Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Jason Beegan <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/16/2001 02:01:13
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jtb
Date:		Fri Mar 16 00:01:12 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/vm: Makefile
	pkgsrc/mail/vm/files: md5

Log Message:
Updated to vm-6.92.

VM 6.92 released (11 March 2001)

* vm-imap-check-mail: throw to 'end-of-session instead of 'done.
  Fixes problem of vm-spooled-mail-waiting not being set.
* vm-su-do-recipients: If there is no To or Apparently-To header,
  use Newsgroups if available.
* vm-mime-display-external-generic: use a unibyte temp buffer for
  base64 decoding if using FSF Emacs MULE.  Otherwise our old
  friend \201 crashes the party.
* vm-mime-find-leaf-content-id-in-layout-folder: add missing
  layout argument to vm-mime-find-leaf-content-id.
* vm-mime-parse-entity: fixed regexps that match an empty content
  description so that they match descriptions that only contain
* vm-su-do-date: make +/- mandatory in the numeric tiemzone spec.
  First digit of numeric timezone spec must be 0 or 1.
* vm-fill-paragraphs-containing-long-lines: ignore errors generated
  by fill-paragraph.
* moved the code that catches the font-lock search bound error
  from the XEmacs MIME composition encoder to the FSF Emacs
* vm-mime-charset-internally-displayable-p: allow variable
  vm-mime-default-face-charsets to apply to MULE-enabled Emacs
  and XEmacs.

VM 6.91 released (1 March 2001)

* vm-mime-can-display-internal: check charset to verify that we
  can display it when checking text/html.
* vm-auto-archive-messages: hide value of last-command when calling
* vm-mime-find-leaf-content-id: removed second arg in call to
  vm-mm-layout-id since it only accepts one argument.
* vm-mime-transfer-encode-region: \\n -> \n in armor-dot check
  regexp string.
* vm-mime-parse-entity-safe: dropped (sleep-for 2).  No one cares
  about syntax errors.
* vm-mime-base64-encode-region: if call to base64-encode-region
  fails with wrong-number-of-arguments error call it with only
  two args and do the B encoding cleanup separately.
* vm-mime-base64-decode-region: don't use the FSF Emacs base64
  decoding function, since it fails completely if it encounters
  characters outside of the BASE64 alphabet.
* vm-mime-attachment-auto-type-alist: added the usual PDF,
  Quicktime and Excel file extensions.
* vm-imap-move-mail: trying using obsolete RFC822.PEEK if
  BODY.PEEK fails.
* vm-imap-retrieve-to-crashbox: support use of obsolete RFC822.PEEK.
* vm-so-sortable-datestring: use vm-timezone-make-date-sortable
  instead of the bare timezone-make-date-sortable, which is less
  capable of parsing badly formed Date headers.
* vm-mime-convert-undisplayable-layout: save the content type
  parameters from the old type and give them to the new type.
* all your base are belong to us

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