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Re: pkg/54695: MLDonkey Does Not Build

Thank you so much for attending my problem David!

On Thu, 14 Nov 2019 19:05:02 +0000 (UTC)
David Holland <> wrote:

>  Do you use mldonkey? Is it worth patching harder? When I did the above
>  it seemed pretty dead upstream, it had been broken for some time, and
>  it wasn't clear that anyone was using it.

No, MLDonkey is not dead.  I was wondering the same: 

I had been using it for nearly a decade straight.
I barely update (neither the OS nor the packages.) 

I think I did it once and that very same problem already happened (and triggered your change.  Thank you for that again btw!)

I think the software is just done (I.e. completed.) It does everything it needs to do.
What's not is OCaml, and that I have a vibe it never will be.

>  One of the various downsides of using ocaml 

Yes, I don't know what to say.

Interesting problem indeed :) :)  Bc the language definitely serves a purpose for which it is unique:
It is like the C of functional languages (or more so C++.)

>   > ...
>  This sounds like something you should file a separate PR on ;-)

I will. I am staggering my PRs. ;)

>  Let me know when it's out. If you would like to prepare an update,
>  that'd be great.

I will !  As well as keeping on taking a look at what I can do (since I am obviously the one guy using MLDonkey from pkgsrc):

MLDonkey guy also said Debian uses his own Github as their source (as opposed to the release from the MLDonkey project's Github.)

I *think* we can make pkgsrc tap into that.

Kind regards,

(I included Jaap who had replied on the thread in NetBSD-users)
Germain Le Chapelain <>
Software Engineer

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