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Re: pkg/48075: compilation of devel/gtexinfo fails

On 23.07.13 10:45, Thomas Klausner wrote:
  >  Running "texi2dvi --help" yields:
  >  $ ./work.pkgsrc-i86/texinfo-5.1/util/texi2dvi --help
  >  ./work.pkgsrc-i86/texinfo-5.1/util/texi2dvi[1979]: no closing quote
  >  The shell script is 1978 lines long. Maybe this is closer to the real 
  >  $ bash ./work.pkgsrc-i86/texinfo-5.1/util/texi2dvi --help
  >  ./work.pkgsrc-i86/texinfo-5.1/util/texi2dvi: line 1106: syntax error near 
unexpected token `'

  I don't see this, and I don't see anything wrong around line 1106.

It probably triggers a bug in pdksh and bash. /bin/sh on Solaris 10 does not have any problems with the script either. So upstream of texinfo is the wrong tree to bark up...

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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