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Re: pkg/42727 (gcc 34 does not compile)

On 12/20/2011 9:56 PM, David Holland wrote:

  >   What is the minimum platform requirement for NetBSD?
  >   Fixing 3.4 would not be trivial.  Compiler work in general is very
  >   difficult and time consuming.  Upgrading florist and removing
  >   gcc34-based Ada should be the long-term plan here.

Ok then, the submitter should use gnat-aux. I hadn't realized gcc3-ada
and gcc34-ada were deprecated; we should wait until after 2011Q4 is
branched before ripping them (both?) out, but then we should probably
go ahead and nuke them.

Ada is an ISO standard language. The first version was approved in 1983, and
the second version was Ada-1995.  The third version is Ada-2005, approved in
2007, and Ada-2012 draft was just approved last week.  GCC 3.3.6 and
GCC 3.4.x would not support Ada-2005, which was a milestone.  I didn't call
these compilers "deprecated", but it's not a bad description.  They would
probably be fine for Ada-83 and Ada-95 programs, but then again I don't know
how much testing those compilers were put through.  When I got GNAT, the BSD
support was terrible.  No NetBSD, no OpenBSD, FreeBSD was there but
broken, it was a mess. I still have to fix things now and then, so I suspect these
GCC 3.x compilers weren't perfect anyway.

On top of all that, it seems the original committer isn't maintaining them. That said, supporting NetBSD 4.0 is not trivial. There's a lot of platform-specific
configuration.  Even between 5.1 and 5.99 there were several platform
changes I had to account for.

  >   As an aside, the next release of gnat-aux is available and it adds
  >   Fortran and Objective-C on top of the C, C++, and Ada that
  >   gnat-aux-20110627 provides, so it's really a top class compiler.
  >   The only question is if I will be allowed to get it into Q4 due to
  >   the freeze.  I think at a minimum I would need to build all Ada
  >   packages on both NetBSD 5.99 and DragonFly-master before this is
  >   considers.

That is the sort of thing that should wait until after the freeze.

Yeah.  The counter-argument is that C++, Objc, and fortran aren't built by
default and the Ada code between gcc 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 is identical for all
intents and purposes.  The bug fixes were on the middle- and back-ends, so
the "risk" for a mid-freeze upgrade is nearly nil, and the reward is two
additional optional languages. Something to think about. I'm in the middle
of a libm upgrade for DragonFly though (brought on by Fortran support,
continued for C99 support) so it's hard to get the time for the full testing
that it should have.


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