Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Jason Beegan <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/16/2001 01:48:23
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jtb
Date:		Thu Mar 15 23:48:23 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/ftnchek: Makefile
	pkgsrc/devel/ftnchek/files: md5 patch-sum
	pkgsrc/devel/ftnchek/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Updated to ftnchek-3.0.3.  Use ${MASTER_SITE_SUNSITE} in preference to
Netlib (since they use version numbers).

		 Ftnchek Version 3.0  Patch Level 3
			    March, 2001

Changes made from patch 2 to patch 3:

    1. Fixed two bugs in dcl2inc: Modified dcl2inc itself to recognize
       declarations in the new free source form.  Also changed the
       format of output from -makedcls option to fix a bug that caused
       dcl2inc to omit namelist declarations from the .dcn file
       produced for any program containing both namelist and common
       declarations.  Both of these bug fixes were kindly provided by
       Manfred Schwarb.

    2. Updated MS Developer Studio project files to reflect the new
       source configuration.  These files were kindly provided by
       Gunnar Duus.

    3. Added code due to Michael Taeschner and provided by Stefan
       Deutscher to expand wildcard arguments under OS/2 or DOS with
       the EMX library.

    4. Fixed Makefile so it conforms to autoconf standards on
       configuring lispdir, where the emacs ftnchek-mode lisp file
       ftnchek.el is installed.  Formerly, the configure script
       searched for an emacs/site-lisp directory on the system, and
       hard-coded it into Makefile.  Now lispdir defaults to
       '${datadir}/emacs/site-lisp' where datadir defaults to
       '${prefix}/share' and prefix defaults to '/usr/local'.  If the
       lispdir directory does not exist when "make install" is done,
       ftnchek.el will not be installed.  Hopefully, in most cases
       this will be because emacs is not installed on the system, in
       which case ftnchek.el is not needed.  However, if the
       emacs/site-lisp directory is not located in the default
       location, e.g. it is in /usr/share instead of /usr/local/share,
       you should either run configure with the option
       '--datadir=/usr/share', or else do make install with the option

Changes made from patch 1 to patch 2:

    1. Fixed a bug: statements like READ 123, X or PRINT 123, X did
       not register the use of the format label and so the label might
       be incorrectly reported as defined but not used.

    2. Revised the format of comment lines in declaration files
       (generated by -makedcls option).  The Begin Module and End
       Module comments were changed to accommodate longer file names.
       Formerly any file name longer than 12 characters was truncated
       on the left in the comment.  This would cause dcl2inc to
       generate an incorrect include file name from the declaration
       file.  Now file names up to 25 characters can be accommodated.
       Another format change that was made is that the path to the
       file is no longer included in the comment with the file name.
       Also, the description of the makedcls options, formerly located
       in the Begin Module comment, is moved to a separate comment.
       Thanks go to Manfred Schwarb of ETH Zurich for providing this

       Note that these format changes affect only the comment lines,
       not the Fortran content of the declarations.  The changes are
       significant only when using dcl2inc or another such program
       that processes declarations files and pays attention to the

    3. Changed the form of type-mismatch warnings so that instead of
       simply identifying an item as "expr" or "const", the portion of
       source code corresponding to it is also given.  For instance,
       in average.f, previously a warning was given as

          Warning near line 16 col 20 file average.f: integer quotient
          expr converted to real

       The new form of the warning is

          Warning near line 16 col 20 file average.f: integer quotient
	  expr SUM/COUNT converted to real

    4. Suppressed warnings (controlled by -truncation flag) about
       assigning a longer integer to a shorter integer, if the longer
       integer is a small literal constant (specifically, less than
       128).  For instance, if N is declared as INTEGER*2, the
       assignment N=1 will no longer generate a warning that a regular
       integer is being truncated to a shorter one.  Fortran 77 has no
       standard way to specify a short integer literal constant, so
       there would be no way for the programmer to write this
       assignment with a constant that matches the variable's declared
       size.  This type of warning is not suppressed if the longer
       integer is a parameter, since in this case it could be given
       the matching size.  There is also no suppression of warnings in
       the analogous situation for reals since there is a way to write
       real constants denoting their precision.

    5. Fixed minor problems with Makefile install target: creating
       bindir, libdir and mandir if they don't exist, and including
       the optional .exe extension on executable for those OSes that
       need it.

Changes made from the initial release in patch 1:

    1. Fixed a family of bugs that caused ftnchek to crash due to a
       segmentation violation on certain illegal programs that used an
       identifier in incompatible ways, e.g. defined as a parameter
       and called as a subroutine.

    2. Added option -makedcls=free-form to produce the declarations
       file in free source form:
	  -- comment character is !
	  -- continuation is indicated by & at end of line
	  -- declarations are indented by 2 cols instead of 6
	  -- max continuation lines is 39 instead of 19
	  -- blanks are removed from within numeric parameter values
       This is the default mode for declarations if the input source is

    3. Fixed a bug in -makedcls action that caused the declarations to
       be sent to standard output instead of a file if one used the
       option-list form of this flag instead of the numeric form,
       and did not include "declarations" explicitly in the list.

    4. Remedied omission of a description in the documentation of the
       new -source options fixed-form and free-form.

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