Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/01/2001 06:14:24
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Thu Mar  1 04:14:23 UTC 2001

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/security/openssh: Makefile
	pkgsrc/security/openssh/files: md5

Log Message:
use 2.5.1p2.

 - (djm) Properly add -lcrypt if needed.
 - (djm) Force standard PAM conversation function in a few more places.
   Patch from Redhat 2.5.1p1-2 RPM, probably Nalin Dahyabhai
 - (djm) Cygwin needs pw->pw_gecos copied too. Patch from Corinna Vinschen
 - (djm) Released 2.5.1p2

 - (djm) Detect endianness in configure and use it in rijndael.c. Fixes
   "Bad packet length" bugs.
 - (djm) Fully revert PAM session patch (again). All PAM session init is
   now done before the final fork().
 - (djm) EGD detection patch from Tim Rice <>
 - (djm) Remove /tmp from EGD socket search list

 - (bal) Applied shutdown() patch for sftp.c by  Corinna Vinschen
 - (bal) OpenBSD Sync
   - 2001/02/23 15:37:45
     handle SSH_PROTOFLAG_SCREEN_NUMBER for buggy clients
 - (bal) sshd.init support for all Redhat release.  Patch by Jim Knoble
 - (djm) Fix up POSIX saved uid support. Report from Mark Miller
 - (djm) Search for -lcrypt on FreeBSD too
 - (djm) fatal() on OpenSSL version mismatch
 - (djm) Move PAM init to after fork for non-Solaris derived PAMs
 - (djm) Warning fix on entropy.c saved uid stuff. Patch from Mark Miller
 - (djm) Fix PAM fix
 - (djm) Remove 'noreplace' flag from sshd_config in RPM spec files. This
   change is being made as 2.5.x configfiles are not back-compatible with
 - (djm) Avoid warnings for missing broken IP_TOS. Patch from Mark Miller
 - (djm) Open Server 5 doesn't need BROKEN_SAVED_UIDS. Patch from Tim Rice
 - (djm) Avoid multiple definition of _PATH_LS. Patch from Tim Rice

 - (bal) Fixed bsd-snprinf.c so it now honors 'BROKEN_SNPRINTF' again.
 - (djm) Some systems (SCO3, NeXT) have weird saved uid semantics.
   Based on patch from Tim Rice <>

 - (djm) Use %{_libexecdir} rather than hardcoded path in RPM specfile
   Patch from Adrian Ho <>
 - (bal) Replace 'unsigned long long' to 'u_int64_t' since not every
   platform defines u_int64_t as being that.

 - (bal) Missed part of the UNIX sockets patch.  Patch by Corinna
   Vinschen <>
 - (bal) Reorder where 'strftime' is detected to resolve linking
   issues on SCO.  Patch by Tim Rice <>

 - (bal) pam_stack fix to correctly detect between RH7 and older RHs.
   Patch by Pekka Savola <>
 - (bal) Renamed sigaction.[ch] to sigact.[ch].  Causes problems with
   some platforms.
 - (bal) Generalize lack of UNIX sockets since this also effects Cray
   not just Cygwin.  Based on patch by Wendy Palm <>

 - (bal) Fix --define rh7 in openssh.spec file.  Patch by Steve Tell
 - (bal) Patch to force OpenSSH rpm to require the same version of OpenSSL
   that it was compiled against.  Patch by Pekka Savola <>
 - (bal) Double -I for OpenSSL on SCO.  Patch by Tim Rice

 - (bal) Corrected SCO luid patch by svaughan <>
 - (bal) Added from Mark Roth <>
 - (bal) Removed reference to liblogin from contrib/README.  It was
   integrated into OpenSSH a long while ago.
 - (stevesk) remove erroneous #ifdef sgi code.
   Michael Stone <>

 - (bal) Removed -L/usr/ucblib -R/usr/ucblib for Solaris platform.
 - (bal) Fixed OpenSSL rework to use $saved_*.  Patch by Tim Rice
 - (bal) Reverted out of 2001/02/15 patch by djm below because it
   breaks Solaris.
	- (djm) Move PAM session setup back to before setuid to user.
	  fixes problems on Solaris-drived PAMs.
 - (stevesk) session.c: back out to where we were before:
    - (djm) Move PAM session initialisation until after fork in sshd. Patch
      from Nalin Dahyabhai <>

 - (bal) Fix mixed up params to memmove() from Jan 5th in setenv.c and
 - (bal) OpenBSD CVS Sync:
   - 2001/02/19 23:09:05
     clarify message to make it not mention "ident"

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