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Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream)

On Jun 17,  7:40pm, (Emmanuel Dreyfus) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream

|  > If you are threaded and you use _res you'll break with NetBSD because we
|  > don't allow that.
|  Sendmail is not threaded, hence it is perfectly fine to use __res. I
|  must confess I do not understand why this change was done. The commit
|  message says:
|  - convert to use res_n* functions
|    - allows for linking against threaded libraries

Yes, someone else encountered the same problem and tried to fix it.

|  But I do not know what case we are talking about. I already link
|  sendmail with a SASL plugin that does not use threads, but pulls
|  -lpthread through other libraries, and it works fine, hence it is not
|  the problem we have here.

As long as it is not actually using threads and _res gets resolved to the
libc one instead of the libpthread one it should be ok. In the long term
it is better to use the new resolver functions though.


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