Subject: Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 2.0_RC1/i386 bulk build results 2004-10-31
To: Thomas Klausner <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: pkgsrc-bulk
Date: 11/02/2004 18:12:07
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Thomas Klausner wrote:

>>> x11/gnome2-control-center  5
> Something's strange here, and it causes the other gnome2
> breakage in this bulk build.

The error comes from

Doing a "make show-depends-dirs" does only list
   devel/at-spi devel/atk devel/libbonobo devel/libbonoboui
   devel/libgnomeui x11/gnome-panel x11/gtk2 devel/libtool-base
   devel/pkgconfig pkgtools/x11-links
which makes the package appear rather early in the .order file.

But the bulk build does notice that many more packages are needed
when starting to build the package, so it starts to build them
within the build of devel/libgail-gnome.  One of these packages
is x11/gnome2-control-center that thus also is built without its
depends being done.

So the problem is that "make show-depends-dirs" does not DTRT
for devel/libgail-gnome.  I have no clue why...