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Re: Fwd: pkgsrc NetBSD 5.1/i386 bulk build results 20110518.2057

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 09:24:52PM +0200, Guillaume Lasmayous wrote:
 > Package                    Breaks  Maintainer
 > --------------------------------------------------------------

The following probably require some discussion:

 > graphics/gnuplot           11
 > sysutils/rox               7
 > emulators/yabause        
 > games/crossfire-client-gtk2
 > games/genecys-client     
 > games/wesnoth            
 > graphics/cinepaint       
 > inputmethod/nabi         

These don't like the pixman in -5's native X. What should be done
about this?

 > mail/claws-mail            24
 > chat/bitlbee             

These (both) have impossible depends on gnutls. It's a known issue:

Should we grow a gnutls210 package (which will be vulnerable), patch
gnutls, mark these broken, or what? 

 > x11/libXext                43

Do we yet have a way to mark pkgsrc X11 packages so they don't pollute
the bulk build results when they fail in the presence of native X?


Here are some that require specialized knowledge to fix:

 > audio/csound5            
 > audio/hydrogen           


 > audio/bmpx               
 > devel/xsd                
 > games/pokerth            

Problems with boost.

 > audio/libvisual0.2-plugins

Builds on amd64 but not i386; there's something wrong with the
constraints on a gcc inline asm block.

 > chat/amsn                
 > emulators/openmsx        
 > games/criticalmass       
 > graphics/povray            1

These require png patches.

 > chat/telepathy-gabble    

checking location of system Certificate Authority list... configure:
error: could not find. Use --with-ca-certificates=path to set, or
--without-ca-certificates to disable

 > devel/coccinelle         

ocaml issues.

 > devel/guile-gnome        
 > math/pspp                

gtk2 problems.


Aaaaand, here are some that look to be problems on the build host:

 > x11/py-gtk2                146

This failed building py25-gtk2... because the bulk build logic
provided it with py26 deps, so it went to install py25 versions of
them and failed because py25-cairo and py26-cairo are mutually

 > filesystems/fuse-gmailfs 

This does the same thing, except with py2[56]-fuse-bindings.

 > fonts/py-TTFQuery        

and so does this, with py2[56]-fonttools.

 > x11/wxGTK28                53

This fails to link a gtk2 test program, but I don't see any obvious
reason why. It builds for me.

 > audio/amarok             

This fails configure because it can't find qtscriptgenerator, but it's

 > audio/opencore-amr       

   ../amrnb/.libs/ undefined reference to `free(void*)'
   ../amrnb/.libs/ undefined reference to `memset(void*, 
int, unsigned int)'

which suggests that something was compiling C as C++. But it builds
for me, including on i386 -5.

 > audio/terminatorx        
 > devel/allegro              2
 > emulators/xhomer         
 > games/powermanga         
 > games/quake              
 > games/quakeforge         
 > games/tyrquake           
 > graphics/libggi            6

These fail probing libXxf86dga. I can't replicate this on -5 with
native X.

David A. Holland

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