Subject: Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 2.0.2/i386 bulk build results 2005-09-27
To: Krister Walfridsson <>
From: Martti Kuparinen <>
List: pkgsrc-bulk
Date: 09/28/2005 08:22:19
Krister Walfridsson wrote:
> [This build is done using CHECK_FILES=yes]
> mail/postfix             

This CHECK_FILES thing is completely broken. As an example:

===> Registering installation for postfix-2.2.5
===> Checking for work-directory references in postfix-2.2.5
===> Checking file-check results for postfix-2.2.5
*** The PLIST does not match installed files!
*** The following files are in the PLIST but not in /usr/pkg:
*** Error code 1

On all our servers:

inside:~> pkg_info | grep postfix
postfix-2.2.5       Postfix SMTP server and tools

inside:~> ls -l /usr/pkg/man/man5/generic.5
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  8376 Sep  6 10:24 /usr/pkg/man/man5/generic.5