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Re: pkg/45644 (audio/mpg123 and audio/mpg123-oss have conflicting PLIST)

The following reply was made to PR pkg/45644; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: John Marino <>
Cc: Martin Husemann <>
Subject: Re: pkg/45644 (audio/mpg123 and audio/mpg123-oss have conflicting
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 11:35:02 +0100

 On 11/23/2011 10:20 AM, Martin Husemann wrote:
 > From: Martin Husemann <>
 >  On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:50:04PM +0000, John Marino wrote:
 >  >  It appears there's potential for the same conflict between audio/mpg123 
 >  >  and audio/mpg123-sun.
 >  >  DragonFly doesn't have support for "sun" so this didn't get detected.
 >  I don't understand what the problem is - mpg123-sun is marked
 >  NOT_FOR_PLATFORM for the same platforms where mpg123 would build with
 >  default "sun" module.
 >  I'm also open for suggestion how to solve the mess better ;-)
 >  Martin
 Don't get hung on the "sun" modules.  I was only speculating that the
 same situation could exist there for other platforms, but currently
 DragonFly can't build either mpg123 with sun, nor mpg123-sun.
 What I am seeing is both mpg123 and mpg123-oss getting built, and the
 latter unable to complete due to the PLIST conflict.
 My suggestion for solving the mess is just remove mpg123-oss and
 mpg123-sun if they aren't providing anything more that mpg123 with those
 options enabled.  Having multiple similar packages switched on and off
 with "NOT-FOR-PLATFORM" seems like an abuse of the functionality.  We
 interpret NOT-FOR-PLATFORM to mean that the package can not be built on
 the platform with a reasonably amount of work, or it's a binary built
 for another platform.  We typically prefer that the package breaks
 rather than mark NOT-FOR-PLATFORM when it's fixable.
 That's sort of separate topic, but since I am not familiar with these
 mpg123 packages all I can say is that on the sutface is they seem
 similar and therefore should be consolidated.  However, I don't know the
 history of why multiple versions exist to begin with.

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