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Re: pkg/46191: math/py-numpy (and others) can't find Fortran compiler on Solaris

On 17.03.12 13:25, David Holland wrote:
  I don't see another one so far, so I updated the Synopsis:.

  Anyhow: have you tried recompiling libtool-base? It can cause this
  kind of trouble.

The "problem" is that I am still using lang/gcc34, which does not come with a Fortran compiler. I guess lang/gcc46 provides g77, so all those who have switched to gcc46 don't see this problem.

After reverting the change made in revision 1.113 of mk/compiler/, math/py-numpy compiles again - but still claims, that no Fortran compiler can be found. But this is consistent with my build on NetBSD 5.1, where GCC 4.1.3 does not provide g77 either, but f2c is also not used. math/py-numpy decides just to cope with the fact that no Fortran compiler is available. math/fftw uses f2c again and builds successfully.

If I understand revsion 1.113 of mk/compiler/ correctly, the assumption is, that if you use pkgsrc's GCC, you don't need another Fortran compiler, because GCC provides one. This is not true, unless support for all but the very recent GCCs is dropped. Please revert that change.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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