Subject: Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 2.1/i386 bulk build results 2006-01-09
To: Krister Walfridsson <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: pkgsrc-bulk
Date: 01/09/2006 18:43:58

For what it is worth, I have a set of private packages for Zope 2.7.5.
Real life in the form of my Dad taking a fall this summer, plus a
heavy work load since Thanksgiving has made it difficult, but I have
finally started updating these packages.  Of course, it figures that
when I restarted this whole process, we would have Zope 2.9 released,
and several other Zope products (like Plone) in release cycles as

The goal is to have a set of semi-release independent packages which
can handle Zope 2.8 or Zope 2.9 (and perhaps I may revisit and pick up
Zope 2.7 as well), and they should soon be going into pkgsrc.

For updates on how my work is progressing, you can read the following URL:

If you register on that site, you can get the work for Zope 2.7.5
(which is what the site is running) under the downloads area.  And you
can also see the latest versions via CVSweb at the following URL:

Yea, that is slow.  I am in the process of moving more and more from
my old dual-P90 which runs both my mail gateway and Apache server to
the system which runs Zope, takes time I have not had for
some time.  But if you are interested, I can also see about dropping a
snapshot of the current work onto my site as well.  Either way, I
would definitely welcome input.  Of particular interest, I would
welcome feedback on supporting multiple versions within a single


- Doug

Quoting Krister Walfridsson (
> pkgsrc bulk build results
> NetBSD 2.1/i386
> Summary:
>         Build started:                  Fri Jan  6 22:04:45 2006 UTC
>         Build ended:                    Mon Jan  9 22:34:48 2006 UTC
>         Successfully packaged:          4884
>         Packages really broken:         178
>         Pkgs broken due to them:        621
>         Total broken:                   799
>         Not packaged:                   95
>         Total:                          894
> www/zope                   2
> www/zope25-RDFSummary    
> www/zope25-ZPhotoSlides  
> www/zope25-ZWeatherApplet
> www/zope25-colorz        

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