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Re: pkg/48740 (lang/gcc44 to gcc46 linker fails because of whitespace)

Sorry for being silent for almost a month.

From: venture37 <>
Subject: Re: pkg/48740 (lang/gcc44 to gcc46 linker fails because of whitespace)
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 01:14:15 +0100

>> So, with the stock XCode 2.5 toolchain on OS X 10.4.11 1) gcc needs
>> to be built with dwarf2 2) disable fstack-protector as described
>> earlier 3) if you're building on a 32bit PowerPC system (I am),
>> disable multilib
> The attached patch, fixes points 1 & 3 raised above.

Thank you very much for your patch. I'll apply it after the end of
pkgsrc freeze.

> Pho, what's the best way to deal with point 2? It's not enabled by
> default upstream, it's a patch in the pkgsrc tree which switches it on.

Well... ryoon@, can you remember why you patched lang/gcc46 so that
flag_stack_protect gets initialized with -1 not 0? -fstack-protector
will be effectively enabled by default then, and this is causing a
bootstrapping problem on platforms whose libc does not natively
provide functions for ssp. (I'm CC-ing him.)

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