  * If copiousoutput is specified, load the command output into
  * `htmloutput' option is added, which indicates that the output
    of the command is to be read by w3m as text/html. For example,

     application/excel; xlHtml %s | lv -Iu8 -Oej; htmloutput

    enables an Excel book to be displayed as an HTML document.
  * compressed file browsing support for ftp scheme.
  * Bug: compressed file isn't displayed properly for http: scheme.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01097] gunzip_stream problem
  * Fix of the behaviour against INT signal while reading compressed

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01092] CONFIG_FILE
  * CONFIG_FILE in config.h was hard-coded.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01078] treatment of content type
  Improvements around document type handling.
  * precedence between lessopen_stream() and gunzip_stream() was changed
    in examineFile().
  * lessopen_stream()ed file is treated as a plein text.
  * lessopen_stream() is applied only if document type is text/* or
    no external viewer is set.
  * all text/* data other than text/html are handled inside w3m.
  * The document type displayed by page_info_panel() is now the one
    before examineFile() processing.
  * When invoking an external viewer, ">/dev/null 2>&1 &" is appended
    to the command line.


From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01053] Re: Location: in local cgi.
  * Do not interpret Location: header of the local file when invoking
    with -m flag,

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01065] map key '0'
  Improvement around keymap.
  * Now a single '0' can be mapped. Numbers other than 0, for example
    `10 j' are regarded as prefix arguments.

From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01066] 104japan
  * Code conversion fix for forms in frame.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01058] <dt>, <dd>, <blockquote> (Re:  <ol> etc.)
  * insert blank lines before and after <blockquote>.
  * Don't ignore <p> tag just after <dt> and <dd>.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01052] cellpadding, cellspacing, vspace, etc.
  Some changes about space character and blank lines:
  * <a name="..."></a> or <font> outside <tr> or <td> are pushed
    into the next cell.
  * cellspacing attribute in <table> tag is now handled correctly.
  * vspace attribute interpretation.
  * blank line detection criterion is changed.
  * </p> tag inserts a blank line.


From: Tsutomu Okada <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01018] sqrt DOMAIN error in table.c
From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01019] Re: sqrt DOMAIN error in table.c
  * fix of DOMAIN error of sqrt().


From: (Dai Sato)
Subject: [w3m-dev 01017] value of input tag in option panel
  * Fix of the problem of the option setting panel: when specifying
    a value including a double quote, the value after " is not displayed
    on the next invocation of the option setting panel.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01016] Table geometry calculation
  * rounding algorithm of table geometry calculation is changed to
    minimize the difference of the column width and the `true' width.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01006] initialize PRNG of openssl 0.9.5 or later
  * when using openssl library after 0.9.5, enables SSL on the environment
    without the random device (/dev/urandom).


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01004] unused socket is not closed.
  When interrupting file transfer using C-c, the socket sometimes
  stay unclosed.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01005] table caption problem
  Fix of the problem that w3m doesn't stop when there's no closing


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00966] ssl and proxy authorization
  Fix of the authorization procedure of SSL tunneling via HTP proxy.

From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 01003] Some bug fixes for table


From: SASAKI Takeshi <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00999] Re: bookmark
  * Sometimes a link can't be appended into the bookmark.


From: Okabe Katsuya <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00934] clear_buffer bug
  Bugfix: when clear_buffer is TRUE, selBuf() clears the screen.


From: SASAKI Takeshi <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00929] ftp.c patch
  Return code 230 against USER command is regarded as a successful


From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00923] some bug fixes
  * when #undef JP_CHARSET, file.c doesn't compile.
  * buffer.c bugfix ("=" should be "==")

From: Kazuhiko Izawa <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00924] Re: w3m-0.1.11pre
From: Hironori Sakamoto <>
Subject: [w3m-dev 00925] Re: w3m-0.1.11pre
  Accessing URL like file://localhost/foo causes abnormal termination.

From: aito
* [w3m-dev 00826]
  * Bugfix: When a header by CGI POST method gives Location: header,
    the redirect can't be reloaded.
  * white spaces in URL are removed.

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