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Re: pkg/55065 (misc/tmux fails to compile on Solaris)

  I have rechecked releases and tags respectively at:
...and - if I am not missing something - only the 3.1 tag was created
  but the latest release is still tmux-3.1-rc2.

Ah, okay. I'm not very fluent in Git(hub)...

  At least if there aren't any possible further and important fixes I
  would prefer to keep misc/tmux to 3.0a until (non-release candidate)
  3.1 is out.

I totally agree.

I just compiled tmux-3.0anb2 without any problems on Solaris. Thanks for the quick update!


Jörn Clausen
Plattformen & Serverdienste
BITS - Bielefelder IT-Servicezentrum

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