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Re: pkg/45774 (lang/php53 not using CVS NetBSD ID and wrong checksum for patch-Zend_zend__builtin__functions.c)

On Wed, 2012-01-04 at 06:45 +0000, B.ICT A.P. deBROUWER Jr. wrote:
>  >  % head -1 php53/patches/patch-Zend_zend__builtin__functions.c
>  >  $NetBSD: patch-Zend_zend__builtin__functions.c,v 1.2 2011/10/20
>  > 14:30:55 taca Exp $
>  Thanks showing (and excuse me the question).
>  (Now i am able to say in full, is fixed.)

Now, after waiting for 7 to 8 hours,

it's still wrong at, shows wrong in and wrong in cvs updated local tree.

Could it be i still have to wait more?
Or is the keyword replacement error in itself (given
you all corrected and tested against

I will wait another 4 to 5 hours. Is maybe just a daily job from cvs to
anoncvs? (for what's it worth, for instance audio/jack/Makefile 1.18
changed 8 hours already in anoncvs)

Maybe good idea to not close as fixed till we see the change in anoncvs.


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