Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/03/2001 14:27:52
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	frueauf
Date:		Sat Mar  3 12:27:52 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail: Makefile
	pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/files: md5 patch-sum
	pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/patches: patch-ac
	pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/pkg: PLIST
	pkgsrc/mail/fetchmailconf: Makefile

Log Message:
Update fetchmail{conf} to 5.7.0.

Changes since 5.6.0:

fetchmail-5.7.0 (Thu Mar  1 18:00:08 EST 2001), 20131 lines:

* Updated Danish translation from Byrial Jensen.
* Fixed bug in NTLM support.  Separately, "auth ntlm" now works.
* Imail server and vircom NTLM account added to test list.
* Don't require Tkinter to read --configdump output.

fetchmail-5.6.8 (Thu Feb 22 02:57:31 EST 2001), 20110 lines:

* `preauth' option changed back to `auth'
* IMAP code now bails out if the server forces the mailbox read-only.
* Fixed a core dump in Dave Zarzycki's new plugin code.
* POP3 latency optimization: only do CAPA and set authentication capabilities
  from it once at start of run.

fetchmail-5.6.7 (Mon Feb 19 12:31:03 EST 2001), 20082 lines:

* Fixed brown-paper-bag password bug (only showed up if it was necessary
  to prompt for a password).  This fixes Debian bug #86350: Fetchmail doesn't
  ask for password.
* In POP3, query for AUTH methods a la RFC2449.

fetchmail-5.6.6 (Thu Feb 15 20:43:47 EST 2001), 20083 lines:

* Fixed locale setting; this should make i18n actually work.
* Resolved Debian bug #85938: fetchmail asks for a password when using ETRN.
* Resolved Debian bugs #85853 and #86047.  POP3: Don't issue AUTH between
  USER and PASS, some servers choke on this.
* Resolved Debian bug #85772 re Kerberos compilation.
* Resolved Debian bug #85961: Wrong error message when local connection fails.
* Serious pre-release regression testing begins.  This version tested
  against 18 different POP3 and IMAP servers.

fetchmail-5.6.5 (Mon Feb 12 04:33:39 EST 2001), 20062 lines:

* CRAM-MD5 authentication of IMAP and POP3 is working.  Tested against
  IMAP4rev1 2000.287 and v2000.70 POP3 gateway at
* Full support for POP3 AUTH (RFC1734) with KERBEROS_IV, GSSAPI, OTP.
  This code has been completely refactored.  In the process, it is
  possible I have broken GSSAPI, KERBEROS, and OPIE; this needs to be tested.
  The old IMAP-LOGIN, IMAP-GSS, and IMAP-K4 protocols are gone; fetchmail
  now uses these automatically when it detects the right capabilities.
  To prevent having fetchmail  look for a password, specify a "preauth"
  option other than "password".
* Noted that Debian bugs #78963, #63064, #81312, #78796, #78363, #78149,
  #68627, #67559, #63308, #63088, #71428 are fixed.
* Resolved Debian bug #65505: fetchmail now returns a nonzero exit status
  when interrupted before a successful fetch.
* configure --ssl works correctly again.

fetchmail-5.6.4 (Sun Feb 11 00:43:14 EST 2001), 20085 lines:

* ODMR port fix for AIX.
* Dave Zarzycki's fix for former FAQ item F5 (%h and %p not being expanded).
* Dave Zarzycki's fix to reap zombie processes when nodetach is set.
* Attempted fix for CRAM-MD5 problem with IMAP 2000.

fetchmail-5.6.3 (Wed Feb  7 10:56:21 EST 2001), 19901 lines:

* VPATH build fixed (thanks to Harry McGavran).
* Danny O'Brien's patch allowing preauth and idle to work together.
* Fixed a bug in that was resulting in KERBEROS_IV being
  set when it should not have been (several reports).
* FAQ change: mailing lists have moved to MailMan.
* Deal with brain-dead netmind mail missing the RFC822 delimiter line.
* ODMR (RFC 2645) support -- untested and probably buggy!

fetchmail-5.6.2 (Fri Jan  5 16:45:47 EST 2001), 19744 lines:

* Dave Bodenstab's fix for the lockfile re-exec problem.
* Fixes for `principal' handling in fetchmailconf.
* Make --with-included-gettext work again (Thanks to Albert Chin-A-Young).

fetchmail-5.6.1 (Mon Dec 11 23:11:59 EST 2000), 19718 lines:

* More on ETRN in the FAQ.
* Horst Klokow's patch to make interface check the remote IP address.
* Roger Luethi's patch to write the UIDL file when you hit a fetchlimit.
* Don Beusee's patch to eliminate wedging on authentication failure.
  Instead, fetchmail will now notify the user on the third failure, then
  continue polling silently until service is restored (at which time the
  user will get a notification).
* Samuel Leo's patch to add LMTP capability to the smtphost option.
* Fix UIDL handling on skip entries.
* Add Don Beusee's `spambounce' option (default off).

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