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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/devel/slibtool slibtool: update to 0.5.25

branches:  trunk
changeset: 313849:70ae5f2d2ca4
user:      wiedi <>
date:      Thu Oct 11 20:03:45 2018 +0000

slibtool: update to 0.5.25



        This patch release follows several important enhancements in slibtool's
        functionality, including proper support of explicit .a and .so input
        arguments in link mode, and use of validly alternate (non-)pic objects.
        With respect to compiler and target flavors, slibtool now accommodates
        clang's debated approach towards the -fPIC switch in always-pic targets.
        Last but not least, and following much discussion and consideration of
        the various trade-offs, this release redefines _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700. With
        that said, slibtool could still be easily built on older systems for as
        long as they provide openat, faccessat, and (the soon-to-be-used) fexecve.

        - driver: added --tag=RC support.
        - driver: added --windres support.
        - driver: use a compiler --target argument also as a tool argument.
        - driver: if no --tag had been defined in compile mode, set --tag to CC.
        - link mode: properly handle explicit archive input arguments.
        - link mode: properly handle external archives and libraries.
        - link mode: process dependencies also for non-pic .la args.
        - link mode: support validly alternate (non-)pic objects.
        - target flavors: accommodate conceptually challenged, PICky targets.
        - target flavors: flavor detection: associate -windows- with mingw.
        - target flavors: further eliminate compiler -dumpmachine invocations.


        This patch release explicitly requests definition of AT_FDCWD via definition
        of _POSIX_C_SOURCE in translation units that refer to it.


        This patch releases fixes a couple of minor issues in slibtool's own build

        build system: all-shared front-end variant: fix ordering of -l$(PACKAGE).
        build system: all-shared binary: added missing build-dep on $(SHARED_SOLINK).


        This patch release explicitly requests the openat() interface via definition
        of _POSIX_C_SOURCE in translation units that need it.


        This patch release follows important enhancements in slibtool's library
        interfaces and API contract. In particular, slibtool now no longer uses
        streams, but rather pure file descriptors. In addition, i/o operations
        now robustly handle interruption by signals, and thus do not depend on
        the underlying system calls being restartable. Last but not least,
        slibtool now installs a pkgconfig configuration file when applicable.

        - argv.h: output usage and errors using [argv_]dprintf rather than fprint.
        - argv.h: argv_get(): be consistent between forward decl. and impl.
        - argv.h: move definition of struct argv_meta_impl to the implementation block.
        - internals: added slbt_mapped_readline().
        - internals: added slbt_map_file(), slbt_unmap_file().
        - internals: added slbt_dprintf(), a signal-resilient dprintf implementation.
        - driver: argv usage and error output: use the signal-resilient slbt_dprintf().
        - driver: support alternate fd's for input/output/error/log.
        - driver: slbt_init_host_params(): propagate failure of <compiler> -dumpmachine.
        - driver: slbt_init_host_params(): do not set fnative when !fdumpmachine.
        - driver: struct slbt_fd_ctx: added .fdcwd and .fddst.
        - library: invocations of openat() now use the context's fdcwd.
        - project: added initial pkgconfig support.


        This patch release includes several important bug fixes pertaining to both
        the link and compile mode, as well as the addition of a compatible --features

        - driver: added slbt_output_features(), providing compatible --features output.
        - driver: compatibility: have -{shared|static} imply -disable-{static|shared}.
        - link mode: properly handle the combination of -release and -version-info.
        - link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_dep_file(): record top-level -L arguments.
        - link mode: --disable-{shared|static}: use differently-named placeholders.


 devel/slibtool/Makefile |   5 +++--
 devel/slibtool/PLIST    |   3 ++-
 devel/slibtool/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 3 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diffs (48 lines):

diff -r 610ade4419ab -r 70ae5f2d2ca4 devel/slibtool/Makefile
--- a/devel/slibtool/Makefile   Thu Oct 11 17:49:26 2018 +0000
+++ b/devel/slibtool/Makefile   Thu Oct 11 20:03:45 2018 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.6 2018/06/12 12:04:24 wiedi Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.7 2018/10/11 20:03:45 wiedi Exp $
-DISTNAME=      slibtool-0.5.19
+DISTNAME=      slibtool-0.5.25
 CATEGORIES=    devel
 MASTER_SITES=  ${MASTER_SITE_GITHUB:=midipix-project/}
@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@
 USE_TOOLS+=    gmake
 .include "../../mk/"
diff -r 610ade4419ab -r 70ae5f2d2ca4 devel/slibtool/PLIST
--- a/devel/slibtool/PLIST      Thu Oct 11 17:49:26 2018 +0000
+++ b/devel/slibtool/PLIST      Thu Oct 11 20:03:45 2018 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.1 2016/12/03 23:54:56 wiedi Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.2 2018/10/11 20:03:45 wiedi Exp $
@@ -8,3 +8,4 @@
diff -r 610ade4419ab -r 70ae5f2d2ca4 devel/slibtool/distinfo
--- a/devel/slibtool/distinfo   Thu Oct 11 17:49:26 2018 +0000
+++ b/devel/slibtool/distinfo   Thu Oct 11 20:03:45 2018 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.5 2018/06/12 12:04:24 wiedi Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.6 2018/10/11 20:03:45 wiedi Exp $
-SHA1 (slibtool-0.5.19.tar.gz) = 4944794bbdeca036402b3f28e6833f13c523ab15
-RMD160 (slibtool-0.5.19.tar.gz) = 81782d9bf0afb0314dcad15ce8801adaa9d58392
-SHA512 (slibtool-0.5.19.tar.gz) = 23d070fa8fb61a1a84d7e22784829c41ffaff98580afa91dc9928f58cae65f6c3d9052f096280cbf0c9ba8cd2cf1e8860cefa0dd216cb2c8ead58bc281fea733
-Size (slibtool-0.5.19.tar.gz) = 64467 bytes
+SHA1 (slibtool-0.5.25.tar.gz) = a9c3c69783060b643d89fd2e7d8297f0d642f3a2
+RMD160 (slibtool-0.5.25.tar.gz) = d75da57a70abdebb5ba0f05bf95fa8d5198f29ba
+SHA512 (slibtool-0.5.25.tar.gz) = 16842036b4531265c5ebb2fa04702c3b18978d061a69609ecf370e4f3645524253a5a7e00984c56d540322ba1ba374863f9a47501cda1c6e9d2ab482c6b17eb3
+Size (slibtool-0.5.25.tar.gz) = 70772 bytes

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