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Re: pkg/46570 (infelicities in pkglint)

The following reply was made to PR pkg/46570; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Thomas Klausner <>
To: NetBSD bugtracking <>
Subject: Re: pkg/46570 (infelicities in pkglint)
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 20:17:26 +0200

 >  1) It doesn't understand FETCH_USING:
 >  WARN: Makefile:7: FETCH_USING is defined but not used. Spelling mistake?
 I've added support for FETCH_USING to pkglint. (I've marked it as
 intended, i.e. currently with -Wall it will complain about packages
 that set it, since it shouldn't be used in package Makefiles; that's
 just a workaround until the infrastructure supports https better.
 Without -Wall pkglint won't complain about it.)
 >  2) It did not throw an error on this line:
 >  ${EGDIR/apparmor.d ${EGDIR/dbus-1/system.d ${EGDIR/pam.d
 >  Non-closed braces need to throw an error.
 It can't be a complete Makefile parser, and even make(1) doesn't complain about
 FOO= ${EGDIR/apparmor.d ${EGDIR/dbus-1/system.d ${EGDIR/pam.d
 I see this as WONTFIX.
 >  3) This line needs to throw an error too:
 >  DEPENDS+=               itstool[0-9]*:../../textproc/itstool
 >  The lack of a dash between the package and version cause this dependency to
 >  not be detected if it's installed (it's seen as a different package). 
 > pkglint
 >  needs to tell the developer that dependencies must include a name and 
 > version.
 I've added pattern checking for DEPENDS lines.
 It now complains about all of these cases:
 DEPENDS+=       broken0.12.1:../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken[0-9]*:../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken[0-9]*../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken>=:../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken=0:../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken=:../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken-:../../x11/alacarte
 DEPENDS+=       broken>:../../x11/alacarte
 Thanks for the suggestions!

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