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Re: pkg/46559 (bootstrapping pkgsrc on solaris 10 / sparc64 fails in shells/pdksh)

On Fri, 8 Jun 2012 11:09:13 +0200
Volkmar Seifert <> wrote:

> Hello,
> >  Try this patch:
> Thanks for the quick response, bootstrapping was running while I
> was writing this email - and failed with the exact same error again.

Thanks for your patch a second time. It didn't solve the issue with
shells/pdksh directly, but pointed to me into the right direction:
I added this line to the Makefile:

+BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=  opt:-xarch=v9:-m64

And now, shells/pdksh is installed, and bootstrapping continues

Thanks for giving me a hint where to look.

- Volkmar

P.S.: I just saw a few more of these warnings about -xarch=v9 being
deprecated scrolling across the screen. I will grep the log-file after
bootstrapping is finished and send a list of them, maybe we should
adjust the Makefiles for OS=Solaris to reflect this somehow, or at
least provide some information on the website that this is a known
issue with a known solution.


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