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Re: pkg/48977 (installation of services/daemons hangs on Solaris 10)

On 10.07.14 17:20, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
Hmm, right, non-root SMF installs aren't going to work.  I'll need to add
some logic to stop it trying to svccfg import if not root and print a
message instead.

For now you can set PKG_SKIP_SMF=yes which will skip the import.

I have set


in mk.conf, but installation of www/apache22 just hung again:

apache-2.2.27nb1: copying /usr/pkgsrc/20140707/share/examples/httpd/magic to /usr/pkgsrc/20140707/etc/httpd/magic apache-2.2.27nb1: copying /usr/pkgsrc/20140707/share/examples/httpd/mime.types to /usr/pkgsrc/20140707/etc/httpd/mime.types
The following directories are used by apache-2.2.27nb1 and
have the wrong ownership and/or permissions:

        /usr/pkgsrc/20140707/var/db/httpd/proxy (m=0755, o=www, g=www)

This package has SMF support.  You may use svcadm(1M) to 'enable', 'disable'
or 'restart' services.  To enable the instance(s) for this package, run:

        /usr/sbin/svcadm enable svc:/pkgsrc/apache:default

Use svcs(1) to check on service status.  See smf(5) for more information.

I think when I set it as environment variable, it actually prevented execution of the SMF related code.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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