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Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream)

On Jun 17,  8:25pm, (Emmanuel Dreyfus) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream

| Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:
| > I found two bugs in the pkgsrc patches for NAMED_RESN
| > - res_ninit is called regardless if the structure was already initialized
| > - there is a res_search left in sendmail/sm_resolve.c that does not have
| > a res_nsearch counterpart. If NAMED_RESN is defined I think it will operate
| > without proper resolver initiliazation.
| I made a patch that:
| 1) introduces a threads option that enable NAMED_RESN code. It is
| disabled by default.
| 2) pull a patch that just went upstream so that SSL_OP_TLSEXT_PADDING
| can be disabled, as it breaks interoperability with some other MTA.
| Here is it. Okay to commit?

If you are threaded and you use _res you'll break with NetBSD because we
don't allow that.


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