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libtool again

config.status: executing default commands
=> Modifying libtool scripts to use pkgsrc libtool
===> build-message [apr-util-1.4.1nb4] ===> Building for apr-util-1.4.1nb4
/usr/pkgsrc/devel/apr-util/work/.wrapper/bin/libtool --silent --mode=compile cc -pthread -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DNETBSD -I/usr/pkgsrc/devel/apr-util/work/apr-util-1.4.1/include -I/usr/pkgsrc/devel/apr-util/work/apr-util-1.4.1/include/private -I/usr/local/include/apr-1 -o buckets/apr_brigade.lo -c buckets/apr_brigade.c && touch buckets/apr_brigade.lo
libtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configuration
libtool: compile: specify a tag with `--tag'

NetBSD 6 from the end of January, a handful of very typical packages installed (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, et cetera), pkgsrc updated from today with no extra work directories left around...


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