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Re: pkg/48079 (mail/ripmime now uses libiconv)



$ ldd /usr/pkgsrc/20130422/bin/ripmime =>         (file not found) =>     /lib/ =>     /lib/

I don't see any LDFLAGS in this:

gcc -O -I/usr/pkgsrc/20130422/include -DRIPOLE ripmime.c strstack.o mime.o ffget.o MIME_headers.o tnef/tnef.o rawget.o pldstr.o logger.o libmime-decoders.o boundary-stack.o uuencode.o filename-filters.o ripOLE/ole.o ripOLE/olestream-unwrap.o ripOLE/bytedecoders.o ripOLE/bt-int.o -o ripmime -liconv

Are they supposed to be inserted by converters/libiconv/ automagically?

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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