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Re: pkg/47618

>  All,
>  I am not proud of this patch, but it works for me on 6.99.22.  The kernel 
> module
>  does not get installed properly.  Instead of /stand/.../mppe/mppe.kmod it is
>  installed in /usr/pkg/stand/.../mppe.kmod.  I had to copy it to the correct
>  location and it worked.  Also, I included a full copy of the arc4 routines in
>  the module.  I figured it was better than forcing everyone to include arc4 
> for
>  just one module.  The patch follows:

Thank you very much for your work.
I can confirm this works good on my NetBSD-6.1 box.

Package maintainers: please pull in this patch into pkgsrc. Thank you.


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