Subject: Re: use of ls in mk/bulk/post-build
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: pkgsrc-bulk
Date: 08/26/2005 15:17:51
On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Jan Schaumann wrote:

> This still hasn't been fixed.  I'd really like to have a functional
> post-build on the new branch -- can we please revert this change to use
> find(1) again?  It's better to have it be slow over NFS than to not have
> it working at all on some platforms.

I said at the time (twice) that it can be reverted.  It *should* be as easy
as changing to:

system("find . -name $vars{BROKENFILE} -print -o -name $vars{BROKENWRKLOG} -print | $vars{GTAR} -T - -plcf - | (cd $vars{FTP}; $vars{GTAR} -plxf-)");

Please feel free to test and commit.  Right now I don't have a machine
capable of doing a bulk build all the way through without keeling over, so I
can't test this change to be sure.

-- Todd Vierling <> <> <>