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Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream)

On Jun 17,  3:39pm, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
} On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 02:15:00PM +0000, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
} >  And with -current pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/paches, I can restore 
} >  with this simple change (and make makepatchsum of course), hence re-entrant
} >  resolver is the culprit.
} I found two bugs in the pkgsrc patches for NAMED_RESN
} - res_ninit is called regardless if the structure was already initialized

     The case where res_ninit() was called without checking for
previous initialisation was relatively early in the startup.  A
visual code inspection indicated that it was highly unlikely that
res_ninit() would be called after initialisation.  Did you find a
code path where it could happen?  I didn't bother testing for
initialisation at that point because it made things rather awkward.
However, just to make you happy I figured out a way to do it.  Note
that in the unlikely event that res_ninit() was called when it had
already been called, all that would have happened is a small amount
of leaked memory.  Not great, but hardly the end of the world.
BTW, even in the case that res_init()/res_ninit() didn't get called,
the code went ahead and initialised all the options anyways.  Which
is kind of silly, but not a change created by this patch.

} - there is a res_search left in sendmail/sm_resolve.c that does not have

     Thank you for pointing that out.  It was the only place that
got missed.  I found it and squashed it.  I have also verified with
the help of nm that all deprecated functions, as listed in resolver(3),
have been found and eradicated.

} a res_nsearch counterpart. If NAMED_RESN is defined I think it will operate
} without proper resolver initiliazation.

     BTW, where were you when I asked for testing and feedback
prior to 8.14.9 being committed?

}-- End of excerpt from Emmanuel Dreyfus

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