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Re: pkg/46273 (textproc/groff does not compile on Solaris with older compilers)

On 31. 3. 2012, at 0:03, Tim Zingelman wrote:

> This breaks my compile on Solaris 10, using gcc44 (from pkgsrc) too,
> so it is not only gcc 3.x affected.
> What exactly was this supposed to fix?  I would like to revert it.
> You can add it back as an option perhaps?
> - Tim

I believe it's to fix building with GCC 4.6. g++ 4.6 *forces* 
__STDC_VERSION__=199901L on SunOS, which is evaluated as _STDC_C99 in 
sys/feature_tests.h, hence any C++ code that tries to define _XPG<6 which 
trigger an error in sys/feature_tests.h.


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