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Re: PR/47935 CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xf86-video-ati6

On 8/23/13 9:40 AM, Kai-Uwe Eckhardt wrote:
>  The mouse works now. I reinstalled the system without native X11 and have 
> built
>  meta-pkgs/modular-xorg and xf86-video-ati6. The mouse works fine and
>  the system is stable. There is still a small problem left. After exiting
>  from fluxbox I get a coredump of the Xserver with this message:
>  Server termninated successfully (0).
>  Segmentation fault at address 0xb2817f31.

   I am seeing this as well. (Well, another address; I'm using amd64,
but the segfault happens there as well).


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