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Re: [Fwd: pkgsrc SunOS 5.10/sparc bulk build results 20070519.1905]

Roland Illig wrote:
pkgsrc bulk build results
SunOS 5.10/sparc
Compiler: sunpro


        Build started:                  Sat May 19 17:08:59 2007 UTC
        Build ended:                    Wed May 30 13:40:02 2007 UTC

        Successfully packaged:          3609
        Packages really broken:         1311
        Pkgs broken due to them:        1758
        Total broken:                   3069
        Not packaged:                   8
        Not available:                  548
        Total:                          3077

Packages not listed here resulted in a binary package. The build
report, including logs of failed/not-packaged is available from:



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