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Re: pkgsrc-HEAD DragonFly 2.3/i386 2009-03-30 23:45

Note that this build has some local changes - attempts to solve problems 
with tar and pax. The problems with pax should be solved now in HEAD. I
hope that problems with tar will be solved when 2009Q1 will be released.

-Build start: 2009-03-24 10:35
-Build end:   2009-03-29 08:58

-Total number of packages:       8432
-  Successfully built:           7517
-  Failed to build:               373
-  Depending on failed package:   217
+Total number of packages:       8430
+  Successfully built:           7625
+  Failed to build:               345
+  Depending on failed package:   135

-cad/geda-examples                          1
+chat/irchat-pj                             1
-devel/monotone                             1
-devel/scmgit-base                          6
-editors/emacs                             78
-emulators/hercules-images                  1
-finance/libofx                             2
-print/LPRng-doc                            1

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