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Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 8.99.2/x86_64 2017-09-08 19:21

the rest of this:

On Sat, Sep 09, 2017 at 07:29:24PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
 > security/cfs                       

sunrpc/rpcgen problems

 > security/ecap_clamav_adapter       

pcre>=3.4nb1 is not installed; can't buildlink files.

(which isn't supposed to happen, so not sure what's going on; maybe
Joerg was messing with it while it was building)

also see c-icap-modules below

 > security/honeyd                    

problems with libevent that I couldn't figure out

 > security/ipsec-tools               

conflicts with ipsec stuff in base

 > security/kwallet                          21


 > security/libcurvecpr               

Can't find libsodium's headers. (libsodium is buildinked and it seems
to have the right -I's, not sure what's up)

 > security/libprelude-perl           
 > security/libpreludedb-perl         

Generic compile failure on "bool"; fixed.

 > security/netramet                  

Link errors with libpcap.

 > security/py-argon2_cffi            
 >     py27-argon2_cffi-16.3.0        

PLIST divergence, looks like it's a python2 vs. python3 issue

 > security/seahorse                          4

Configure doesn't recognize gnupg2-2.2.x. Joerg fixed it already.

 > security/sfs                       

C++ issues. I fixed some (similar to the ones in sfslite), more

 > security/sks                       

ocaml issues; fixed.

 > security/tor-browser               

C++ issues

 > shells/ast-ksh                     
 > shells/static-ast-ksh              

Generic build failure, plus build doesn't stop on error.

 > shells/fish                        

C++ issues with const char *.

 > shells/standalone-tcsh             

This should be masked...

 > sysutils/bkpupsd                   

Isn't using SPECIAL_PERMS properly.

 > sysutils/erlang-lager                      1

Tries to download stuff during the build, and trips on itself.

 > sysutils/gnome-commander           

Doesn't like current poppler.

 > sysutils/grub                      

GRUB requires GAS .code16 addr32 support; upgrade your binutils

 > sysutils/grub2                     

checking whether `clang' generates calls to `__enable_execute_stack()'... configure: error: clang failed to produce assembly code

 > sysutils/lnav                      

C++ issues.

 > sysutils/memconf                   

Distfile checksum mismatch.

 > sysutils/strace                    

Usual problem: it needs /usr/src/sys.

 > sysutils/sunxi-tools               

Two extra programs installed.

 > sysutils/tkdesk                    

undefined reference to `Itcl_Init'

 > sysutils/virt-manager              

Invalid invocation of pod2man.

 > sysutils/xentools46                

Uses nested functions.

 > sysutils/xentools48                

'variable length array in structure' extension will never be supported

 > textproc/dbtoepub                  

Conflicts with dependency.

 > textproc/emacs-muse                

Bad distinfo, looks to have already been fixed.

 > textproc/expatobjc                 

Fails to find expat.

 > textproc/go-md2man                         2
 > textproc/go-mmark                          1

Bad PLISTS, already fixed.

 > textproc/py-tablib                 
 >     py27-tablib-0.12.1             

Extra files installed.

 > www/amaya                          

Problems with zlib api and C++.

 > www/ap2-python                     
 >     ap22-py35-python-3.5.0nb1      
 >     ap22-py36-python-3.5.0nb1      
 >     ap24-py35-python-3.5.0nb1      
 >     ap24-py36-python-3.5.0nb1      

A bunch of .pyc files come out named opt-2 instead of opt-1. Dunno
what this is about.

 > www/aws                                    1

Setup OS specific definitions
sh: ../xoscons: not found

 > www/c-icap-modules                 

pcre>=3.4nb1 is not installed; can't buildlink files.

also see ecap_clamav_adapter above

 > www/firefox24                      

C++ issues

 > www/firefox31                      

plist divergence of .js files, not obvious why

 > www/go-toml-pelletier                      4

check-interpreter failure (already fixed)

 > www/midori                         

Vala issues (apparently)

 > www/nvu                            

SIGSEGV during build

 > www/p5-libapreq                    

Conflicts among deps.

 > www/ruby-pygments.rb               
 >     ruby22-pygments.rb-1.1.2       

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::InvalidSpecificationException)
    ["vendor/pygments-main/scripts/"] are not files

 > www/siege                          

Two extra files installed.

 > www/termtter                       

Extra files installed; already fixed.

 > www/trafficserver                  

use of undeclared identifier 'PTHREAD_STACK_MIN'

 > www/yaws                           

Erlang issues

 > x11/gtkada                                 1

ada + clang doesn't work apparently

 > x11/lablgtk1                       

ocaml linking issues, should be fixed

 > x11/labltk                         

ocaml issues, may be fixed (builds for me now, but...)

 > x11/ocaml-graphics                         2

Extra files installed (what are .cmti files...?)

 > x11/qt4-creator                    

Newly illegal C++ syntax.

 > x11/xdm3d                          

Usual problem installing xdm config.

 > x11/xf86-video-ati6                

Generic build failure, probably version skew.

David A. Holland

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