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Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream)

On Jun 16,  6:18am, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
} Subject: Re: pkg/48566 (getpwnam() fix and ECDH for sendmail from upstream
} <> wrote:
} > ECDH patch combined with previous FFR_TLS patch
} > Please check that these changes fixes the issues.
} It fails the build for a minor issue:
} => Checking file-check results for sendmail-8.14.9
} ERROR: ************************************************************
} ERROR: The following files are in
} /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/default/.destdir/usr/pkg but not in
} the PLIST:
} /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/default/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/exampl
} es/rc.d/sendmail
} /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/default/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/exampl
} es/rc.d/smmsp

     Sounds like your infrastructure is out of date.  With changes
to support SMF these files are no longer in PLIST as they are
handled automatically.  You should update pkgsrc/mk.

}-- End of excerpt from Emmanuel Dreyfus

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